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Meet Our College Essay Tutor

Bill Rettig has been an admissions recruiter for the University of Michigan for over 20 years and has worked with students from over 30 high schools throughout New York. Bill works with high school groups and individuals offering expert college advice, strategies, and financial aid. His previous work as a management consultant, actuary, statistician, and data modeler has helped inform his original insights that help students look through the opaque college admissions process. Bill is able to provide insight on what the “other side” considers when accepting students into competitive schools. Bill previously served as the PTA president at Townsend Harris High School, ranked #1 in the country. In his role, he often led workshops sharing his insights on the college admissions process. Bill received his MS in Statistics from the University of Michigan in 1998 and a BS magna cum laude in Mathematics from UCLA in 1989.

Meet Our Resume Consultant Mehrose Ahmad

MEHROSE is a current senior at Barnard College of Columbia University. Majoring in biochemistry, she has profound experience working in scientific disciplines: her research focuses on a neuronal protein that has implications in various neurodegenerative diseases. Mehrose has extensive experience in leadership and communication. She is president of two clubs at her institution, serves as a Writing Fellow on campus, and previously was a journalist for the Townsend Harris High School Classic—an award-winning organization through which Mehrose herself received a national award. Aside from these experiences, Ahmad also participates in volunteer and community service initiatives throughout college. Mehrose serves as the President of the Pakistani Students of Columbia University. She looks forward to graduating from Barnard this May and for what is to come after this academic milestone’s culmination. As part of her college coursework, Mehrose has taken a four-semester intensive chemistry course, which entails both lecture and lab chemistry courses for four semesters. She also has completed two semesters of college biology, alongside the accompanying lab. She has supplemented this work with upper-level science classes, such as Biochemistry, Quantum Chemistry, Genetics, and Biochemistry Lab Techniques. Aside from this rigorous science background, Mehrose has also supplemented such coursework with intensive humanities and public health classes to diversify her skill set. Mehrose is a graduate of Townsend Harris High School, where she also took intense coursework in the form of Advanced Placement Classes and actual college courses on the Queens College Campus. She completed AP courses in Psychology, English, Calculus, World History, U.S History, and Spanish Literature. She was also heavily involved in the school’s award-winning newspaper, The Classic, as the paper’s managing editor. Her extensive coverage of the school’s interim acting principal’s controversies yielded her awards and recognition on the local and national level. Mehrose has tutored at Kweller Prep since 2016 and continues to support students through various aspects of their academic career. She even led a Kweller Prep College Tour of 50 students from Queens to visit the Barnard/Columbia Campus. At Kweller, she has trained students for the SAT, ACT, Regents Exams, and New York State English and Math exams. She has also worked with students to support them in their school coursework and improve their writing. Mehrose is our go-to person to help high school students develop their resumes. She works with them from start to finish. Mehrose helps students develop resume templates they can use for years after they graduate. She is exceptionally skilled at assisting students in creating resumes that will help them secure college interviews. We are incredibly grateful for the expertise and experience that she brings to the Kweller Prep community and her students.

Meet the Common App Consultant Krish Shah

Krish Shah was accepted into the University of Pennsylvania, an ultra-selective Ivy League, as part of the Huntsman Scholars Program. Huntsman is a highly selective dual degree program, accepting only 45 students from around the world among thousands of applicants. Krish will pursue a Bachelor of Science in Economics from UPenn’s Wharton School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from UPenn’s College of Arts and Science. Krish is currently a senior at the Bronx High School of Science, a specialized high school. Krish has a current unweighted GPA of 98.5/100 as a senior year and an unweighted GPA of a 97.0/100 unweighted on his overall transcript. Krish enjoys challenging himself by taking the hardest classes possible and is grateful Bronx Science gave him this opportunity. Krish has taken 10 Advanced Placement courses throughout his high school career: AP Chemistry (4/5), AP World History (4/5), AP Calculus BC (5/5), AP Statistics (5/5), AP Physics (4/5), AP English Language and Composition (4/5), and AP US Government and Politics, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, and AP English Literature during his senior year. After Kweller SAT Prep, Krish scored a 1500/1600 on his SAT with a perfect 800/800 and a 700/800 in English. Krish also scored a 780/800 on the Math SAT 2 Level 2 and a 790 on the Math SAT 2 Level 1. a special additional diploma credential that recognizes high school students who have demonstrated outstanding college-level achievement through their performance on multiple AP Exams. Krish also challenged himself by taking advanced college-level courses throughout his high school career, including Multivariable Calculus, Financial and Actuarial Mathematics, and Neuroscience 101. Krish is also involved in a variety of stem-based and business-based extra-curricular activities, including the math research program at Bronx Science. Krish also conducted a research study on consumer behavior at the Social Dynamics Laboratory at Cornell University while a high school student. Krish is heavily involved in the Student Government and Organization at Bronx Science. He’s on the leadership team and hosts a segment for the school T.V show, Wolverine T.V, He is a member of the Judicial Board, and a member of the Bronx Science Student Senior Council. He is currently the president of the Model United Nations team which has over 150 members. Krish previously served as the secretary last year. Krish is also currently the head chairman and founding member of Raise Your Placard, a nonprofit that coaches middle schoolers about how to compete in Model UN while providing them with high school guidance. His time on leadership has seen the team win best delegation at premier conferences held at Columbia University, American University, John Hopkins University, and Washington University in Saint Louis. He has also won individual accolades, such as Best Delegate at Brown University’s conference and Outstanding Delegate at John Hopkin’s conference. He is also the head chairman of Raise Your Placard, a nonprofit for teaching Model UN to underprivileged middle school students. Outside of school Krish worked as an intern at Meridian Strategies, a political campaigning firm. He worked with them from March to November 2020, quickly getting promoted to student intern manager. Over the summer Krish participated in FTE Economics for Leaders Summer Program, a highly selective program for top high school leaders across the country. Krish has served as a fierce student advocate. He was interviewed on Pix 11 spotlighted on MSN. Krish was also interviewed by the NY Post. Read the student body’s powerful letter to Cuomo. Krish has been a student of Kweller Prep since 7th grade. He was well known as “Sakshi’s little brother” when he started coming to Kweller for SHSAT Prep, setting up his foundation for future successes. Krish was accepted to Bronx Science after a long, grueling summer of SHSAT study, 4 days-per-week and 4 hours per day before he started 8th grade. He now works as a tutor and mentor at Kweller Prep. Krish was born and raised in Queens, New York. Neither of his parents attended college in the United States. Krish is the son of Indian immigrants from New Dehli. He is the first one in his family to ever attend an Ivy League University.

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