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Meet The Career Counselor: Cheryl

Cheryl has helped over 5,000 undergraduate students navigate their futures (including Frances Kweller) and is now available to do the same for high school students at Kweller Prep. Cheryl holds a Master of Science in Education from CUNY Hunter and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from SUNY Albany. She is a Certified School Guidance Counselor in grades K-12. On a daily basis, Cheryl assists students with all of their career planning needs, including everything from college major selection, career decision making, internship and job searches, as well as developing interview skills. Cheryl’s expertise includes administering and interpreting personality testing.

Like Frances Kweller, Cheryl supports the notion of students choosing a college major before they start college. Cheryl personally helped Frances Kweller with career guidance. We are honored to now have Cheryl’s expertise with the high school students at Kweller Prep.

Personality Test Results And Analysis Are 1 Hour Long. Sessions Meet At Kweller Queens And Parents Are Encouraged To Attend.

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  • Step 4: Allocate 1-hour to completing the personality test in a quiet space

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There are many benefits to taking personality tests. By taking a personality test while in high school, students can select which Advanced Placement courses to take (or not to take), and which SAT 2 Subject Tests and/ or electives are the best fit prior to applying to competitive college programs. Personality testing may also help students narrow down which colleges majors are best suited for their needs. Students can also seek internships and volunteer opportunities in specific fields while they are still in high school, showing colleges a clear demonstrated interest in their long-term goals.

Students whose personalities are more compatible with their college major have better grades and an overall higher GPA. They are much more likely to continue with their major through graduation, which will ensure that they graduate on time. Taking college classes in a field they are interested in will indubitably provide them with greater levels of satisfaction, build self-esteem, and ultimately provide a higher earning potential.

Colleges Encourage Applicants To Have A Demonstrated Interest While In High School

Kweller Prep is now offering the PRINT Assessment personality Test, a professional grade exam, to Kweller Prep students in grades 9-12. This is the same test administered at top universities and college students. The PRINT will help your child understand why particular careers may be best suited for them.


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