Excelsior and NYS Aid Spring 2017

The Excelsior Scholarship & Paying for College in New York State

Spring 2017

Sources of Financial Aid

  • Federal government
  • New York State
  • Colleges – Institutional aid
  • Other sources
    • Businesses
    • Foundations
    • Clubs/Organizations



What is the Excelsior Scholarship?

Provides for full in-­state tuition for eligible undergraduate SUNY and CUNY students

  • up to $5,500 minus any amounts received for TAP, Pell or other scholarships
  • Remainder of tuition charges are covered through SUNY/CUNY Tuition Credit

Excelsior Scholarship: Who Qualifies?

  • 2017-­18 applicants, student and parent 2015 federal adjusted gross income (AGI) must be $100,000 or less to qualify
  • For 2018-­19 recipients, $110,000 and under based on 2016 AGI
  • For 2019-­20 recipients, $125,000 and under based on 2017 AGI

Excelsior Question: Assets

Does New York State take into consideration student and parent assets like the FAFSA and CSS Profile?

  • No, eligibility for our programs is based on federal or state adjusted gross income
  • Other programs are based on merit

Excelsior: Other Financial Aid

Excelsior Scholarship awards will be applied to any remaining tuition charges once other aid programs, such as Pell or TAP grants, are applied

  • May be reduced by other grant or scholarship aid that can pay tuition
  • Will not be reduced by other non-­tuition aid (e.g. housing grants)

Excelsior: In-­School Requirements

  • Excelsior Scholarship recipients must earn 30 credits per year to maintain scholarship eligibility
  • credits may be earned across all terms of an academic year
  • Must have a passing grade as determined by their degree program

Excelsior: Post-­Graduation Residency

  • In-state residency post graduation requirement
  • Recipients must reside in New York State for the same amount of time they receive an award
  • If working, must work in NYS during that same residency period

Excelsior: Post-­Graduation Residency

  • Postponement of in-­state residency requirement will be allowed under certain circumstances
  • for graduate study, medical residency, military service
  • Award converted to an interest-­free loan if residency requirement is not met

Excelsior Scholarship: Application Process

  • Must apply for the FAFSA and New York State Tuition Assistance Program
  • 2017-­18 application will be available on hesc.ny.gov on June 7th
  • Applications for 2018-­19 students will be available sometime next school year

Sign Up for Notification at HESC.NY.GOV


FAFSA.gov: October 1st of Senior Year


Applying for New York State Aid

Applying for New York State Aid

Anytime TAP­on­the­Web Application

Anytime TAP­on­the­Web Application

NYS Student Aid Programs: TAP

  • Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)
  • Undergraduates
  • Need-­based, up to $5,165/year
  • Full-­time and part-­time study in NYS
  • For 2018-­19 applicants, based on 2016 NYS tax return info

Other NYS Student Aid Programs

  • Excelsior Scholarship
  • Enhanced Tuition Award
  • New York Achievement & Investment in Merit Scholarship (NY-­AIMS)
  • STEM Incentive Program
  • More programs and info at hesc.ny.gov

Enhanced Tuition Awards (ETA)

  • Provides tuition awards to NYS residents attending participating private schools in New York State.
  • up to $6,000 through a combination of TAP, ETA award and a match from the private college.
  • For 2017, combined household federal Adjusted Gross Income must be less than $100,000 to qualify
  • up to $110,000 in 2018, up to $125,000 in 2019

NYS Achievement & Investment in Merit Scholarship (NY-­AIMS)

  • $500 annual award for study in NYS
  • Students must achieve two of the following criteria
  • graduate with a GPA of 3.3 or above
  • graduate “with honors” on a NYS Regents diploma
  • score 3 or higher on two or more AP exams
  • graduate in top 15% of high school class
  • Apply at hesc.ny.gov in May senior year

NYS STEM Incentive Program

  • Provides full in-­state tuition scholarship for undergraduate SUNY and CUNY students
  • For degree programs in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics
  • Student must be ranked in top 10% of high school senior class to qualify
  • Must execute a service agreement with NYS
  • Apply at hesc.ny.gov in October of senior year

Apply for New York State Scholarships, Other Programs: HESC.ny.gov

Apply for New York State Scholarships


NYS Higher Education Services Corporation
99 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12255
1-­888-­NYSHESC (1­888-697­4372)

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