Personality Testing

Kweller Prep will offer personality testing by a Career Counselor for students in grades 9-12. We are offering this service to better assist students plan high school electives, narrow summer internships, select a college major, and ultimately apply to the colleges best suited for their personalities by 12th grade. If interested, please sign up below.
The Test plus Analysis is $350

Kweller Personality Testing Queens
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Meet the Career Counselor: Cheryl


CHERYL has been a Career Counselor for 18 years. She has helped over 5,000 undergraduate students navigate their futures (including Frances Kweller) and is now available to do the same for high school students at Kweller Prep. Cheryl holds a Master of Science in Education from CUNY Hunter and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from SUNY Albany. She is a Certified School Guidance Counselor in grades K-12. On a daily basis, Cheryl assists students with all of their career planning needs, including everything from college major selection, career decision making, internship and job searches, as well as developing interview skills.