John Hopkins CTY Prep FAQs

John Hopkins CTY FAQs

Q1: Why Participate In CTY?

A: CTY offers summer programs, online courses, family academic programs, scholarships, and internships to gifted students. Its alumni include the cofounder of Google, CEO of Facebook, and top placers of national academic competitions.

Q2: How Can I Participate In CTY?

A: Apply to participate in the talent search!

Q3: Can Everyone Participate In The Talent Search?

A: No. CTY only invites students from grades 2-8 to apply. You must also either: 1. Score at the 95th percentile or higher on a nationally normed standardized test. 2. Achieve advanced levels on state tests (ex./ “distinguished” “honors” “gifted”) 3. Be nominated by a parent. NOTE: this option is only available for those who have no test scores and NOT for those who fail to achieve the 95th percentile or higher.

Talent Search accepts tests and subtests that measure mathematical and verbal reasoning ability. Since many tests have a wide variety of subtests, and these subtests’ names change, the following guidelines can help you identify acceptable subtests:

Acceptable types of tests or subtests include those that look for reasoning. Examples of key words in acceptable test/subtest names include:

  • Applications
  • Aptitude
  • Comprehension
  • Concepts
  • Interpretation
  • Problem-Solving
  • Total Battery
  • Total Math
  • Total Reading
  • Total Score or Core

Unacceptable tests or subtests are those that are NOT reasoning. Examples of key words indicating tests or subtests that are not acceptable include:

  • Computation
  • Expression
  • Language
  • Mechanics
  • Procedures
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Usage

Q4: I Am Eligible. What Do I Do Now?

A: Step 1: Complete a Talent Search application. Register online:


Download an application to mail (available on September 1, 2013). Pay the application fee of $39. If you are on or eligible for free or reduce-priced lunches, then you may apply for financial help.

Step 2: Choose and register for a test that corresponds to your grade level. (You only have to take one!)

Test Name

Test Option for Students in Grades

Fees for Students Living in the U.S.

Fees for Students Living Outside the U.S.








$49.00 +

$28.00 international processing fee (per registration) +

$24.00 security surcharge to test in India and Pakistan









Step 3: Wait for scores and make sure they are sent to CTY. SCAT and STB scores are mailed 2-3 weeks after testing. SAT and ACT scores are mailed 6 weeks and 3-7 weeks, respectively after testing. CTY automatically receives all SCAT and STB scores directly, however, you must request Collegeboard to send SAT and ACT scores.

Step 4: Every Talent Search participant receives a certificate of participation and qualification letter indicating what CTY programs the student is qualified for.

You may choose to retest if you are unhappy with your performance.

If You Score Well, You May Be Invited To The Awards Ceremony Or Grand Ceremony!

Important Information For Test Day

  1. A print-out of this admission letter. It is required for entry to the test center. Your child can only be admitted to the test center printed above.
  2. Two No. 2 pencils with soft erasers.
  3. An acceptable calculator. Visit our website for a complete list.
  4. A snack or drink, but it must be put away during testing.
  5. Cell phones are not prohibited in the test center, but must be turned off and stored during the test. If the device makes any noise, your child’s test scores may be canceled.
  6. Parents will be asked to provide an emergency contact number at the time of check-in.

Drop-Off And Pickup Times:

  1. Doors open at 7:45 a.m. and close at 8:10 a.m. Please arrive on time as your child may not be admitted late.
  2. The test room supervisor will begin reading test instructions by approximately 8:30 a.m. The test should end between 11:45 a.m. and noon.
  3. The end time for the test may vary based on the start time and any unforeseen issues the morning of the test. Speak to the test supervisor during check-in to verify pickup time. If you arrive to pick up your child and testing is still in progress, you will need to wait.
  4. If your child is taking the test with an accommodation that requires additional time, the test will end between 12:30 and 1 p.m.

What Students Can Expect On Test Day:

  1. The test supervisor will read all instructions verbatim from a manual and can answer questions only about procedure, not about test questions or content.
  2. The test supervisor will announce when to start and stop working on each section.
  3. Students can work on each section of the test for only the time allotted.
  4. Students may not go back to a section once that section has ended.
  5. Students may not go ahead to a new section if they finish a section early.
  6. Students should not skip sections. Doing so may result in score cancellation, delays, or both.
  7. After the test is finished, the test supervisor will collect and count the test books to make sure all materials have been turned in before dismissing students.

Students may rank up to 12 non-specialized programs/schools on the Department of Education High School Application in addition to the specialized and audition high schools. Please note that students who apply to both BHSEC Manhattan and BHSEC Queens must list these as two separate choices. Please review program/school choices and carefully prioritize the list. We strongly recommend that you seek advice from your guidance counselor and review the NYC High School Directory before ranking programs.

Sample Email From Johns Hopkins CTY

Subject: CTY Talent Search Registration Information

Dear Parents/Guardians of Alex ABC

Thanks for enrolling Alex in the Johns Hopkins University CTY Talent Search. Enrolling with CTY was the first step. Now you need to register Alex to test.

Alex’s test options are SAT, ACT, School and College Ability Test (SCAT), and Spatial Test Battery (STB). All of these tests are considered for eligibility for awards ceremonies and CTY summer and online courses, but SAT is the only test accepted for CTY’s Study of Exceptional Talent (see You can compare the four tests and learn more about how to register by visiting In addition, a test information packet will arrive in the mail in approximately three weeks. If you select SCAT or STB, you will need the following eligibility numbers to register. Please note that it will take up to 24 hours for the eligibility numbers to become active.

SCAT Eligibility Number: 12345678

STB Eligibility Number: 12345678 (Wait 24 hours after enrollment) Whichever test you choose, you can access your scores by logging into your MyCTY account at Use Alex’s CTY student ID 12345679 as the login ID. If this is your first time logging in, click ‘Forgot Your Password’ to create one. The account type is “Parent.” Again, more information will be in the mail soon, but if you have questions at anytime, please contact us at 410-735-6278 or


The CTY Talent Search Team

Confirmation Of Computer-Based SCAT FOR 6TH GRADERS AND OLDER

Your appointment for the computer-based SCAT FOR 6TH GRADERS AND OLDER is confirmed. Please find the confirmation details that follow:

Program: SCAT School & College Ability Test
Exam Date: 30 Jan 2016
Exam Time: 12:00 pm
Prometric Test Center: # 0019
Queens – Queens Boulevard


Please refer to “Before the Test” for ID Requirements. Parents must wait in the lobby at all times while the child is testing.


If you reschedule or cancel your exam date or time 48 hours to 9 calendar days you will be subject to a $20 dollar reschedule/cancellation fee.

If you reschedule 10 or more calendar days before your scheduled test date you will “not” be subject to a reschedule fee. You may use the reschedule/Cancel option on this Web site or Prometric’s automated voice response system at: 800-688-5796 (in North America) or by contacting a Prometric Regional Registration Center (outside of North America). Please consult your “Before the Test” for a Regional Registration Center closest to you.

If the appointment is cancelled 10 or more calendar days before your scheduled test date your account will be fully refunded within 10 days of your transaction. We look forward to meeting your child and hope your Prometric testing experience is a pleasant one. May test two times per academic year after registering with the Johns Hopkins University, Center for Talented Youth.


From Manhattan: Take the Long Island Expressway ( I-495) East. Take Exit 19 toward RT-25 / Queens Blvd / Woodhaven Blvd. Take the Woodhaven Blvd ramp toward Rockaways / Queens Blvd. Take the ramp toward RT-25 / Queens Blvd. Stay straight onto ELIOT AVE. Turn first right onto Queens Blvd. Go 2 blocks. Test Center on the left side. From Long Island: Take the Long Island Expressway (I-495) West to exit 20 toward Junction Blvd. Go straight and bear right to go onto Horace Harding Exp. Turn left onto Junction Blvd. Turn right onto 62nd Dr.. 62nd Dr becomes 63rd Ave. Turn Left onto Queens Blvd.


If the appointment was missed due to illness and you can provide a doctor’s note, please provide documentation to the appropriate department.


North America


Disclaimer: Kweller Prep Programs are not refundable. Read our policies and procedures here.