Policies & Procedures

Welcome To Kweller Prep!
Kweller Prep is a learning incubator designed for busy students get them where they want to go.

The program is strict, thorough and effective.


Kweller Prep offers Advanced Test Preparation in Small Group Settings. Tutors provide mentorship and academic support. Kweller Prep specializes in competitive middle, high school, and college entrance exams, interviews, and applications.

RATES: Tuition is $2,000 per season and we offer programs over 3 seasons:

  • Fall (September 10 to December 18)
  • Spring (January 7 to April 30)
  • Summer (July 5 to August 18)

Kweller Prep offers 5-Day Intensive Crash Courses for $500:

  • (December 26 – December 30, 2016)
  • Test Extensions (September 10-October 19) for $500
  • Manhattan surcharge is $500 extra per $2,000 program
  • Full time summer camp is $3600

Private tutoring is available in packages of 20- hour pre-payments only. Each private session is 2-hours long and at a rate of $100 per hour and for a single subject only ($2,000 total).

Kweller Prep tuition includes necessary materials at no additional cost. Classes are limited to 10 students per group. Unfortunately, we are unable to take partial payments and/or seat deposits for any of our programs. Kweller Prep accepts all major credit cards. All payments must be made in full prior to any program’s start date.

Kweller Prep offers one-on-one, small group, Skype online, and at-home tutoring, advanced test preparation and mentorship. By participating in this program, you agree to the following:

Non-Solicitation of Tutors: By participating in the Kweller Prep Program, you agree not to hire, employ, contract, or retain tutors for private instruction of any kind. This extends for thirty-six (36) months after discontinuation of tutoring. You cannot share tutor cell phones or emails with friends, family, classmates, directly or indirectly for any kind of private solicitation. Please also be aware that the tutors are bound to non-competition agreements as well. We will, if necessary, enforce these agreements.

Payment Plans: Unfortunately, Kweller Prep is unable to accept deposits, partial-payments, payment plans, or post-dated checks because of prior bad experiences in doing so. We apologize for this inconvenience and are happy to accept all major credit cards. Please make checks payable to “Kweller Prep.”

Disruptive Behavior: It is a privilege to be here. We expect your child to be on his or her best behavior while with our tutors and around fellow students. We are here to teach your kids, not to discipline them. Please have a direct conversation with your children about behavior expectations while they are part of Kweller Test Prep programs. Test Prep is not easy but acting out will not be tolerated. Students must arrive on time, be respectful of others, speak when called on, complete homework assignments, and help create an overall positive, encouraging environment. Absolutely no bullying, shaming, or teasing is allowed on our premises.

Disruptive Parent Behavior: We have noticed that several parents with unreasonably high expectations create a hostile or anxiety-inducing environment for our students, tutors, mentors, and staff. Please note that we will remove a student from our program, if we encounter an aggressive parent, or if hostile behavior is brought to our attention. It is extremely important during stressful and high-stakes testing that we maintain a very positive, nurturing, and serene environment at Kweller Prep. More important than the test score is our firm belief that students need to have a have a positive learning experience at our prep center while maintaining respect and dignity for all.

Pictures & Video:Kweller Prep takes limited pictures and video of classroom instruction, high school, and college tours for the purposes of promoting our educational programs. If you do not wish to have your child in occasional photographs and/or videos, please email us to put this request in writing at pictures@KwellerPrep.com before joining or during this program. You can also request picture removal of your child from our premises up to five years after this program ends.

Cancellations:Please be respectful of the tutor’s time. All cancellations for private tutoring require 24-hour notice via text or email and the tutor’s confirmation that the text or email was received. Parents or students can cancel private sessions up to 2 times without penalty. If a student misses a 4-hour class, we offer a 1-hour private make up session up to two times for up to two missed classes. It is very important that only serious, committed students with a high work ethic remain in this program. With this in mind, a student’s regular cancellations will result in termination of our tutoring services.

Lesson times:All private lessons are 2-hours each. Please note that if students cancel their scheduled lesson in less than 24-hours, they will be billed for the entire 2-hour session. If students miss a 4-hour class, they can make-up with 1-hour of private tutoring with their instructor. Kweller Prep also offer make up sessions at the end of each program. Students are instructed to pack up 15 minutes before sessions end and are dismissed 10 minutes before sessions end. Please carefully arrange pick up and drop off times. For students whose sessions end at 12:00 pm, please note that students will dismiss by 11:50 am outside.

Parking:Kweller Prep provides free 2-hour parking vouchers for first time and new customers. Please park under 104-40 in the standard parking garage and ask the front desk staff at Kweller Prep for a pink pass. After that, a parking pass is $5.00. Do not leave your car unattended for even one minute outside this building. The Parker Towers Building has strict rules against leaving cards unattended and they will tow away any unsupervised cars. Please arrange pick up and drop off in advance of classes.

Refunds:Kweller Prep is a non-refundable program. In the event of extenuating circumstances, we will issue a credit towards future classes and/or private tutoring lessons. Private tutoring expires 90 days from the date of the first lesson.

If you have any questions and/or concerns about our policies or procedures, please contact us at 1(800) 631-1757 or email info@Kwellerprep.com

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