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How to Ace the Regents:

The New York State Regents Examinations can be a major obstacle for students to overcome. Passing these standardized tests is typically required for graduation, and they serve as important indicators of a student’s progress and success. However, many students struggle on these exams unnecessarily. Here is a list of tips (both general and specified) about the best and most efficient ways to prepare for these examinations. If you follow them, you are sure to see a boost in your score.


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There are 16 Regents Exams offered. Links to past tests, solutions, and scoring keys for all exams can be found here:


Why should I care about the regents?

A local diploma just doesn’t cut it. It’s not enough nowadays.

In order to get a competitive edge, you should not only settle for a Regents diploma but should try for an advanced one. An advanced Regents diploma not only shows mastery of a subject but may also exempt you from taking certain courses in college.


Can I get any scholarships if I do well on Regents exams?

YES! SMART scholarship ($3500 a year)


How can I go from a 90 to a 99 on my regents?

–          Add an extra line below each essay Q.

–          Never repeat the Q in the A. Always use the space for the answer.

–          Look over the test to see if one part can help you answer another part.

–          Be careful when changing an answer. Try to remember why you chose that answer in the first place.


Social Studies:


Languages Other than English:

English Language Arts:

* – The star indicates that a reference table is given on the exam. All reference tables can be viewed here:


Note: Most Regents examinations are offered 3 times a year: in June, January, and August. June is the most common time for students to take regents exams.


Students can earn different types of diplomas based on the number of regents they take, and their scores on these exams. This information is listed below, and can also be found here:

Requirements for a New York State Regents Diploma:

Passing grades (65+) in:


Requirements for a New York State Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation:

Passing grades (65+) in:


“With Honors”:

Either the regular or the advanced regents diploma is given “with honors” if the average of the student’s scores on all required regents exams is 90 or higher.

General Tips


Earth Science:


Living Environment:

Global History

U.S. History

Integrated Algebra


Algebra 2/Trigonometry:


Foreign Language (LOTE):


Official Practice Regents Tests

Official Practice Algebra Regents Tests

Algebra I (Common Core)

Integrated Algebra


Official Practice Algebra II Regents Tests

Algebra II/Trigonometry June 2014

Algebra II/Trigonometry January 2013

Algebra II/Trigonometry June 2013

Algebra II/Trigonometry January 2013

Algebra II/Trigonometry June 2012

Algebra II/Trigonometry January 2012

Algebra II/Trigonometry June 2011

Algebra II/Trigonometry Jan 2011

Algebra II/Trigonometry August 2010

Algebra II/Trigonometry June 2010

Official Practice Mathematics B Regents Tests

Mathematics B January 2010

Mathematics B August 2009

Mathematics B June 2009

Mathematics B January 2009

Mathematics B August 2008

Mathematics B June 2008

Mathematics B January 2008

Mathematics B August 2007

Mathematics B June 2007

Mathematics B January 2007

Mathematics B August 2006

Mathematics B June 2006

Mathematics B January 2006

Mathematics B August 2005

Mathematics B June 2005

Mathematics B January 2005

Mathematics B August 2004

Mathematics B June 2004

Mathematics B January 2004

Mathematics B August 2003

Mathematics B June 2003

Mathematics B January 2003

Mathematics B August 2002

Mathematics B June 2002

Official Practice Mathematics A Regents Tests

Mathematics A January 2009

Mathematics A August 2008

Mathematics A June 2008

Mathematics A January 2008

Mathematics A August 2007

Mathematics A June 2007

Mathematics A January 2007

Mathematics A August 2006

Mathematics A June 2006

Mathematics A January 2006

Mathematics A August 2005

Mathematics A June 2005

Mathematics A January 2005

Mathematics A August 2004

Mathematics A June 2004

Mathematics A January 2004

Mathematics A June 2003

Mathematics A January 2003

Mathematics A August 2002

Mathematics A June 2002

Official Practice Sequential Mathematics I Regents Tests

Sequential Mathematics I June 2002

Sequential Mathematics I August 2001

Sequential Mathematics I June 2001

Sequential Mathematics I January 2001

Sequential Mathematics I August 2000

Sequential Mathematics I June 2000

Sequential Mathematics I January 2000

Sequential Mathematics I August 1999

Sequential Mathematics IA June 1999

Sequential Mathematics I January 1999

Sequential Mathematics I August 1998

Sequential Mathematics I June 1998

Sequential Mathematics I January 1998

Sequential Mathematics I June 1997

Official Practice Sequential Mathematics II Regents Tests

Sequential Mathematics II January 2003

Sequential Mathematics II August 2002

Sequential Mathematics II June 2002

Sequential Mathematics II January 2002

Sequential Mathematics II August 2001

Sequential Mathematics II June 2001

Sequential Mathematics II January 2001

Sequential Mathematics II August 2000

Sequential Mathematics II June 2000

Sequential Mathematics II January 2000

Sequential Mathematics II August 1999

Sequential Mathematics II June 1999

Sequential Mathematics II January 1999

Sequential Mathematics II August 1998

Sequential Mathematics II June 1998

Sequential Mathematics II January 1998

Tax Deduction for Education

Under certain circumstances, educational expenses undertaken to maintain or improve job skills may be deductible for income tax purposes.

Also, education assistance under an employer’s education plan may be considered nontaxable income. Parents are advised to bring this to the attention of their tax advisor or accountant.

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