Congratulations to those of you selected to take the Bard Interview!

Kweller Prep is offering Bard Interview Prep, led by former Bard HS graduates.

Step 1: If interested, please pay $100 below with our simple sign-up.
Step 2: After payment is submitted, please schedule the interview  here.

Bard Interview Prep is offered at Kweller Queens on Saturday and at Kweller Manhattan on Sunday. The mock interview lasts 45 minutes and we encourage one parent to be present to take notes during the interview session.

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Kweller Queens (Saturdays)
Kweller Manhattan (Sunday)
Tuition (Queens): $100

2018 Bard Interview Prep
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Kweller Suggests: Study for the Bard Test and the SHSAT all summer and up until the exam. You should 100% register for the Bard Test after taking the SHSAT test. This way you’ll have all that content and knowledge still in your head from the SHSAT, a test you took only a week prior. The Bard test is an easier version of the SHSAT, plus an essay. If you pass the multiple-choice section, you’ll be granted an interview. Make no mistake, the Bard school wants the Stuyvesant kids and vice versa, so you need to make sure that you prepare well for this entrance test. You can register for the Bard test as early as September; be sure to take the test as close to the SHSAT test date as possible. Personally, I really like how small, safe and secure Bard HS is. I really like the school administration, which makes the school feel like a warm, welcoming environment for all. Basically, Bard High School is a completely free, public, screened high school where students can take advanced classes for transferable college credits starting Grade 11.

Applying to Bard High School

The following is the minimum required of all students who apply in 9th grade to BHSEC Queens:

1. A grade point average of 85% or above

2. No more than 5-10 unexcused absences for the school year

3. Completion of the BHSEC Math and Writing Assessments

4. Complete the Department of Education’s High School Application

6. Interview

How to Apply

1. If you fit our admissions profile, reserve a seat at our next Writing and Math assessment. If applying to both schools, you only need to take the assessment once. Please do not register for an assessment at both Queens and Manhattan.

2. Bring a copy of your 7th grade report card (if applying to 10th grade, please bring your 8th grade final report card) on the day you are scheduled to take the assessment. The report card is for our records and will not be returned to you.

3. Rank BHSEC Manhattan and/or BHSEC Queens on your Department of Education (DOE) High School Application. Remember, if you are applying to both BHSEC Manhattan and BHSEC Queens, you need to list them as two separate choices. The Program Code for the Manhattan campus is M51A, and the Program Code for the Queens campus is Q74B.

4. Students who demonstrate strong abilities in their grades and the assessment will be invited to an interview at BHSEC. Not all students will be asked to interview at BHSEC. We will contact students by email if they are eligible for an interview. This is the final step in the BHSEC admission process.
Students who are applying from private or parochial schools are advised to speak with your school’s principal or headmaster to obtain a Department of Education High School Application.

Students may rank up to 12 non-specialized programs/schools on the Department of Education High School Application in addition to the specialized and audition high schools. Please note that students who apply to both BHSEC Manhattan and BHSEC Queens must list these as two separate choices. Please review program/school choices and carefully prioritize the list. We strongly recommend that you seek advice from your guidance counselor and review the NYC High School Directory before ranking programs.

bard high school application

What to Bring to the Bard Test:

1. A copy of your final report card from your previous grade. Applicants applying to the 9th grade should bring their final 7th grade report card.* Applicants applying to the 10th grade should bring their final 8th grade report card.

2. A sharpened # 2 pencil.

3. A watch to pace yourself. The proctor will announce when five minutes remain.

*If your attendance is not included on your report card, please submit an attendance report as well.

Items that will be provided at assessment session:

1. A math grading sheet (Scantron sheet)

2. White lined paper for the essay

3. A folder which you will place your assessment, answer sheets, and report card. You will turn into the proctor prior to leaving the assessment site.

Items not to be used during the assessment:

1. No Calculators

2. No Any electronic devices (cell phone, media player, head phones, camera etc.)

Bard’s Acceptance Letter: