Fall 2013 tuition



Kweller Prep offers Private, Skype, Small Group, at-Home, In-Center, and Online Tutoring

We certify and train each tutor in-house.


Kweller Prep is a Boutique High-end Supplemental Education Service

committed to academic excellence.


Please see Separate Tabs Above for Class options at Kweller Prep


All classes limited to 8 students. Please reserve early as space is limited.

Please call (800) 631-1757


Kweller Prep is not a “quick-fix.”

We do not sell single sessions.

We meet with you IN PERSON  or discuss options BY PHONE 

and set up a plan based on YOUR NEEDS

Our programs are designed for long-term success

Private tutoring starts at $100/hour

and the minimum session is 20 HOURS OR MORE

All programs are comprehensive designed for academic excellence

and mastery of material

Group classes are between 6 to 8 students


Call 1 (800) 631-1757 or email