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Kweller Prep Administers The PSAT 8/9 On Premises For Students In Grade 6. This Is An Above-Grade-Level Test In Taken To Qualify For The Johns Hopkins Summer Program For Talented Youth. At This Moment, We Only Offer Private Tutoring For The SCAT Exam.

CTY Accepts Either Advanced SCAT Or SAT PREP For 7th Grade And Up.

Basics: You can take the SCAT or Advanced SCAT at anytime, at a local prometric test center and on a computer. The SCAT is basically an OLD SAT test (before 2004) with verbal analogies and columns/ quantitative comparisons for math.

You can take the SAT 6 times a year. the SAT is a paper test, not online, and the test is 3.5 hours long. This is the same test you will take years later for college admissions. CTY wants you to stop testing by February 1 for priority class selection, so late January should be your final test date. Also, CTY looks at the CR and math scores only, not the writing. You should still do well on the writing section though! It’s good practice for the REAL SAT in a few years. You can use a calculator for the SAT.

About The Johns Hopkins CTY “SCAT”

Students In Grades 5 And 6 Take This Test

The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) is a gifted and Talented education program for school-age children, founded in 1979 by Dr. Julian Stanley at Johns Hopkins University. It was initially a research study of the rate at which gifted children can learn new material.

CTY is the first program of its kind to identify academically talented youths and provide advanced learning opportunities.

CTY offers numerous programs around the world and online but is best known for its fast-paced Summer Programs, which are held on many university campuses throughout the United States and serve over 9,000 students each year. CTY is an accredited school for grades 5 to 12 by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

From October to February of each year, CTY’s Talent Search recruits highly-able elementary and middle school students (who have scored at or above the 95th percentile on in-grade standardized tests) to qualify for CTY’s academic programs. Applicants then take a standardized test that is above their grade level, beyond the ability of most children their age.

Students in the 5th and 6th grades take the SCAT at the Intermediate and Secondary levels, respectively.

Complete the CTY Talent Search application at:

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