Scholars Academy Prep

The Scholars’ Academy 27Q323

An Accelerated College Preparatory School for Grades 6-12 A Teaching and Learning Organization

Technology Today, Smarter Tomorrow

Removing Time and Place from Teaching and Learning

Scholars’ Academy Vision Statement

To engage the entire Scholars’ Academy Community in cultivating & celebrating well rounded scholars and citizens equipped with the knowledge, skills, & attitudes to pursue success and happiness in the 21st Century

Scholars’ Academy Mission Statement

To prepare for college and careers of the 21st Century

A Proud Member of CFN 112 The B.E.S.T. Network
Principal – Brian O’Connell
Assistant Principals -Toni Marie Viera, Michele Smyth, Scott Milczewski

School Recognition

  • The Scholars’ Academy is ranked one of the Best Middle & High Schools in New York State
  • Scholars’ is recognized as a “Reward School”, “Respect for All School” and “Blackboard Award School”
  • We receive annual “A” Ratings on our Middle & High School Progress Reports

Learning Environment Survey Data

2013 & 2014 School Year Scholars’ Academy % Satisfaction Citywide Average % Satisfaction
Instructional Core 96% 88%
School Systems 96% 86%
School Culture 96% 86%

Grade Six Course Work

Periods Per Week Course/Title Description
8 Humanities Interdisciplinary Course: Common Core English & Cultures of the World: Pre History to Enlightenment
8 Mathematics Common Core Mathematics Inquiry Approach 
6 Science Common Core Science:
Hands-on and Cooperative Learning
1 Visual Arts Painting, Sketching, Shading, Sculpting
1 Music Read Music, Play Piano, Compose Music using Music Technology Lab
2-3 Physical Education Calisthenics & Fitness
1 Library Research Library Operations  and Decorum, Research Skills, Credible Sources, Citing Sources
4 Spanish Basic Spanish Instruction for the Novice Student
2 Elective Students select an elective course, such as: drama, band, chorus, dance, fitness, book publishing, science, chess, etc

Looking Forward:Regents Courses Grades 8 through 10

Grade Eight Grade Nine Grade Ten
Living Environment U.S. History Government & Global
Algebra I English English
Spanish I Geometry Algebra II Trigonometry
Humanities Physics Chemistry
Spanish II Spanish III

Looking Forward: Advanced Placement and College-Level Courses Offered

AP Psychology AP Art History
AP English Language AP English Literature AP Biology
AP World
AP Calculus AP Chemistry
AP Spanish AP Statistics AP Physics
Elective Courses Sports
Book Publishing Cheerleading
Journalism The Seaside Chronicle Soccer
Broadway Junior Track
Multi-Cultural and Modern Dance Basketball
Sports & Fitness Volleyball
Science Elective Archery
Stage Crew & Media Lacrosse
Stock Market Game Tennis
Band & Chorus Swimming
Yearbook Step Team
Drawing & Set Design Bowling & Baseball
Extra Curricular Activities School and PA Events
Student Government Career Day
Poetry Respect for All Week
PBIS Advisory Days
Peer Tutoring Outstanding Scholar Assemblies
Math Club Reading Celebration Night
Chess Club Math Night
Film Club Science Fair
 Robotics Walk-a-thon
Debate Club Pizza Family Night
Science Club Ice Skating Night
Grade 6 Trips Grade 7 Trips Grade 8 Trips
Museum of Natural History Brooklyn Chamber Theater Ellis Island
Science Trip to Jamaica Bay Edgar Allen Poe House Lower East Side Tenement Museum
Technology Trip to The Apple Store in NYC Liberty Bell Jewish Heritage Museum
Classic Stage Company Franklin Institute The Bodies Exhibit
Museum of the Moving Image Eastern State Penitentiary Chelsea Piers
Field Day Science Trip to Jamaica Bay Graduation Dance at Russo’s on The Bay

Middle School Dress Policy

  • Light blue collared solid shirt with Scholars’ Academy logo
  • Khaki or navy blue slacks or shorts
  • On physical education days, students wear Scholars’ Physical Education attire

Scholars’ Academy Contract

  • Maintain a minimum 85% overall GPA
  • Maintain a 95% Attendance Rate
  • Exhibit character that exemplifies a Scholars’ Academy student and document community service (cooperative, hardworking, amiable, respectful, trustworthy)
  • Complete all work, assignments, and projects on time
  • Demonstrate consistent appropriate behavior


  • Scholars’ Academy is committed to being an inclusive accelerated school and we are actively recruiting students with IEP’s and 504’s who have demonstrated academic prowess and the capacity to flourish in the accelerated and rigorous learning environment of Scholars’ Academy.
  • If your child has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and/or 504, you are strongly encouraged to include accurate information on this application as such data is considered as part of the admissions policy.


Scholars’ Academy currently provides:

  • ICT (Integrated Co-Teaching)
  • SETSS (Push In Special Education Teacher Support)
  • Occupational Therapy (OT)
  • Physical Therapy (PT)
  • Speech
  • Hearing
  • Paraprofessional Services
  • Small Group Academic Acceleration (morning, lunch, after school)
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Group and Individual Counseling

*At this time, we are not handicapped accessible, we do not have an elevator.

Admission Is Based On

  • Standardized Test Scores for the past two years
  • Character and Learning Profile Surveys
  • Attendance
  • Individual Student Interviews
  • Evidence of Students Overcoming Obstacles Documented by IEP’s and/or 504 Status

Admission Is Based On

  • All applications MUST be submitted through your current elementary public school counselor.
  • Our application process is not through middle school choice. We are not a middle school choice school.
  • Students applying from private or parochial schools may submit their applications directly to Scholars’ Academy, with ALL of the supporting documentation, no later than by 1:00 pm December 19, 2014. All school reports MUST be in a sealed envelope from the school.

The Scholars’ Academy Middle School Orientation June 2014

Welcome to our newest Scholars’ Academy Parents, Guardians, Caregivers!!!


  • Mr. Brian O’ Connell, Principal
  • Mr. Scott Milczewski, Assistant Principal of Youth Development, Science & Fitness
  • Ms. Toni Marie Viera, Middle School Assistant Principal, Supervisor of Humanities, Spanish and Special Education
  • Ms. Michele Smyth, High School Assistant Principal, Supervisor of Math and The Arts
  • Mr. Sean Brandeis, Dean
  • Ms. Lorry Gilgur, Guidance Counselor
  • Mr. Gianfranco Moretta, Guidance Counselor
  • Ms. Felicia Williams, Parent Coordinator
  • Ms. Marta Laczynski, Parent Coordinator


Theater: 5pm-6pm
Parents will review parent handbook, school expectations, important information and sign off on policy sheet.  Before parents leave the theater it is imperative the PARENT HANDBOOK RECEIPT is signed and handed to a staff member
Dining Room & Classrooms: 5pm-6:15pm
Students will meet their teachers, visit their classrooms and receive supply lists, summer assignments, novels, book bags and other important information
Gymnasium: 6pm-7pm
Parents can purchase Scholars’ clothing, as well as speak to PTA members
Students will reunite with their parents in the gym between 6pm-6:15pm

First Day of School Thursday, September 4th 2014

  • Students are expected to arrive to school between 7:30am and 8am and will be dismissed at 2:50pm
  • Breakfast will be available in the dining room from 7:30-7:55am
  • Students are expected to come prepared with supplies on the first day
  • Summer Assignments are due back within the first week of school
  • Students will receive their supply lists and summer assignments today from their teachers, please review these materials with your child

Bell Schedule

AM Homeroom 8:00 – 8:15
1 8:16 – 9:02
2 9:04 – 9:50
3 9:52 – 10:38
4 10:40-11:26
5 (Lunch) 11:28-12:14
PM Homeroom 12:14-12:24
6 12:26 – 1:12
7 1:14 – 2:02
8 2:04 – 2:50
  • Middle school students are dismissed at 2:50pm Monday – Thursday
  • Middle school students are dismissed at 1:12pm on Fridays
  • Middle school students have lunch period 5 from 11:28 am-12:14 pm/high school students have lunch period 6 from 12:26 pm – 1:12 pm
  • Middle School classes are on the 1st and 2nd floors and high school classes are on the 3rd floor

Life as a Scholars’ 6th Grader

  • Student Course Work:
    Humanities (Social Studies/ELA), Mathematics, Science, Health, Spanish, Physical Education/Fitness, Library, Music, Art, Electives
  • Student Supports:
    Peer Tutoring, Extra Help Classes, Study Hall, ICT, SETSS, Group Counseling, Individual Counseling, Related Services
  • Student Clubs:
    Chess, Debate, Math, Science, Poetry, Student Government, Lego Robotics, Drama, Chorus, Band
  • Sports/Teams:
    Lacrosse, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Tennis, Soccer, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Step Team
  • *In most cases, MTA and Yellow bus service are not available for after school programs.

Building Orientation

  • 6th graders are walked from class to class by their teachers
  • Much of the month of September will be spent orienting 6th graders with the layout of the building, school routines, schedule, etc
  • The 6th grade has their own hallway located on the 2nd floor

Academic Expectations

Academic Expectations

  • All Scholars’ Academy students are expected to maintain an average of 85% or above

Academic Probation

  • Students who have grades of 75% or below will be placed on academic probation and given supports
  • Students on academic probation will receive extra help classes and may be ineligible for participation with sports and other extra-curricular activities until their grades improve
  • Peer Tutoring is available during lunch, before school and after school for students in need

Bus Transportation

  • There is MTA curbside for all students Monday through Thursday at 2:50pm dismissal and 3:45pm dismissal via the Q52 and 22
  • Yellow buses are designated by Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT) for select students in a 5 mile radius from school, as well as if indicated on an IEP
  • Office of Pupil Transportation Information – See page 17 of handbook
  • We also provided you with private yellow bus information
  • There are free Metro Cards available to all students not eligible for yellow bus or within walking distance of school
  • It is very important for students to have a dismissal plan for the first day of school and know how they are getting home

Student Pick Up and Drop Off

  • All parent and car pool pick up and drop off must occur on Beach Channel Drive directly in front of our school yard, students will be dismissed into the school yard at dismissal to be picked up by car/use the school yard in the morning to enter the school
  • It is extremely important that Beach 104th Street and Seaside Avenue are not used for parent and car pool pick up and drop off, these locations are designated for students walking to and from school and for yellow and curbside MTA buses

Dress Code

  • Non-Gym Days: Tan or navy khaki slacks or knee length shorts. Light blue golf shirt with Scholars’ logo
  • For Gym Days: Navy Scholars’ sweatpants or Scholars’ shorts with logo, navy t-shirt with logo, and sneakers
    • No cargo pants, leggings, jeggings, tights,yoga pants
    • No non Scholars’ Sweatshirts
    • No hats, hoods,
    • No dresses, skirts, high heels, flip flops, sandals, etc
    • No large jewelry or unnatural dyes hair colors

Behavior Code

  • Citywide Standards of Interventions and Discipline Measures (Blue Book) delineates all discipline infractions – it is important to review the Blue Book with your child
  • PBIS is used to support students in a student led positive school wide initiative
  • Student Behavior has results with participation in school events and trips
  • Attendance & Punctuality is extremely important on your child’s school record
  • Our Youth Development Team works closely with teachers and students to ensure the most respectful behavior from our students

Internet Usage at Home

  • Be aware of the sites your child is using
  • Cyber-Bullying is very common with:
    • Face book
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Snapchat

Internet Usage in School

  • Your child will have access to school iPads on a daily basis, as well as laptops and desktops
  • The Internet Usage and Electronic Device Policy must be reviewed by every student and parent/guardian upon entry into Scholars’ Academy

National Junior Honor Society Requirements

  • Eligibility will be determined by criteria from the first term of grade 6
  • Criteria for induction:
  • 90+ average beginning term 1 of grade 6; must be maintained every term
  • Evidence of CHART: Cooperative Hardworking, Amiable, Respectful and Trustworthy
  • No documented suspensions or repeated level 1-5 infractions
  • A minimum of 12 hours community service to be completed and documented by May 1st of each school year
  • Review of attendance and punctuality each year

Community Service

  • All middle school students are required to complete a minimum of 12 hours of community service per year
  • Students are expected to document all of their community service by entering the number of hours they’ve completed and what service they’ve done as they complete it on a community service Google form
  • 12 hours should be completed by the middle of June (the latest) in order to receive a certificate of completion for your portfolios

Pupil Path

  • Pupil Path is our main form of communication for grades, assignment dates, student progress, school-wide announcements, etc.
  • Parents are able to view this information at any time from any device
  • There is a calendar function which allows you to see when your child has assignments due
  • You can use Pupil path to send your child’s teachers an email
  • Log in information will be shared with you in September

Medical Policy

  • All students entering grade 6, when they turn 11 years old, must have Tdap Immunization to attend school
  • Please bring in documentation from your doctor by the first day of school

Parent Meetings, Workshops and Events

  • There are monthly Parent Association (PA) meetings that place at 7pm on the second Wednesday of every month
  • The first PA meeting for next school year is Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 7pm
  • Save the Date – September 18, 2014 Curriculum Overview/Meet the Teacher Night, Time – TBD
  • Save the Date – October 16, 2014 at Aviator Meet and Greet for Skating and Pizza, Time – TBD

Forms to be signed:

  • Please sign the PARENT HANDBOOK RECEIPT FORM in your packet and hand it to a school staff member as you exit the theater!
  • This PowerPoint can be found on our school website!
  • Thank you for coming and supporting your child in this new endeavor!


  • Your child will meet you in the gymnasium between 6pm-6:15pm.
  • There will be Scholars’ clothing for purchase in the gym, as well as PTA Members and Information.
  • Have a Great Evening!!


Kweller Prep Programs are not refundable. Read our policies and procedures here.