Private Tutoring

Private one-on-one Tutoring

Kweller Prep is a program based on a model where we prepare students in group setting of 8-10 per class, spanning several months. We make every effort to offer a comprehensive review of topics within our prep classes. If you choose to supplement our prep classes with private one-on-one tutoring (in descriptive essay writing or advanced math, for example), or if your schedule doesn’t allow for the opportunity to particular in a group class or the type of class you need is not offered, please see the private tutoring options below. Tuition includes all necessary course books, materials, and supplies. Our tutors at Kweller Prep are under a contract to work for the company and will be supervised well by managerial staff to meet and/or exceed your expectations. Tuition includes all necessary text books, materials, and supplies. Payments must be made in full prior to the start of any tutoring program.

Silver Package Signup
Kweller Prep Queens Only
Duration: Ten sessions at 2 hrs. each
Expiration: 90 days from the start date
Tuition (Queens): $2,000

Private Tutoring Silver Package
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Gold Package Signup
Kweller Prep Manhattan
Duration: 20 hours  total
Expiration: 90 days from the start date
Tuition: $3,000

Private Tutoring Gold Package
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Queens Location Private Tutoring Signup
104-40 Queens Blvd Suite 1C
Tuition: $100 per hour (package and pre-pay only)

College Application Help Queens
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Dear Families:

Kweller Prep offers college application help.

This service includes:

1: Full common application review

2: Professional edit of the college application

3: Professional edit of the personal essay and essay supplements

4: In-person college interview coaching

5: Creation of the college selection list

6: Creation of an academic-based resume

7: Personality testing to help students decide their college major

If interested in this service, please click here and select “consult.” We will then schedule a phone call, Facetime, or in-person meeting. The consult fee is $150. After that, the fee is $150 per hour.

On average, one college application package is about 20 hours. Essays, supplements, and academic resumes can be used for more than one school. The average Kweller student applies to 6-8 schools for a total fee of $3,000.