Nest FAQs

Nest Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Many Seats Do You Anticipate For The 2017-2018 School Year?

A: We anticipate having approximately 47 open seats.

Q2: This School Was Not On My Son’s Middle School Application List, What Should I Do?

A: NEST+m is listed in the City-Wide Middle School application. We are listed as “New Explorations into Science, Technology, and Math”.

Q3: If My Family And I Did Not Attend The Open House, Can We Still Apply?

A: Open House is not mandatory; this will not have a negative impact on the application.

Q4: I Forgot To Add NEST+M On The Middle Grade Application; Can I Register For The Exam?

A: All students are required to rank us on the Middle School application; we will send invitations to the entrance exam based on the child’s ELA and Math scores, GPA, and attendance.

Q5: I Am A Parent Applying For Middle School, Should We Mail Our Records And Transcripts Separately?

A: Once you turn in the completed Middle School application to your child’s guidance counselor, all required data is sent to us electronically. Please do not send paper copies.

Q6: My Child Attends A Private School, How Can We Apply?

A: You will need to request a Middle School application through the DOE Office of Student Enrollment.

Q7: Do I Need To Fill Out A Separate Application?

A: No, all students are required to rank us on the City-Wide Middle School application

Nest To Offer 8th Grade Science Regents

NEST Curriculum Changes For 2018-2019 School Year

The NEST science curriculum will re-aligned to include Regents Level Living Environment in 8th grade. Beginning in 2018/19, 6th grade will focus on life sciences, and 7thgrade will focus on earth, environmental, and physical sciences. Earth Science will no longer be offered as a Regents Level course at the MG level. This change was made in discussions with parents and faculty.

The change in curriculum was followed by discussion about the importance of 8th grade and the impact of Regents Level Courses on the high school transcript.

It was reiterated by both Mr. Berkowitz and Ms. Cruz that course grades in addition to the Regents Test results will become part of the permanent high school transcript for students.

Although it is a positive that NEST+m students could graduate with three Regents along with foreign language equivalency, it is important for students to stay engaged throughout the year and not slack off on coursework. Knocking it out of the ballpark on the Regents finals alone will not be enough.

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