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Forest Hills, N.Y., September 7th, 2012:

Meet the Owner: Frances Kweller of Kweller Prep

Hidden in an unassuming former dentist’s office on the first floor of Parker Towers in Forest Hills is a local business with an Tutors | Lawyer | Exam Prep | Queens | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)international reach. Kweller Prep, a tutoring office with an eye on the expanding horizon, may not have a huge sign on Queens Boulevard directing potential clients in, but word gets around.

Frances Kweller takes a great deal of pride in her office, and with good reason, she’s worked to build a new kind of tutoring designed for the next frontier in education.

Tutoring for the 21st Century

Kweller started as a tutor before opening her own office, and has been around the business for about 15 years, she said. She opened her office five years ago in Forest Hills and served more than 400 families, starting with a focus on helping middle school students find the high school that was right for them. “Enough wasn’t being done to help high school kids get into college and to help college kids find a job,” Kweller said. “We designed Kweller Prep to fill in all the gaps. “Kweller Prep serves more than 1,500 families a year, with everything from in-person instruction to Skype-tutoring for students based overseas and coordinated college visits.

Kweller said that helping students change their understanding of education and focus on their goals was a hugely rewarding experience, and the engine that kept her coming to work every day. “Very often the tutors at Kweller Prep are the first ones — sometimes before the parents — to find out that a kid got into college,” she said. “I played an active role in that, and that feels great. That’s really an amazing feeling.”

A Changing Client Base in a Changing Economy

At an office originally designed to help younger students make their way through high school, things are constantly changing, and lately, they’re Tutors | Lawyer | Exam Prep | Queens | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)getting a little more mature.

The economy has played a huge role on the tutoring business, Kweller said, but not in the way most people would expect.
She said most of her adult clients are people looking to add a skill set or refresh a resume that maybe hasn’t been needed in decades.

“Some of the students we teach, now their parents want an added measure of safety and security,” Kweller said.

A Lifetime Goal

Kweller said the most important philosophy for her business and her clients is the idea that scholastic improvement, or a new set of skills, won’t blossom overnight “We’re not a quick fix program,” she said. “Sometimes [new clients] think that there’s this magic bullet, that you can do two or three hours of tutoring and suddenly master the subject — we don’t sell any short term programs. … We really believe in nurturing the child, and it’s not a short-term commitment. Nothing we do is a short-term commitment.”

Forest Hills, N.Y., December 18th, 2009:

When is the best time to take the SAT?

Should I take the test multiple times? Do all schools – especially the elite universities – Education Events | Test Events | Queens | Manhattan | New York City (NYC) participate in the Score Choice program?

These are among the most common questions of college-bound students who are trying to navigate the confusing and intimidating college application process, according to self-described “lawyer, teacher, tutor, mentor and dreamer” Frances Kweller, J.D.

So it should come as no surprise that Kweller – a cum laude graduate of New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education who also earned a J.D. at Hofstra University School of Law (and passed the bar exam on her first try!) – founded her eponymous business, Kweller Prep, to answer those questions and to provide the personalized, hands-on counseling and test preparation that students need to achieve their academic goals.

And the proof is in the test scores. Kweller Prep students report average SAT score increases of more than 470 points, along with study skill improvements that can last a lifetime.

Kweller Prep works with students facing entrance exams such as the New York State Regents exams, the SAT and the LSAT, helps students craft their college and grad school applications and guides them in securing financial aid.

Kweller Prep also helps high school students excel while en route to college, offering tutoring for all High School Regents, Advanced Placement, IB, and Honors courses.
And now, having already helped hundreds of students gain acceptance to some of the most competitive colleges in the country, including those in the Ivy League, Kweller has opened a new facility in Forest Hills to meet the growing demand for her company’s services.

She emphasizes quality in all aspects of her business. “My team is exclusively composed of highly experienced tutors, financial planners, psycho-educational and college counselors who directly assist parents and students with all aspects of the convoluted college application and scholarship search process. They communicate directly with teachers and guidance and college counselors to help bring out the best in your child.”

“We have the best qualified teachers – all of them have tested in the top 1 percent of the subjects they teach. As a result, our tutoring and educational services are highly recommended by Ivy League college counselors, parents, and students.”

“All of our classes are interactive and customized to meet your child’s academic needs,” she continues, “and we utilize the most innovative testing resources available.”
“Most important, the students are our top priority, so my staff and I are available any day, any time. All Kweller Prep instructors make themselves available 24×7 via cell phone, e-mail, text- messaging, and Facebook.”

In sum, says Kweller, “Yes, your child CAN achieve! Kweller Prep can help. Try us out! Call us at 1800-631-1757 Today!”