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Baccalaureate Steps to Apply

For the 2019 application to Baccalaureate, students will have to apply through several steps, or phases. In prior years, anyone in the 6th grade could apply to take the Baccalaureate Entrance Exam. However, for 2018-2919 applicants, the school will now screen students who want to join the 7th grade student body. From those who are selected, BSGE will administer a test (written response/essay & advanced math) and conduct a group interview.

Here are the steps:

Step 1

6th grade students will be grouped based on their 6th grade NYS ELA and Math combined state exam scores.

  • Group 1: These students have a minimum combined score of 8
  • Group 2: These students have a minimum combined score of 7
  • Group 3: These students have a minimum combined score of 5.5

Step 2

6th grade students will be selected based on their 5th grade report cards, attendance, and state scores to participate in an interview and timed exam. Note: There is no longer an option for anyone to sign up online and take the BSGE exam like it was in years prior; now students have to be selected to take their interview and written essay assessment and math test.

Report Card Grade of:

  • 90-100 or 4/4 = 30 points
  • 80-89 or 3/4 = 20 points
  • 70-79 or 2/4 = 10 points

Attendance (Days Absent + Days Late)

  • 0-5 = 10 points
  • 6-10 = 8 points
  • 11-15= 4 points
  • 16-20 = 2 points
  • 20+ = 0 points

Step 3

Now, students will be invited to participate in the interview and take the entrance test based on the total points.

  • BSGE will interview the top 25% of students from Group 1
  • BSGE will interview the top 50% from Group 2
  • BSGE will interview the top 25% from Group 3

Top students from these groups will be selected to take a timed-test (written essay and math) and participate in a group interview.
The invitation to take the test and interview at BSGE will take place in late January 2019 or early February 2019.

Step 4

For 2018-2019 applicants, BSGE is also requesting the following new items:

  • 1 in-class science test
  • 1 in-class math test
  • 1 in-class English test

Students who are selected to join BSGE will receive the acceptance letter by April 2019.Please remember that the deadline to complete the middle school application is December 3, 2018. Apply online at MySchools.NYC Kweller Prep will update you as we hear more about the application process to BSGE.

Disclaimer: This information was gathered from BSGE’s open house and is accurate to the best of our knowledge, Kweller Prep is a private tutoring company offering small group instruction for competitive exams. We are in no way affiliated with BSGE.


The information here is simply a guide for parents and families interested in the Kweller Prep Program. We cannot promise this information is entirely accurate. To the best of our knowledge, however, it is.