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Septmeber 8 – September 18, 2020

Monday – Friday

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10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

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Tuesday September 8 –
Friday September 18

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Grades 3: Lori
Grades 4: Lori
Grades 5: Dasha
Grades 6: Dasha
Grades 7: Donia
Grades 8: Donia

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3rd and 4th Grade Instructor: Lori

Kweller Prep Tutor Lori

LORI is a schoolteacher. She is a graduate of Stuyvesant High School and Hunter College. At Stuyvesant, she began building the foundation of her career as a schoolteacher by teaching reading fundamentals to first-graders at the local elementary school. She then attended Boston University, where she continued to enrich her skills as an educator, teaching English and early literacy to students in Boston’s public schools. Lori has diverse experience as both the lead teacher at a Head Start program and Summer Director of My Little Language Montessori School. She was Vice President of the Stuyvesant Chapter of Aspira of New York, a multicultural youth leadership development organization. In addition to being inducted into National Honor Societies from ARISTA to Psi Chi, Lori has participated in Annual Biomedical Research Conferences in Dallas and Atlanta as well as Hunter College Honors Week, where she presented academic research investigating motivational interviewing as a therapeutic intervention. After excelling in Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences and Quantitative Research Methods, Lori became a Teaching Assistant and National Institutes of Health-sponsored research Fellow at Hunter College. While earning her BA in psychology, she conducted and analyzed behavioral research which she then went on to present at the New England Science Symposium at Harvard Medical School. She has published written work, writing feature articles for the NY Post Entertainment Department as an undergraduate researching “Attitudes Toward Rockefeller Drug Laws, Demographics as Predictor Variables” and, later, as a Columbia University Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) Scholar investigating desensitization to violent media using functional MRI at the College of Physicians & Surgeons. This is Lori’s sixth year at Kweller Prep, and she has taught Kweller’s ELA/Math and Hunter Prep Program each year. Lori is able to explain tough questions easily, breaking them down step by step. She’s one of the most beloved Hunter and ELA/Math tutors at Kweller Prep. When she’s not tutoring at Kweller, Lori enjoys teaching creative movement to preschoolers in her musical early fitness class and she is a certified volunteer at her son’s Catholic school. Lori is very kind, patient, nurturing, and sympathetic. She is a teacher at heart and treats each student as her own.

5th and 6th Grade Instructor: Dasha

Kweller Prep Tutor Dasha

DASHA attends the Macaulay Honors Program at Hunter College. She is pursuing a double major in Political Philosophy and Russian Studies and Translation. Dasha graduated from Hunter College High School (HCHS) in 2017. Dasha scored a 1580/1600 on her SAT, nationally placing her in the 99th percentile. Throughout her high school years, she was a diligent student involved in many extracurriculars as well as a committed athlete. She was the President of 365, a club that provided for children in need internationally, volunteered at the Staten Island University Hospital, and pioneered PSAL Badminton across all NYC in her freshman year. In her senior year, she received an award from PSAL for her contribution to creating a sport that is now in schools across all five boroughs of NYC, as well as her leadership as a captain, assisting in her school’s championship win in 2017. She received full credit on both of her AP Calculus and Spanish and has a perfect score of 800/800 on the Math 2 and Spanish SAT 2 subject tests. She had also applied to and was accepted to Staten Island Technical High School and Stuyvesant, yet chose to remain at Hunter. At Kweller Prep, she tutors both private sessions and group classes primarily for the Hunter exam, SAT, SHSAT, ISEE, and ELA and Math State Tests. She is also fluent in Russian. Dasha enjoys tutoring and mentoring students. One of her favorite things to do is help students become better writers; she greatly enjoys teaching kids how to perfect their essay-writing skills. Dasha is one of the stricter teachers at Kweller Prep. She holds high standards and expects a lot from each of her students.

7th and 8th Grade Instructor: Donia

Kweller Prep Tutor Donia

Donia is currently a pre-med student studying at the University of Chicago with a major in Biology. She applied to UChicago Early Admission and was the recipient of the Odyssey Scholarship, which provides her with a full scholarship for college. Her scholarship includes housing ( free room and board) and covers all campus meals. So far, her college coursework has included: General Chemistry, Calculus 1 and 2, Humanities Classes, Quantitative Biology, Cellular, and Molecular Biology, and Evolutionary Biology. She will be taking Organic Chemistry, Genetics, Social Sciences, and Civilization studies in the fall. Donia attended Kweller Prep throughout middle school in preparation for the SHSAT. She was accepted to The Bronx High School of Science. She graduated from Bronx in 2019 with a 95/100 average. She has also taken the following NYS Regents: Algebra 1, Earth Science, French, English, Geometry, Algebra 2 and Trigonometry, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, World History, and US History. Donia received an Advanced Regents Diploma with AP distinction. At graduation, she received awards for excellence in biological research, excellence in macroeconomics, and excellence in biology. She has taken several Advanced Placement classes such as World History, Chemistry, Statistics, Biology, Physics 1, Calculus BC, Macroeconomics, and English Literature. Donia was also involved in the Biology Research Program at Bronx Science where she did research at the Shawber Lab at Columbia University Medical Center. She entered the Regeneron and NYCSEF (New York City Science and Engineering Fairs) research competitions. She was a member of the Senior Council and was a member of the co-ed and girls wrestling teams. She received a score of 1550/1600 with a perfect score (800/800) in the math section. At UChicago, Donia is the Academic Enrichment Director for Supplies for Dreams, a national nonprofit that provides mentoring for students in Chicago public schools. She has also tutored middle and elementary school students in general coursework and SHSAT. She is also a writer for Scientia, a research journal, and Science in Society Review, a science editorial on campus. She is interning with an ecology professor at The University of Chicago and will be working in a pediatric surgery lab in the fall. She was also the valedictorian at her middle school St. Joseph Catholic Academy, a Catholic school based in Astoria She is appreciative of everything she has learned after being a student at Kweller Prep and hopes to help other students jump-start their future endeavors through teaching at Kweller Prep.

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