Policies and Procedures

Kweller Prep Offers Advanced Test Preparation in Small Group Settings


Kweller Prep is a 15-year established supplemental education program with a time-tested record of success. Our results speak for themselves: In 2017, over 100 students from the 120 rising eighth graders who enrolled into Kweller Prep received an admission offer to a specialized or top NYC high school. 33 students from the rising 120 sixth graders who enrolled in Kweller Prep’s Hunter High School Exam Prep Program received an admission offer, making our acceptances nearly double that of any competitor. Kweller Prep students in grades 9-12 consistently place into top tier colleges and receive outstanding scholarship offers. We are one of the few test prep centers capable of raising SAT test scores by several hundred points. Each summer, Kweller Prep runs academic full-time camps and hosts weekly parent information sessions and guided college tours. We teach strategies and build a core foundation to make students into better test takers. The Kweller Prep program is designed to help ambitious students excel. This program is strict, thorough, time-tested, and effective. Kweller Prep was founded by Frances Kweller, and attorney at law who sought to provide proactive test preparation for ambitious students who want to excel. She graduated from New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education and Hofstra University School of Law.

2019 Kweller Prep Policies and Procedures

By participating in the Kweller Prep Program, parents and students agree to the following:

Non-Solicitation of Tutors: Neither parents nor students shall hire, employ, contract, or retain tutors for private instruction of any kind. This extends for thirty-six (36) months after discontinuation of tutoring. Neither parents no students shall share tutors’ cell phones or emails with friends, family, classmates, directly or indirectly for any kind of private solicitation. Please also be aware that the tutors are bound to non-competition agreements as well. We will, if necessary, enforce these agreements.

Rates: Parents agree to pay tuition in full prior to the start of any program. We do not offer seat deposits or payment plans. Fall 2017 rates are as follows: Tuition is $2,500 total per season in Queens and $3,000 total per season in Manhattan because there is a $500 location surcharge for all Manhattan programs. Tuition includes all necessary books, materials, supplies, snacks, and refreshments.

Payments: Kweller Prep accepts all major credit cards, checks, or cash. We encourage online registration at www.KwellerPrep.com. All payments must be made in full one month to one week prior to any program’s start date. We do not offer payment plans. Please make checks payable to “Kweller Prep.”

Duration: Kweller Prep offers programs over 3 seasons: fall (September 7 to December 29), spring (January 4 to May 17), and summer (June 27 to August 14). Full-time summer camp runs Monday to Thursday 4 days a week. Each season includes 18 4-hour sessions and each class runs for 4 hours. Morning (8:00 am to 12:00 pm); afternoon (12:30 pm to 4:30 pm) and evening (5:00 pm to 9:00 pm). Summer camp consists of 27 4-hour sessions.

Disruptive Student Behavior: No student can be disruptive in class or at the prep center in any capacity. We expect your child to be on his or her best behavior while with our tutors. We are here to teach your kids, not to discipline them. Please have a direct conversation with your children about behavior expectations while they are part of Kweller Test Prep programs. Acting out will not be tolerated. Students must arrive on time, be respectful of others, speak when called on, complete homework assignments, and help create an overall positive, encouraging environment. Absolutely no profanity, expletives, bullying, shaming, or teasing is allowed on our premises.

Disruptive Parent Behavior: While this is rare, please note that we will remove a student from our program if we encounter a parent who creates a negative, hostile, or anxiety-inducing atmosphere at our prep school. It is extremely important during stressful and high-stakes testing that we maintain a very positive, encouraging, nurturing, and serene environment at our facility. More important than the final test score, outcome or acceptance to any school is our firm belief that students have a positive overall learning experience while they are students at Kweller Prep.

Pictures & Video: Kweller Prep takes limited pictures and video of classroom instruction, high school, and college tours for the purposes of promoting our educational programs. Please note that most parent workshops are filmed and photographed as well. If you do not wish to have you or your child in occasional photographs and/or videos, please email us to put this request in writing at pictures@KwellerPrep.com before joining, during, or after this program at any time.

Cancellations: If a student misses a 4-hour class, we offer a one-hour private make-up session up to two times for up to two missed classes in total with your child’s tutor. Alternatively, students can also attend the same session on a different day from Thursday to Sunday up to two times in total. We cannot accommodate make-ups for more than two absences. Please prioritize your schedule to attend most or all Kweller Prep classes at your scheduled time and to arrive on time. Kweller Prep is a collaborative learning environment and many absences impair the success of this program.

Lesson Duration: Most sessions are in 4-hour time slots, but instruction generally lasts for 3 hours and 45 minutes. There is no lunch break but rather a quick opportunity to get pizza, snacks, and refreshments and return to class. Open liquids are not allowed in the classroom; closed bottles only. Students are instructed to pack up 10 minutes before sessions end and are dismissed 5 minutes before sessions end. Please carefully pre-arrange pick up and drop off locations. For example, for sessions ending at 12:00 pm, students will dismiss by 11:55 am outside.

Meals: Kweller Prep provides snacks and refreshments throughout the program. We have a filtered water cooler and vending machine at each location. Please bring a bagged lunch to each class. We encourage all students to eat a nutritious meal prior to entering their 4- hour session. For those with food allergies, we require that students carry one epi-pen in their blue bag and leave a second pen by our reception desk with their name on it at the start of the course. The epi-pen can be picked up as soon as the course ends. Please note that Kweller Prep is not a peanut-free facility, but we do our best to be mindful of allergens and try to limit them at our center. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee and allergy free environment.

Special Needs: For students with ADHD, we ask they take any prescribed medication prior to entering our prep school just as they would prior to attending their regular day school. For students who are on a 504-plan or IEP and/or receive extra time for standardized tests, we will allow students to take and complete their exams at home and provide parents with the answer key to grade the test. Parents are expected to grade their child’s exams if the student is taking the test home.

Prompt Pickup: Kweller Prep is unable to offer extended care or supervision after sessions end. Our staff needs proper break for lunch, dinner and/or to prepare for the next session and/or properly close. We expect prompt pick-up after sessions end. Should parents arrive more than 15 minutes after class ends, there will be a $100 late fee assessed each time.

Refunds: Kweller Prep is a non-refundable program and we do not guarantee test scores. In the event of extenuating circumstances, we will issue a credit towards future classes and/or private tutoring lessons. We also sell one seat at a time, per season, so we are unable to prorate or partially refund our programs. Before enrolling into Kweller Prep, please make sure that you can commit to the entirety of our program.

If you have any questions and/or concerns about our policies or procedures, please contact us at 1(800) 631-1757 or email info@Kwellerprep.com


Kweller Prep Programs are not refundable. Read our policies and procedures here.