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Bard Interview Prep Is Offered At Kweller Queens On Saturday And At Kweller Manhattan On Sunday. The Mock Interview Lasts 45 Minutes And We Encourage One Parent To Be Present To Take Notes During The Interview Session.

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Kweller Suggests: Study for the Bard Test and the SHSAT all summer and up until the exam. You should 100% register for the Bard Test after taking the SHSAT test. This way you’ll have all that content and knowledge still in your head from the SHSAT, a test you took only a week prior. The Bard test is an easier version of the SHSAT, plus an essay. If you pass the multiple-choice section, you’ll be granted an interview. Make no mistake, the Bard school wants the Stuyvesant kids and vice versa, so you need to make sure that you prepare well for this entrance test. You can register for the Bard test as early as September; be sure to take the test as close to the SHSAT test date as possible. Personally, I really like how small, safe and secure Bard HS is. I really like the school administration, which makes the school feel like a warm, welcoming environment for all. Basically, Bard High School is a completely free, public, screened high school where students can take advanced classes for transferable college credits starting Grade 11.

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