TACHS Exam Prep FAQs

The TACHS Exam Q&A

Q1. What Is The TACHS Exam?

A. The TACHS (Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools) is the exam required for your child to take in order to be qualified to attend a Catholic High School. The HSPT is another, much longer test. The TACHS and COOPE exams are similar in length and in what areas are tested.

Doing well on the TACHS exam not only helps you to get into a Catholic High School, but also helps you obtain numerous high school scholarships, usually from funds set aside by alumni.

Q2. How Do I Register My Child For The TACHS Exam?

A. Registering for the TACHS Exam is simple. Visit: www.tachsinfo.com and register.

Also if the need arises to ask any questions, dial 1-866-61TACHS (1-866-618-2247).

The registration fee for the TACHS Exam is $52 per student. The registration is the easy part; the TACHS exam is the hard!

Q3. What Should I Expect From The TACHS Exam?

A. The TACHS Exam has four sections which include Critical Reading, Math, Language Arts and Ability.

Math: The mathematics section of the TACHS specifically contains sections with general questioning, deductive reasoning, estimates, and word problems.

It is your child’s best interest to memorize common mathematic formulas (perimeter of a rectangle, area of a triangle etc.) which gives the student an advantage amongst other students. Subjects include integers, probability, sequences, analogies, fractions and more.

Reading: The reading section of the TACHS Exam requires that your child demonstrate his or her ability to understand what he or she reads

The reading section consists of two parts. The first part targets vocabulary skills. In this section, students are given highlighted vocabulary words and then they are asked to define the word based on the context within which the word is used. This part mostly asks about noun, verb and modifier usage. The second part of the reading section targets reading comprehension and critical reading skills. You will see this section on most standardized tests. Here, your child is given a passage to read and is then given questions that refer to what was just read.

The passages are not designed to be tricky in any way. The student must read carefully and focus on identifying the answers to the questions being asked of them (main idea, author’s attitude, tone and so on and so forth).

English Language Arts: In the “language” section of the TACHS exam, your child is tested on basic skills such as spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and usage. They will be asked to choose the most logical organization of a paragraph and the clearest sentence in a group.

 In the ability section of the exam, your child is tested for their overall reasoning ability. Your child must develop general principles for information presented and then apply these general principles to specific situations.

Q4. How Long Is The TACHS Exam?

A. The TACHS Exam generally contains about 200 multiple choice questions and is approximately from 9:00AM to 12:00PM. However, your child should be at the test site early and ready to go.

Q5. Where Can My Child Take The TACHS Exam?

A. There are a number of sites where your child can take the TACHS Exam. Contact a site prior to the test in order to inform the officials that your child will be there taking their exam there. It is important to do so in order to confirm a seat for your child.

Q6. What Items Should Your Child Bring On The Day Of The Exam?

A. On the day of the exam, your child should bring two Number 2 sharpened pencils with erasers, their Admit Card, and Identification.

Q7. What Items Are Not Allowed At The Test Site?

A. Any electric or battery operated devices, such as calculators, watches, or cell phones are not allowed in the test site. Food, scrap paper, and beverages are also not allowed.

Q8. Can My Child Be Awarded A Scholarship Because Of His/Her Score On The TACHS Exam?

A. Your child’s results on the TACHS Exam may make them eligible for scholarship money based on his or her overall score or depending on how well he or she did in a specific section.

Q9. Where Do I Find A Registration Form, Student Handbook, Applicant Record, And/Or Return Envelope?

A: All registration materials may be obtained from a Catholic elementary or high school, religious education office, parish/church or various public elementary schools; or visit www.tachsinfo.com to download an electronic version of the Student Handbook.

Q10. What Address Should I Put On My Student’s Registration Form If We Are In The Middle Of Or Planning On Moving?

A: Please list the address you will be living at two weeks prior to the exam date to ensure you receive your Admit Card. After that time, address changes can be made on the day of testing to assure that score reports are mailed to the correct location.

Q11. What Is Students Want To Test Outside Their Own Diocese?

A. It is recommended students test within their own diocese. Students will need to mark their appropriate borough/county diocese (where they attend elementary school at the time of the exam) on the Registration Form.

Q12. How Will I Know If The Registration Has Been Accepted?

A: INTERNET: A 7-digit confirmation number, also known as the TACHS Number, will be provided once payment has been confirmed. It is recommended that you print the confirmation screen displayed at the end of the online registration process. If an email address is provided, a confirmation email will also be sent.

TELEPHONE: A 7-digit confirmation number, also known as the TACHS Number, will be provided by the operator once payment has been confirmed. If an email address is provided, a confirmation email will also be sent.

PAPER: You can call 1-866-61TACHS (1-866-618-2247) approximately 1 week after mailing your paper Registration Form to obtain confirmation. Catholic elementary students will receive their Admit Cards in their schools; other students will have Admit Cards sent to their home address.

Q13. What School Number Should I Use While Registering?

A. School code numbers are listed in the Student Handbook. If your school is not listed in the handbook, please list the school code as 999.

Q14. I Accidentally Sent My Student’s Paper Registration Form Without A Cashier’s Check Or Money Order

A. Please call 1-866-61TACHS (1-866-618-2247).

Q15. I Accidentally Sent My Student’s Paper Registration Back To The TACHS Program With A Money Order/Cashier’s Check, But It Was Made Payable To The School/Diocese. How Do I Return The Paper Registration Form If I Didn’t Receive An Envelope?

A. Please mail the registration form with a money order or cashier’s check to:

Riverside Publishing
TACHS Examination Office
Attn: Carolyn Ellefson
3800 Golf Road, Suite 200
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

Don’t forget that you can register online or by telephone!

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