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Kweller Prep offers Advanced Test Preparation in Small Group Settings of 8-10 students.

Kweller Prep Tutor Aaron

AARON is a graduate of Wesleyan University in Connecticut where he pursued the highly rigorous and selective College of Letters major. The College of Letters is a three year, interdisciplinary major for the study of European literature, history, and philosophy, from antiquity to the present. In addition to his major coursework, he also excelled in math and economics courses (Calculus I, Calculus II, Quantitative Methods in Economics) though he eventually chose to double major in French Literature. He received honors on his thesis, an original translation of a WW2 novel from French to English. During his sophomore year, he studied abroad at the Sciences-Po and La Sorbonne in Paris, while also working part time at a Parisian digital agency. Also as an undergraduate, he hosted and produced a news radio program on 88.1FM, a NPR affiliate station for four years and interviewed several leaders on campus, including the President of the university. Since graduating in 2014, he has worked for several tech startups and advertising agencies, including Gary Vaynerchuk’s VaynerMedia and WeWork. Aaron is originally from Toronto, where he attended high school at the Toronto French School, an International Baccalaureate private school. During this time, he received multiple academic awards and served as Student Body President. He finished with 38/45 IB points (93rd percentile worldwide that year.) In addition, Aaron played Varsity high school basketball for four years and coached an Afro-Cuban percussion ensemble. His high school courses were English (HL), Economics (HL), History (HL), French (SL), Biology (SL), Math (SL.) Outside of work, Aaron enjoys speaking French with friends who live abroad, reading, playing and teaching jazz piano and developing his mindfulness practice.

Kweller Prep Tutor Abiba

ABIBA was recently accepted to Harvard University. She is a Bangladeshi-American adolescent who attends Richmond Hill High School and has gotten accepted into Harvard College Class of 2024. At Harvard, she intends on double majoring in Economics and Political Science and minoring in Theatre. She was born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh and moved to New York City for high school. Through her years of high school, Abiba has been active in a multitude of extra-curriculars. She was the captain of her soccer team for all four years, the Junior Class Vice President and is currently the Senior Class Secretary. She is also the editor in chief of her school newsletter and the managing editor of her school yearbook. She has received several Honors including the Rensselaer Medal Scholarship of $100,000, becoming a POSSE Semi-Finalist, Excellence in Mathematics award, Most Valuable Player in Soccer and the AP Scholar Award which is received by students achieving a score of 4 or higher in at least three AP courses. Abiba has taken five AP courses in her four years of high school: AP World History, AP English Language, AP Calculus AB, AP English Literature and AP Calculus BC. Even in middle school, Abiba was active in similar activities such as being school Prefect, being the editor in chief of the school yearbook and captain of her soccer team. She currently also works with a community organization known as DRUM (Desis Rising Up and Moving) which works with South Asian and Indo-Caribbean communities in America; helping them with immigrant rights, workers’ rights, student rights etc. Abiba also organizes a competition for Bangladeshi children along with 4 other girls of similar age, known as Young People’s Festival. Abiba joined Kweller Prep last year, participating in our SAT prep program and college info nights. In her senior year of high school, she works as a homework and essay grader at Kweller Prep. While in Bangladesh, she used to tutor her peers and juniors; therefore, she is very excited to work at Kweller Prep now. In her spare time, Abiba loves to sing. She plays the guitar, ukulele and the piano, and intends on learning the violin at college. She also consistently performs at cultural events in her local community. She does drama, music, recitation and dance in her Bangladeshi festivals.

Kweller Prep Tutor Abigail

ABIGAIL is currently attending the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College, where she is pursuing a Pre-Medicine track with a double major in Biology and Economics and a double minor in Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies of NYC. As a junior, Abigail currently has an overall 4.0 GPA. She is also volunteering at Bellevue Hospital in the Cardiology and Neurology Departments, as well as at New York-Presbyterian Hospital in the Adult and Pediatrics Emergency Room Department. On top of Abigail’s clinical volunteering, she is participating in a clinical research team at Columbia Irving Medical Center and in a wet lab research team within the Department of Biomaterial and Biomimetics at the NYU Langone Hospital and the NYU College of Dentistry. As a part of the Macaulay Honors program, Abigail receives a full academic scholarship, two years of complimentary residential dorming, a MacBook laptop, a $7,500 opportunities fund to pursue various internships and study abroad programs, and priority placement in honors classes. Abigail attended Townsend Harris High School, where she maintained a 4.0 GPA and graduated within the Principal’s Honors List with the Advanced Regents Diploma. Abigail scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT with a 1560/1600 and scored a 34/36 on the ACT. Throughout her high school career, Abigail has taken 7 AP Courses: World History, U.S. History, Human Geography, Calculus AB, Macroeconomics, Biology, and Psychology, earning 5/5 on all the exams. During her senior year, Abigail received 12 college credits for her Queens College classes in Humanities, Philosophy, and Anthropology. In the winter break of Abigail’s senior year of college, she plans to travel abroad to a Spanish-speaking country to enrich her interpersonal skills as well as elevate her Spanish language proficiency. Beyond her academic career, Abigail interned as a Patient Care Associate (PCA) Assistant for more than two years at New York-Presbyterian/Queens Hospital, where she worked to provide optimal comfort and assistance for patients, as well as assign treatments and provide surgery/discharge times. In addition, Abigail was a captain for her Junior Varsity and Varsity high school volleyball team, and played as a setter for her travel team and competed in tournaments for Under-16 and Under-17 Nationals across the Northeastern region. Abigail has taught the Hunter HS, Anderson MIddle, and SHSAT programs at Kweller Prep for the past two years. She was hand-picked to teach Kweller’s 7th-grade early SHSAT start course at Kweller Manhattan due to her excellent explanation skills. In her free time, When not at Kweller Prep, Abigail enjoys practicing golf at driving ranges, bouldering at Brooklyn Boulders, and reading selection of books from Reese’s Book Club.

Kweller Prep Tutor Alex

ALEX attends St. John’s University’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, on a 100% full merit scholarship. Alex was accepted to St. John’s Honors Program and is the recipient of the Presidential Scholarship, one of the highest honors at the school. He is currently on the pre-medical track, pursuing a career in pharmacy and majoring in Biomedical Sciences. Alex has been on the dean’s list at St. John’s every semester since he started college. Alex attended the Bronx High School of Science after earning a 640 on the SHSAT. He graduated from Bronx Science in 2018 with a 4.0/4.0 GPA over all 4 years. Alex received many honors while at Bronx Science. He was a PSAT National Merit Semi-Finalist after scoring a received 1510/1600 on his SAT and a 35/36 composite ACT score, both placing in him in the 99th percentile of all national test-takers. Alex earned a 730/800 on the Biology SAT-2 Subject Test and 760 on the Math II Subject Test. He took 6 Advanced Placement classes throughout high school, which included AP World History, AP Biology, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature, AP Psychology, and AP Calculus AB, and received scores of 4/5 and 5/5 on all of his AP exams. Alex received one full semester of transferable credit to St. John’s because of his high A.P. scores and placement test results. At Bronx Science, Alex was a part of the Astronomy Club for 3 years, involved with the use of his school’s renowned planetarium and became a part of its board his senior year. Alex was a member of the Varsity Volleyball team for 3 years, which ranked in the Top 10 citywide in each of three years he participated. He is fluent in Polish and proficient in Spanish. Living most of his life in Forest Hills and calling it his home, he has also spent quality time in his community volunteering at his own local pediatrician’s office, gaining insight in the medical field and serving as a Polish-English translator for patients when necessary. This past summer, Alex volunteered at New York Presbyterian Hospital in Lower Manhattan. Alex also has personal experience teaching various test formats such as the Hunter, SHSAT, SAT exams, and prepared for the SAT at Kweller Prep himself for the SHSAT and SAT. He proudly studied at Kweller all throughout his high school career and is proud to return as a tutor. Alex has taught fall, spring, and summer classes at Kweller since he started college. He’s also led tours of Bronx Science to prospective students during Kweller-organized HS tours. When not at Kweller Prep, some of Alex’s favorite activities include playing basketball and tennis, spending quality time with friends, and writing original music and poems.

Kweller Prep Tutor Akshay

AKSHAY graduated from The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, concentrating in Finance and Business Strategy. Akshay received over $120,000 in merit-based scholarships and was a J.P. Morgan Smart Start Finalist. At Ross, Akshay was an honors student each semester for four years. Akshay was a “preferred-admit” candidate to Ross, a distinct honor which only 5% of the incoming student body received guaranteeing acceptance into the Ross Business School. At Michigan, Akshay was involved with four professional and two cultural organizations, including Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity and Nexicon Consulting Group. He also spent one semester studying abroad in Madrid, Spain, where he took classes in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Tech Strategy. By his sophomore year, Akshay was elected as an RA, or Resident Advisor, through which he was able to mentor many students. Akshay graduated from The Bronx High School of Science. There he took ten (10) Advanced Placement courses (World History, American History, Psychology, Chemistry, Statistics, Java, Calculus, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, English Literature), scoring either a 4/5 or a 5/5. Akshay was also a member of the Bronx Science Debate Team and Math Team, which were both nationally ranked and recognized for excellence. He took both the SAT (scoring a 1530/1600) and the ACT (scoring a 34/36). Although Akshay was raised in Forest Hills for much of his life, Akshay studied at a renown International Baccalaureate Boarding school in Bangalore, India for two years when he was in the fifth and sixth grade. Akshay is a product of multiple prep schools, ending his journey at Kweller Prep. Akshay serves as the Sales Director at Kweller Prep, handling enrollment and registration for hundreds of students each semester. Previously, he has taught almost every class offered here including: SHSAT, HUNTER, ISEE, TACHS, SAT, ACT, Regents, AP & SAT-2. A child of immigrants, Akshay enjoys helping students reach their academic goals and develop pre-professional skills. At Kweller, Akshay has also run resume and cover letter seminars, positioning many Kweller students on the right path to secure summer internships. At Michigan, Akshay has privately tutored students in upper-level college classes including Accounting and Financial Modeling. Akshay is fluent in Hindi and has limited proficiency in Spanish. Always active, Akshay has been interning since he was a freshman in High School; spanning from small business jewelry firms to large commercial banks and investment banks. When not at Kweller Prep, Akshay is currently employed at a NYC management consulting firm focusing on advising private equity and corporate clients. When he is not working, Akshay loves to travel. His passports has over 25 different stamps and he strives to add at least one distinct stamp each year, ahead of his age.

Kweller Prep Tutor Amber

AMBER attends the BA-MD program at Brooklyn College which is an 8-year, direct high-school-to-medical-route which automatically admits students to SUNY Downstate upon graduation from college and an MCAT. As an undergraduate, she is part of Macaulay Honors College, a 100% full scholarship program and is majoring in psychology. Amber was born and raised in Forest Hills, and attended Hunter College High school from 7th through 12th grade. We are proud to add that Amber was a Kweller Prep student in preparation for the SHSAT. After a summer of study, she placed into Stuyvesant High school, but she ultimately decided to say at Hunter after a lengthy conversation with Frances Kweller. Amber has also attended Kweller Prep to get ready for the Center for Talented Youth at John Hopkins university placement test (the scat). She attended CTY the summer after 8th grade, where she took a class called Fast-Paced High School Biology. At her high school, she was a part of the Science Research Seminar Program, president of the South Asian club organizing the annual cultural show, staff writer for the Opinions Magazine, a part of Washington Seminar allowing her to meet government officials in Washington DC, and a peer mentor to younger students. Outside of school, Amber has volunteered at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital, interned in the Neurology Department at Mount Sinai where she worked on a project to build a device that can detect seizures before they occur, and was a part of the BridgeUp STEM Brown Scholars Program at the American Museum of Natural History. In high school Amber took classes such as AP Biology which she scored a 4/5 on, AB Calculus, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics Physiology, Internal and Neuro Science, Public Speaking, and Asian American Literature. Amber attended Kweller Prep to prepare for her standardized exams and received a 33 out of 36 on her ACT, an 800 out of 800 on her SAT Math 2 test, and a 730 out of 800 on her SAT Biology exam. In her free time Amber loves to dance and watch cooking shows.

Kweller Prep Tutor Amy

AMY graduated from New York University, where she majored in biology and minored in math. She also holds a Master’s Degree in biology from New York University. She aspires to attend medical school and become a doctor. To further develop her interest in computational biology and medicine, she has gone on weekly rounds with a wound care physician, acted as a mentor in Weill Cornell Medical College’s MAChO (Motivating Action through Community Health Outreach) Program, and currently conducts research at New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. She has also volunteered in the emergency department for the past three years and is a certified EMT. This is Amy’s 7th year as an SHSAT tutor at Kweller Prep and her 5th year as a Hunter tutor. Amy has taught students in both small group settings. Amy graduated from the Bronx High School of Science. During her time in high school, she was a member of ARISTA (the National Honor Society chapter at Bronx Science), assisted as a teacher helper at the Chinese Saturday School at Columbia University, and took a total of nine AP classes (Biology, Calculus AB, Chemistry, English Literature, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Spanish, World History and U.S. History). She was granted with an AP Scholar with Distinction Award at Bronx Science. In addition to biology, math and medicine, Amy also loves to write, having scored perfect 800’s in the writing section of the SAT.

Kweller Prep Tutor Andreas

ANDREAS attends Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business as an International Business Major at their Lincoln Center Campus (ranked #8 nationally in international business by U.S. News). He is attending on an academic scholarship, choosing Fordham from a list of colleges he was accepted to including the Macaulay Honors Program at Queens College. Andreas is a former Kweller Prep student since he was in the 7th grade; he took classes at Kweller for the SHSAT, TACHS and SAT. He is excited to return to Kweller Prep to help tutor students for the same tests he took just a couple of years ago. Kweller Prep success runs in his family as his sister also attended Kweller for SHSAT and TACHS prep and is now attending Archbishop Molloy High School. Andreas graduated from Townsend Harris High School (the number one ranked high school in the New York metro area) with an honors diploma, a 4.0 GPA and was a member of the Arista, Archon and Rho Kappa Honors Societies. He has also taken 8 Advanced Placement Exams and scored 5/5 on most, including 5s in Human Geography and World History and has also taken A.P Psychology, A.P. Research, A.P. United States History, A.P. Capstone Seminar, A.P. Macroeconomics and A.P. Spanish Literature, earning New York State’s Highest Diploma: an Advanced Regents Diploma with Advanced Placement Distinction. At graduation, Andreas received the A.P. Scholar award for his high test scores on these national exams. Other important coursework he has taken includes Calculus, United States Government and English electives focusing on grammar and literature. Andreas completed 4 classes at Queens College while he attended high school, two of which were humanities colloquiums, and the other two being sociology and history courses focused on Modern Greece, all of which earned him college credit. He is fluent in English, Greek and is proficient in Spanish. In his free time, Andreas has volunteered in the education department at the Queens Zoo, where he spent much of his time educating young children at the zoo about the animals and conservation efforts to help the environment. He played varsity baseball at his high school and served as the President and founder of a club called Politics Reborn at his school, a unique club focusing on political engagement in local NYC communities. He was also a member of the Junior State of America that focused on leadership and debate skills, a member of the literature club and part of a delegation of students to help plan school events. On the weekends, Andreas volunteers to set up Greek church events and helps teach at the Sunday School. All this community and volunteer work helped Andreas receive a community scholarship from the David and Dovetta Wilson Scholarship Fund. When not at Kweller Prep, Andreas is an avid skier and cyclist.

Kweller Prep Tutor Anna

ANA is a New York State certified teacher with a license in secondary education for students 5-12. She has taught students in NYC public schools for six years and currently teaches 7th and 8th grade math in preparation for the Algebra 1 Common Core Regents. She also teaches a Living Environment Regents Class. Ana has wanted to be a school teacher since childhood. She enjoys each of her student’s energy and interacts with 150 students per day, as well as another 70 students in her after school program. Ana received her Bachelor’s Degree from Hunter College and holds Master’s Degrees in three areas: Adolescent Education, Special Education and Bilingual Education. In addition to teaching within the NYC Department of Education, she spends her summers as an adjunct ESL professor at LaGuardia Community College. There, she creates fun and interactive ESL classes with weekly field trips that allow students to learn English in a real-world setting. Ana strives to motivate students in personal achievement and enhance their self-worth on a daily basis. During the last 6 years of teaching, she has been dedicated to developing an instruction that enabled her students to gain confidence in themselves and what they create. Consistent assessment of each student’s level of ability allows her to develop an individual curriculum for each student enabling her to set reasonable, yet high expectations and hold them accountable to these expectations. She states that it is important to become aware of the individual needs of students and work with them to help meet their goals for the school year and to establish educational and personal goals for the future. A fun fact about Ana is that she is a talented artist in addition to being a mathematician; she attended Hunter College on the prestigious Kossack Painting Fellowship which covered nearly all her college tuition. Ana graduated from the Mary Louis Academy and has taken art classes since the ninth grade. She’s created hundreds of original works of art. When not at Kweller Prep, Ana enjoys watching foreign films;she is fluent in English and Spanish and travels to Colombia every year.

Kweller Prep Tutor Annie

ANNIE is currently attending Baruch College, where she is majoring in Finance and minoring in Real Estate and Communications. She graduated from the Bronx High School of Science in 2017, where she maintained a 4.0 GPA and graduated with an Advanced Regents Diploma. Throughout her high school career, Annie has taken 6 AP Courses: World History, US History, Government with Economics, Psychology, Chinese, and Statistics, scoring 4s or 5s on all the exams. She scored a 2250/2400 on the old SAT and an 800 on the Math 2 Subject test. Annie was also a member of her school’s ARISTA Honor Society for two years. Outside of school, Annie was on the volleyball team for three years where she played as a setter. She also managed the boy’s gymnastics team and held a leadership position for her school’s Lunar New Year Production club. Annie has completed an internship at Nest Seekers International, a global real estate firm and one of the top firms in Manhattan, during the first two years of her college career. She is currently completing a finance internship at Greatstone Development, a real estate development firm based in New York City. Annie has dedicated three years to working at Kweller Prep. She’s taught Hunter classes at Kweller Manhattan and now serves as a Hunter essay and homework grader at Kweller Queens. She provides thorough written feedback to help students excel in descriptive essay writing. When not at Kweller Prep, Annie enjoys hiking, listening to music, and going on walks.

Kweller Prep Tutor Annie

ANNIE Q graduated from CUNY Hunter College and the Bronx High School of Science. She has a dual Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology and Psychology (2018). She was actively part of competitive varsity swimming (her strokes were Butterfly and Freestyle, sprint events) for both institutions. She constantly balanced schoolwork, athletics, and working part-time with research internships at The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), SUNY Downstate Medical Center, and CUNY Lehman College prior to earning her High School Diploma. She was awarded with the Caroll and Milton Petrie Grant, Matthew Goldstein Scholarship, Raab Presidential Fellowship, Dean’s List (2013, 2014, 2017), and the Jenny Hunter Scholarship for her time at CUNY Hunter. She has also worked in laboratories of multiple disciplines, starting and managing experiments with the intent of furthering understanding science, and cultivating her love for working as an Asian woman in research. Prior to ANNIE Q’s acceptance in to the Bronx High School of Science, she was offered summer opportunities for creative writing at Oxford/Cambridge University, and for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University. She was also training for city-wide and state-wide swimming competitions under Dragos Coca, on the LaGuardia Twisters. She took lessons in Chinese Traditional Dance, Contemporary Dance, piano and violin at her local community centre in Flushing. She regularly performed at her local town hall for monthly recitals. During her years in high school (2008-2012), she participated in New York City Science and Engineering Fair, where she placed within the top 3 ranks with her high school research poster, working with vertebrate palaeontologist, Dr. William Harcourt-Smith. Additionally, she worked with clients from 4 months old, up until 90 years old, including those with special needs, for a personalised comprehensive aquatics and water safety instruction at Aquabeba (a swimming institution that focuses on learning through the human stages of development, in private group settings). ANNIE Q currently works for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) as a Clinical Research Coordinator, managing the statistical and data aspects of clinical trials. She has represented her team internationally for cutting-edge cancer treatment for non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL) patients. Annie has authored two research articles within the first two years of her role at MSKCC, and is working on her next manuscript. She also works for CUNY Hunter College as an adjunct in the Psychology Department. She frequently leads and/or assists classes with 20-100 undergraduate or graduate students, provides 1:1 troubleshooting and email support. She frequently grades examinations, holds office hours, creates review material, and gives ample feedback for accelerated growth in the classroom setting. She has also privately tutored doctoral students, focusing on research paper writing and statistical interpretation. Aside from academics, she has worked with world-renowned artist George H. Lewis in many pieces examining the human condition and its evolution, as well as Ridwan Adhami (FRDM Company) to create art with a purpose and patience. She is also certified in life guarding/CPR/AED, phlebotomy, EKG, and End-of-Life Nursing Consortium. ANNIE Q hopes to be accepted for her graduate studies for Biostatistics and Data Science. She is interested in machine learning, statistical analyses, and helping the rising generation learn more about being a positive contribution to the world of STEM. Annie is excited to work as a tutor at Kweller Prep. She’s taught a variety of psychology classes at CUNY and worked as a math and science tutor for 8 years.

Kweller Prep Tutor Antalya

ANTALYA graduated from NYU College of Arts and Sciences, where she is double majoring in biochemistry and Spanish. She is currently writing her senior honors thesis in biochemistry after three years of working in a research lab on campus and as of now, is set to graduate summa cum laude. She is on the pre-med track, has recently taken the MCAT exam, and will be applying to medical school in the summer of 2019. Antalya is a Presidential Honors Scholar and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa as one of 20 juniors in the spring of 2018. She is a member of the Phi Lambda Upsilon National Chemistry Honor Society and has extensive experience tutoring college-level biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, writing, Calculus I & II, and Spanish at her school’s tutoring center. Off-campus, Antalya has devoted over 300 hours volunteering in the Bellevue Hospital Emergency Department and is an alumna of the Project Healthcare Program. Antalya graduated from Hunter College High School (HCHS) in 2015. At Hunter, she took college-level organic chemistry, AP Spanish, AP Biology, and AP Calculus BC. She scored a 2270/2400 on her SAT as well as a 34/36 on the ACT. Antalya was a senator on her year’s student council, was the captain of the girls’ varsity swim team and was a chemistry teaching assistant for a 10th-grade chemistry class during her senior year. She has also been tutoring two students in Hunter College Elementary School for 4 years now. Antalya is a skilled writer. She has written and received three undergraduate research grants while at NYU. She has had her writing published in Esferas, a journal the NYU Spanish and Portuguese department compile every semester. Antalya also won a scholastic gold key award while at HCHS for writing a piece which as later published. Currently, Antalya is looking forward to completing her time at NYU and spending her gap year tutoring at Kweller Prep, volunteering, and gaining more clinical experience.

Kweller Prep Tutor Armin

ARMIN currently attends Stony Brook University. She’s pursuing Pre-med track whilst double majoring in Biology and Business Administration. Her long-term goal is to become an OB/GYN with a dual degree of MD/MBA. She graduated from high school with a 4.0 GPA. She has taken many AP Courses throughout the course of her high school career: U.S. History, English Language, English Literature & Composition, Biology, U.S. Government. During high school, she was inducted into the National Honor Society as well as the National English Honor Society. She managed to create a Model United Nations chapter at her high school and attended conferences such as Princeton Model UN Conference and Cornell Model UN Conference. She was the president of her School’s Model UN chapter for 2 years. Armin scored a 2210/2400 on the SAT. Outside of school, she has volunteered at various hospitals including Jamaica Hospital and New York Presbyterian Hospital, volunteered at soup kitchens, and organized events for younger kids. When not at Kweller Prep, Armin loves to paint, read, and sleep.


Kweller Prep Tutor Arosha

AROSHA’S Bio is Coming Soon…

Kweller Prep Tutor Arya

ARYA attends the Macaulay Honors program at Baruch College, a full scholarship program, and is majoring in finance. Arya was born and raised in Queens and attended Forest Hills High School.. At his high school, Arya played a pivotal role in student government and was president of the math team. While maintaining a class rank of 16/1056 and a 100.63 average, Arya also excelled in sports, and was captain of the track team. In high school Arya scored a 5/5 in all his advanced placement courses such as AP Calculus BC, AP Macroeconomics, AP Computer Science A, and AP World History. As per standardized testing, Arya received a 1490/1600 on his SAT, scoring a 790/800 on Math and a 700/800 on writing and reading. He scored a 770/800 on his SAT-2 subject test in Math Level 2 and a 750/800 in the World History SAT 2 Subject Test Level 2. During his summers, he interned with a diamond company called Star Asia where he sharpened his business skills by involving himself in sales and accounts. Arya also volunteers at the Jain Center of America at the Ithaca temple on Sundays. Now at college, Arya is involved in the Macaulay Business Club, Investment Management Group and is in search for an internship with a prestigious financial institution such as JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs. We are proud to add that Arya was a Kweller Prep student in preparation for both his ACT, SAT and SAT subject tests. He worked closely with Kweller tutors on his college applications and is proud to be a staff member here now.

Kweller Prep Tutor Asheley

ASHELEY is in Harvard University’s Master’s Program in Public Policy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. Her coursework includes: Education Entrepreneurship, Managing Finances for Non-Profit Organizations, Urban Policymaking, Quantitative Analysis, Economic Analysis, and other classes related to making public resources and education more equitable. During Asheley’s first year at Harvard, she served as Chair of the school’s annual Youth Leadership Conference (YLC), which brings approximately 100 underserved Boston-area high school students to campus for a full day of leadership workshops. In her second year, she is now a student coordinator of the Public Policy Leadership Conference (PPLC), which brings 75 undergraduate students from underserved and underrepresented backgrounds across the US to the Harvard Kennedy School for a free weekend of public policy activities. Prior to Harvard, Asheley graduated from the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College, on a full academic scholarship. There, she maintained a 3.9/4.0 GPA. Her Macaulay scholarship included a free Macbook Pro, a free 2-year Manhattan dorm, $7,500 for study abroad opportunities, priority class registration times and many other rewarding perks. Asheley double majored in psychology and sociology and made the Dean’s List each semester. During her time at Hunter, she interned with a non-profit organization, Generation Citizen, which works towards empowering youth to become more active and engaged community “change-makers”. Additionally, she was the Director of Macaulay’s SPARK (Students Partnering and Reaching Kids), an organization that leads self-esteem building for children in low-income neighborhoods. Asheley graduated from the Queens High School for the Sciences at York College (QHSSYC), one of the highest ranked specialized high schools in New York. At QHSSYC, she took AP Calculus AB, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics, and AP English Language and Composition. Furthermore, she was the editor-in-chief of her school’s award-winning yearbook and was involved in the Book Club, Volleyball Club, and the Environmental Conservation Organization. Asheley is an experienced SHSAT instructor and has worked with small groups of students for the past seven years. She has also prepared students for the Hunter College High School entrance exam, TACHS Catholic high school entrance exam, ISEE, ERB, WrAP tests and Common Core state exams, while also working with high school students to prepare their college applications. When not teaching at Kweller Prep, Asheley enjoys shopping on Austin Street, going to the gym, and playing with Goldie, the Kweller Prep mascot.

Kweller Prep Tutor Aumi

AUMI attends St. John’s University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences as a Biomedical Sciences Major. He is enrolled in the Honors Program and received the Presidential Scholarship, which is the highest scholarship award at St. John’s. He is currently on a full academic scholarship. His current coursework includes: Honors Biology III, General Chemistry III, Honors Speech, Organic Chemistry, and Stats/Calculus. Aumi graduated from the Kew-Forest School, a private college-preparatory school in Forest Hills. In addition to graduating at the top of his high school with a 4.0 unweighted GPA and a 1580/1600 composite SAT score, he has received the National Merit Scholarship Award and multiple high school awards demonstrating excellence in AP Biology, AP English Language and Literature, and AP United States History. He took all of the most rigorous advanced courses which were offered at his school, maintaining a steady record of straight As. He also scored a 800/800 on his Biology SAT Subject Test and a 750/800 for his US History Subject Test. At Kew-Forest, he also founded a club called “Business Club,” which was a nonprofit project geared towards producing and selling t-shirts and other merchandise; all of the profits from the sales were donated to charities such as Doctors Without Borders and Save the Children. Moreover, he played an important role in his community as a member of Varsity Basketball, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Volleyball, Model UN, AMC, and as a volunteer tutor for his peers. He is now studying Pre-Med in preparation for taking the MCATs and going to medical school so that he can fulfill his long-time ambition of becoming a physician. He is the proud son of an immigrant family, and he is the first generation in his family to attend college. Aumi attended Kweller Prep throughout his freshman, sophomore, and junior year of high school. He prepared for his SAT exam at Kweller Prep and raised his score from a 1310 to 1580. Both a former student and now a tutor, Aumi is excited to give back and serve as a teacher and mentor. When not at Kweller Prep, Aumi enjoys freestyle rapping. He enjoys creating new hip-hop beats and experimenting with music and lyrics. He started playing guitar when he was six years-old and can play a variety of string instruments in addition to singing.

Kweller Prep Tutor Betty

BETTY is a current senior at Brooklyn College, and she’s only 20 years old. She is completing a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with Honors and a minor in Chemistry. She graduated in the top 10% of her class from the Health Professions Academy Program at Forest Hills High School in 2017. Because of her outstanding academic performance in high school, Betty earned a full scholarship at Brooklyn College. Betty earned her exceptional grades despite taking rigorous courses like AP US history, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Economics, etc. With her advanced placement and College Now credits combined, Betty entered Brooklyn college with 30+ credits, making her a sophomore upon entry. As a result, she will earn her Bachelor’s degree an entire year earlier! Her transcript boasts straight A’s, in courses like Organic Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, and Advanced Psychology Research. Aside from her courses, Betty is very involved in various extra extracurricular activities on campus. For example, Betty volunteers as a peer mentor and commuter assistant. She is the president of the Women in Pre-Health Organization and the Vice President and co-founder of the Save a Life club. She spent the past summer in a highly esteemed internship program at Mount Sinai Hospital. Her role included aiding doctors and surgeons in the labor and delivery department. Betty will be starting her graduate studies in the summer, aspiring to earn an Advanced Masters Certificate in Midwifery and practice medicine as a Certified Nurse Midwife. This career path particularly resonates with Betty due to her strong female identity and passion to build trusting and altruistic relationships with patients. When she is not teaching at Kweller, Betty enjoys traveling, reading fictional books, and cooking. Most importantly, Betty loves to teach and pass on her knowledge to others, so it goes without saying that her second home is Kweller Prep.

Kweller Prep Tutor Ben

BEN graduated from Baruch College, on a full academic scholarship, and works full-time as the General Manager at Kweller Prep Queens. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Zicklin School of Business. Ben was an Entrepreneurial Management major with a focus on small business management and minored in Corporate Communications. Ben graduated from the Carl Sagan Advanced Honors Math and Science research program at Forest Hills High School. Ben received an Advanced Regents Diploma with an AP distinction upon graduation. At Forest Hills High School, Ben took many classes one grade above his current level and finished the full high school curriculum by the end of his eleventh grade, allowing him to take all AP’s and college classes as a 12th grader. Ben was born in Israel but spent most of his life in the United States. He is fluent in Russian and is proficient in Spanish and Hebrew. We are proud to add that Ben prepared for the SAT at Kweller Prep, raising his SAT score by five hundred points (on the 2400-scale) in the span of three months (yes he studied daily!). He fondly refers to Kweller Prep as his academic “home,” and 2 years later, Ben was promoted from assistant to the manager of Kweller Queens. He works alongside Kweller Prep’s CPA team and assists then with running weekly payroll, developing each class syllabus, ordering and taking inventory of Kweller textbooks and supplies, and designing textbooks covers and advertising layouts. A talented young man with an incredible work ethic, Ben held several prominent positions within his college and the larger Jewish community. Outside of his life at Kweller Prep, Ben, who is himself orthodox, was elected twice the President of Hillel at Baruch College. He also served as a student Board of Directors member of the Baruch College Association. Every Summer, Ben hosts a group of 50 college students on a free tour of Israel through the Birthright Foundation Organization, where he produced film and video of the trip for Birthright’s website. When not at Kweller Prep, Ben enjoys learning how to play musical instruments such as the piano and guitar.

Kweller Prep Tutor Calvin

CALVIN attends Hunter College, where he is majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Theatre Arts. At Hunter, Calvin maintains a 4.0 GPA. He graduated from the Bronx High School of Science in 2017, with a score of 2060/2400 on the SAT while taking a wide range of AP courses such as Comparative Government and Politics, English Language and Composition, Environmental Science, Psychology, World History, English Composition, and Literature. Outside of the classroom, he volunteered for the Bronx Science Key Club, a student club focused on improving the community through volunteer service and competed on the Track and Field team that won the Bronx borough championship three years in a row. At Bronx Science, Calvin began to tutor fellow students in regents history and math courses. He started working at Kweller Prep as a tutor in his senior year of high school. He now has nearly 4 years of experience at Kweller Prep, where he has taught classes in the US History Regents, the Algebra 2 and Trigonometry Regents, the Algebra 1 Common Core Regents, the SHSAT, and the Hunter College High School Entrance exam. Calving has also taught the ELA and Math prep courses at Kweller prep. In this role, he received many compliments from parents regarding the detailed essay feedback he provided. Fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese, Calvin has also worked closely with neighborhood immigrant students to assist in their academic success. When not at Kweller Prep, he can be found enjoying scenic walks through New York City or at a local running track.

Kweller Prep Tutor Camilla

CAMILLA attends Columbia University, planning to major in Financial Economics. She attended the Baccalaureate School for Global Education where she participated in the rigorous IB diploma program and graduated as the Valedictorian of her class. In addition to this, Camilla was awarded as a National Hispanic Recognition Scholar, a National Merit Scholarship Commended Student, a Brown’s Citizenship and Scholastic Endeavors award recipient, and recently obtained a National Piano Guild High School Diploma in Music. Outside of school, Camilla has attended law classes for high school students at Columbia University, taken business and computer science classes at NYU, and participated in the Harvard Debate summer program. Additionally, she volunteered at a middle school where she taught students entrepreneurial skills. At her high school, she participated in the school’s varsity soccer team, managed the school basketball team, wrote in the school newspaper, founded an after-school sewing club, and participated in student government. Since her freshman year in high school, Camilla has worked with Ecuador’s Rotary Club microcredit program to help provide small loans to individuals looking to begin their own venture. Along with this, she has shadowed investors at Morgan Stanley and worked closely with traders and financial analysts at AllianceBernstein prior to starting her first year in college. Camilla spent two summers at Kweller to prepare for the SAT and received a 1530/1600 along with a 780/800 on the Math II Subject Test. Now a tutor at Kweller Prep, Camilla teaches SAT classes and is available to teach private sessions in numerous subjects.

Kweller Prep Tutor Chen

Chen attends Harvard Medical School. Chen is one of the most senior tutors at Kweller Prep, having taught privately and in group classes for the past 6 years. He graduated summa cum laude from Columbia University with a B.A. in Biochemistry. Prior to graduation, he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and received full honors in the biological sciences from his degree-conferring department. At Harvard Med, he is the founder and director of the Harvard Human Rights Collaborative, a student-run clinic, and he serves as a class representative. Chen is the Vice President of the Asian Pacific-American Medical Students Association and staffing director of the Crimson Care Collaborative, a multi-institutional student-faculty medical practice. Additionally, he is one of the four recipients of the Harvard Medical School National Award Scholarship in his class. Chen will be pursuing a dual MD-MBA degree from Harvard. He dreams of becoming a physician entrepreneur and is particularly interested in medical device development. Chen also entered Harvard with an extensive research background, having published in 4 journals, and worked 2 years as a clinical research coordinator at Mount Sinai, and 4 years as a researcher at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Notably, in terms of test-taking, Chen achieved a 40 on his MCAT, placing him nationally at 99.98 percentile, scored a 239/240 on his GRE (99%), and 2370/2400 on the SAT I as well as perfect 800/800 on his Math II, Chemistry, Biology and US History SAT II Subject Tests. Chen received a perfect score of 5/5 on all of his AP exams, including BC Calculus, Biology, and US History. Chen has developed expertise preparing students for the Hunter Entrance Exam, and he particularly excels at teaching students for the Hunter Essay. In his free time, he enjoys running marathons, backpacking, and playing the classical piano, which he has played for over fourteen years.

Kweller Prep Tutor Ciarra

CIARA attends Middlebury College in Vermont where she works as a certified EMT and an Introductory Chemistry lab teaching assistant. Ciara is on a Pre-medical track with a major in Neuroscience and a minor in Spanish. She is the treasurer of Women in Medicine and Active Minds and was placed on Middlebury College’s scholar’s list for last semester. She graduated from Townsend Harris High School in 2018 with a 4.0 GPA, where she was the editor-in-chief of its award-winning and student-funded literary and arts magazine, The Phoenix, which was named number one in New York State the year she graduated. Her senior year course load included three AP exams (Macroeconomics, Calculus BC, and Spanish Language) and three college classes at Queens College. This is Ciara’s second year teaching the SAT at Kweller Prep. Ciara is a gifted instructor, able to put all her students’ minds at ease as she meticulously explains each and every question. On her own SAT she received a total score of 1560/1600 broken down into 790/800 on the Mathematics section, a 770/800 on the Reading and Grammar section, and a 23/24 on the essay section. This June, Ciara worked as an Emergency Medical Technician in Vermont, funded by a grant she was awarded by her school. When not at Kweller Prep, Ciara can be found reading a book in a grassy area or napping in a hammock.

Kweller Prep Tutor Dan

DAN graduated from medical school with honors at the University of Buffalo. He has been placed into residency at placement into Obstetrics and Gynecology residency in March 2019. He was one of the original tutors for Kweller Prep and has taught a wide variety of Math, Science, and Placement exam courses. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Hunter College in 2015 with a major in Biochemistry and Minor in Mathematics. During that time he taught college level science courses for the University as well as the MCAT. He also participated and presented at multiple research conventions for a project that created biologic chelators for chemotherapy drugs. For these efforts, he was awarded the highest Research Honors at Hunter College – Raab Presidential Fellowship Award. In 2015 he was accepted to multiple medical schools and decided to attend the University of Buffalo School of Medicine on a merit based scholarship. Throughout his time in Buffalo, he placed in the top quintile for all clinical rotations. He also was one of the founders of UBHEALS, a medical outreach program that offers medical care to the homeless population in Buffalo (See more at and was awarded the AOA Leadership Award. In addition, he has conducted research for the Neurosurgery department that attempted to decrease post-stroke intracranial swelling by non-surgical means. We are so proud to add that Dan was an SAT student Kweller Prep throughout his junior year (11th grade) at FHHS. During that time, he raised his score by over 300 points and graduated among the top at Forest Hills. He then took a job as a math tutor at Kweller Prep, working weekends and late evenings throughout his years at Kweller Prep. He was missed while away at Medical School and we are so excited to have him back to teach advanced math and sciences until June 2019. Dan successfully finished all his coursework in medical school, interviewed across America for residency and is awaiting his placement June 2019. His goals are to complete a residency in ObGyn and then pursue a fellowship in Gynecology Oncology.

Kweller Prep Tutor Daniel

Daniel graduated from the Johns Hopkins University and from Hunter College High School. He attended Hopkins on a full scholarship, with degrees in Chemistry and Molecular/Cellular Biology. He was placed on Dean’s List for every semester while completing his studies, and was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa honors society during his senior year of college. At Hopkins, Daniel was able to work in several research labs, contributing to research on Parkinson’s disease and cancer cytopathology, and his work has been published in several publications, including Nature Medicine and Anticancer Research. In addition, he served as a lead editor in the student-run public health journal Epidemic Proportions and served on the board of a music-based community service group called Musicare. He graduated from Hunter College High School. Daniel scored a 2390/2400 on the SAT I, as well as a perfect 800 on the Math IIC and Chemistry SAT II’s, and a 760 on the Biology SAT II. He received a perfect 5/5 on the Chemistry and U.S. History AP exams. Daniel took a number of advanced courses at Hunter, including Organic Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Psychology, and AP BC Calculus. Daniel has also been named a Jack Kent Cooke College Scholar, a National Merit finalist, a Questbridge College Match Scholarship Recipient, and a member of the Study of Exceptional Talent at Johns Hopkins University. Daniel also attended the Johns Hopkins CTY program for 5 years, and achieved a 2250 on the SAT in 7th grade, which was ranked number 1 in New York State for the children that took the SAT for CTY. Daniel was a member of the Boys’ Varsity Swimming team at Hunter, and also loves playing classical music on the piano and clarinet, for which he receives training at the Manhattan School of Music, and the guitar for his church band. This is Daniel’s fifth year at Kweller Prep, and has experience tutoring for the SAT I, SAT II’s, the SHSAT, and the Hunter Entrance Exam. Daniel has taught students for the Hunter Exam at both Kweller Queens and Manhattan, He was also one of the most requested SAT tutors at Kweller Prep, with a waitlist to get into his summer camp class.

Kweller Prep Tutor Danny B.

DANIEL B. is currently enrolled at Adelphi University. Specifically, he is in the Honors College, majoring in biology. Daniel is part of a 7-year accelerated dental program with NYU, which will place him at NYU Dental School upon successful completion at Adelphi. Daniel received a 100% full scholarship to Adelphi, in large part due to his excellent academic performance on his SATS and high school GPA. Daniel was a student at Kweller Prep throughout high school. After studying for an entire summer at Kweller Prep, he earned a 1500/1600 on his SATS. Daniel graduated Forest Hills High School at the top of his class with a 4.0 GPA and even got the Principal’s recommendation! Now, Daniel is interning at a prestigious high-tech dental office that uses 3D printing to perform unparalleled dental care. Daniel is thriving in Adelphi University, taking courses like Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, all on top of his required Honors courses. Daniel enjoys playing sports like volleyball and table tennis. He also enjoys traveling the world. Daniel has journeyed to Russia, Poland, Israel, Czechoslovakia, Canada, and Mexico. When he is not tutoring at Kweller, Daniel is a Kweller Prep student, born-and-raised student-tutor and is proud to be a member of our Kweller Prep Family for many years already.

Kweller Prep Tutor Dasha

DASHA is an alumni of Hunter College High School, who graduated in 2017 and is currently on full scholarship attending the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College pursuing a double major in Political Philosophy and Russian Studies and Translation. Dasha scored a 1580/1600 on her SAT, nationally placing her in the 99th percentile. Throughout her high school years, she was a diligent student involved in many extracurriculars as well as a committed athlete. She was the President of 365, a club that provided for children in need internationally, volunteered at the Staten Island University Hospital, and pioneered PSAL Badminton across all NYC in her freshman year. In her senior year, she received an award from PSAL for her contribution in creating a sport that is now in schools across all five boroughs of NYC, as well as her leadership as a captain, assisting in her school’s championship win in 2017. She received full credit on both of her AP Calculus and Spanish and has a perfect scores on the Math 2 and Spanish SAT subject tests. She had also applied to and was accepted to Staten Island Technical High School and Stuyvesant, yet chose to remain at Hunter. At Kweller Prep, she tutors both private sessions and group classes primarily for the Hunter exam, SAT, SHSAT, ISEE, Regents, State Tests, Subject Tests, etc.

Kweller Prep Tutor David

DAVID is a bright and ambitious 3rd year at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He was born and raised in New York City and graduated from Stuyvesant High School with General Honors, Mastery in Math and Mastery in Science. While at Stuy, David excelled in all of his classes and was able to take a wide range of AP classes including Physics B, Calculus BC, Computer Science, Macroeconomics, Microeconomic and Comparative Government, scoring 4’s and 5’s on all the exams. He scored a 2310 on his SAT and a 760 and 800 on the Physics and Math Level II subject tests, respectively. David was an enthusiastic member and coordinator of the Stuyvesant Model UN team. At graduation, he won the school’s highest award in photography for his work in his core tech classes. David attended the University of Chicago for his undergraduate education where he graduated with general honors while dual majoring in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry. During his junior and senior year he worked as a teaching assistant in Biological Chemistry, Bioinformatics and Proteomics, and Mathematical Modeling in Biology, teaching laboratory sessions, giving comprehensive review lectures and hosting open office hours. He also tutored neighborhood high school students at the prestigious University of Chicago Laboratory Schools in AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP US History, and AP Computer Science. During college, David took up dancing ballet and spent 4 years taking biweekly ballet classes and dancing in the school’s performances. Currently, David is pursuing his dream of applying his science education in the practical, compassionate realm of medicine. When he’s not preparing for his next week on the wards, you can find David keeping in shape on the squash court or enjoying the live music of his favorite New York City bands and artists.

Kweller Prep Tutor Diana

Diana attends Stony Brook University as a Biochemistry major. She is on a pre-medical track. In her first semester, she took Calculus 2, Physics, Molecular Biology (Molecular Organisms), Chemistry IB 1, and will take Biology with a microorganism focus and Chemistry IB 2 next semester. Diana is a part of the Pink Gloves Boxing Club at Stony Brook. Diana graduated from the Bronx High School of Science, class of 2019. She scored a 1460/1600 on her SAT and took several Advanced Placement courses in high school. She took Epidemiology, Coding, AP Language & Composition, AP Literature Traditional, AP Chemistry, AP Psychology, and AP Calculus AB. Diana took many challenging classes at Bronx Science, including research literature and coding. Diana resides in Queens and attended Our Lady of the Angelus Catholic Academy. She is fluent in Romanian and English and is proficient in Spanish. Throughout her high school career, Diana was a part of the varsity co-ed wrestling team, called the Bronx Science Wolverines which became three-time city champions. She wrestled competitively and managed the team. This resulted in her building great leadership and managerial skills. Outside of school, Diana volunteered at Elmhurst Hospital and gained experience in the operating room tending to OR holding room responsibilities and looking in on surgeries including removal of tumors and laparoscopic procedures. She also learned what the role of an anesthesiologist entails. In addition to volunteering at the hospital, Diana is also a class tutor and homework grader at Kweller Prep. She has tutored students for the Grade 5 ELA State Exams, SHSAT, Hunter High School entrance exam test, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 & Trigonometry, Middle and Upper-Level ISEE Exam. Diana is a longtime student at Kweller Prep. She attended Kweller Prep the summer before she started 8th grade in preparation for the SHSAT. Diana attended Kweller Prep throughout high school and participated in our SAT classes and college interviews. When not at Kweller Prep, Diana goes to the gym- she participates in mixed martial arts, including jiu-jitsu, Tai Kwon Do and kickboxing.

Kweller Prep Tutor Elaine

ELAINE is a senior at Queens High School for the Sciences at York College, the only specialized high school in Queens. There, she has a 98.64/100 unweighted GPA. She received a 1510/1600 on the SAT, 800/800 on the Math II SAT 2, and 710/800 on the United States History SAT 2. Elaine dedicated the summer after tenth grade to Kweller’s SAT prep. She currently takes AP Physics C, AP Calculus BC, Honors Government and Economics, and a college level English class. Over the course of her high school years, Elaine has taken a total of seven AP Courses, including AP United States History, AP Macroeconomics, AP Statistics, AP English Language and Composition, and AP World History, in addition to two courses at York College. At school, Elaine is the Public Forum Captain of the Speech and Debate Team, Vice President of Student Government, Founder and President of Future Business Leaders of America, Treasurer of Key Club, and the Senior Representative in the School Leadership Team. She was also part of the Varisty Girls Swim Team for two years and has competed in the 2017 and 2018 Physics Bowls representing her school. During her summer, Elaine interned at Catalyst Inc., a global nonprofit organization that works with the world’s most powerful CEOs and leading companies to advocate diversity and inclusion in workplaces. Currently, Elane works as an SHSAT tutor at Kweller Prep every Sunday. Both her younger twin siblings attend Kweller’s SHSAT prep classes now (but are taught by tutors Nina and Mo). We are thrilled to update Elaine’s bio to add that she received a 100% full college scholarship offer after applying to the JP Morgan Smart Start and first learned of this scholarship from her SAT tutor Tamir. In her free time, Elaine enjoys playing volleyball and is learning to become a ballroom dancer.

Kweller Prep Tutor Elaine

ELAINE is a senior at The Brearley School and was accepted Early Decision to the University of Pennsylvania Class of 2024. At UPenn, Elaine plans on majoring in Biology and will be on the pre-medical track, and plans to minor in Africana Studies. At Brearley, Elaine is on the Varsity Field Hockey team, and is the captain of Brearley’s Varsity Dance team. She also participates in Mock Trial, and is the head of the Brearley Environmental Action Committee. She is also a member of the Advanced Science Research Seminar, and has taken courses in Chemistry and Neuroscience as part of the John’s Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth. Elaine has taken three AP exams independently thus far (her school does not offer the AP-designated classes), including the AP US History exam, the AP Biology exam, and the AP English Literature exam. She scored a 1520/1600 on the SAT, placing her in the top 99th percentile of test takers. She also took the Biology SAT II exam, which she scored a 770/800 on. Elaine graduated from Anderson Middle School and proudly attended Kweller Prep during her last year of elementary school to prepare for Anderson’s entrance test. She’s excited to share her journey with the next generation of kids at Kweller Prep, both as a tutor, mentor, and role model. Elaine is fluent in English and Hebrew, and is proficient in Georgian. Outside of school, Elaine loves to dance, play the piano, and hang out with friends in new and upcoming coffee shops in her hometown of Forest Hills.

Kweller Prep Tutor Fatiha

FATIHA attends NYU Tandon’s School of Engineering and is double majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering under a Tandon scholarship. This merit scholarship covers $34,000 per year in Fatiha’s tuition. During her first semester at Tandon, Fatiha had received a nomination for Tandon’s “Nick Russo Award” (to be presented in September 2020) for her work on a Mars Rover Robot project completed in the the first year EG-UY 1003 Introduction to Engineering course. At NYU, Fatiha participates in activities such as NYU’s Robotics Design Team, specifically in the electrical department, in order to work with team members to create a robot which competes in NASA’s RMC Lunabotics Competition every year. She also participates in NYU’s Muslim Student Association, MSA, which aims to educate others of southeast Asian culture and spread values of tolerance and diversity in the student body. Fatiha’s coursework includes: Introduction to Python, Introduction to Engineering, the Technology and Engineering Forum, Integrated Calculus 1, and Expository Writing: Writing the Essay for the fall semester of her freshman year. In the spring semester Fatiha will be taking Data Structures and Algorithms in Python, Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics: Mechanics, Calculus 2, and Expository Writing: the Advanced College Essay. Fatiha graduated from the Bronx High School of Science in 2019, having taken 7 AP courses: AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP English Language and Composition, AP US History, AP English Literature, AP Calculus AB, and AP Microeconomics. In high school, she had also taken four SAT subject tests: Chemistry, Math 2, Physics, and Literature. Fatiha had also received a 1510/1600 on her SAT, placing her in the 99th percentile of test takers. In high school, Fatiha participated in a variety of activities and extracurriculars. During her first year in high school, Fatiha participated in Bronx Science’s Speech and Debate as a member of the dramatic speech division. Fatiha had also participated in Bronx Science’s all-girls Robotics Team FeMaidens (Iron Maidens) where her interest in engineering blossomed while she worked alongside her peers in the Mechanical Department to create a robot that would later compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition. In her time in robotics, her team had gone to the international championships in Detroit two years in a row and had accumulated FIRST awards such as the Inspiration in Engineering award, the Spirit award, the Entrepreneurship award, and the NYC Regional Championship award. Fatiha had also participated in Bronx Science’s Starving Artist Society, which aimed to provide the student body with a relaxing and creative environment to practice their art in various mediums, and she had also volunteered at a local clinic for three years. Through her time in robotics in both high school and college, Fatiha has had the opportunity to help mentor both middle schoolers and high schoolers in not only in their competitive pursuits in FIRST but also in their academic pursuits. She has also served as math tutor to her friends, friends’ younger siblings, and her younger sister all throughout high school. During high school, Fatiha had also experienced the stress and anxiety associated with high level academics and college preparation. She researched and implemented healthy mechanisms to help cope with these anxieties such as yoga, journaling, keeping up with hobbies, and getting the proper amount of sleep. As a former student of Kweller Prep’s SAT program, the test prep which Fatiha had participated in had helped her prepare for college admissions process through helping her improve her test taking abilities, gain confidence in her test-taking abilities, and engage with the instructors to learn more about getting into her dream schools and how to do well on college. Though Kweller Prep, she had also gained strategies for studying in an organized and effective manner. She continues to implement those organizational skills in college today. Fatiha’s hobbies include: reading, writing, drawing, and watching technology and space documentaries on Netflix.

Kweller Prep Tutor Famin

FAMIN is a senior at Hunter College. His family is from Bangladesh. Famin was born and raised in New York City. He attended The Bronx High School of Science before ultimately transferring to and graduating from Stuyvesant High School. Famin took the SHSAT twice. He scored so well that he placed into specialized high schools two times, getting in to the two of the highest-rated schools in NYC. While at Stuy, Famin excelled in all of his classes and was able to take a wide range of AP classes including Calculus BC, Psychology, World history, Chemistry, and English scoring 4’s and 5’s on all the exams. He scored a 1500 on his SAT. During Famin’s time at Stuyvesant, he was an active member of the Key Club. Famin was also an active member of his Bengali community and participated in many fundraisers, charity events, and educational programs for kids. He was an active member of his school’s performances. Throughout his three years at Stuyvesant high school he would learn to dance and perform for his entire school. He considers his favorite experiences from Stuyvesant are when he would perform for the school. He believes performing for people is one of the funnest thing you can do, he thanks Stuyvesant for his love of performance. He graduated from Stuyvesant high school with an overall gpa of 93.4%, making him one of the top students in his year. In college he wants to continue his study of chemistry in college. In high school he learned from taking his AP chemistry class that he had a passion for chemistry and he hopes to become a chemical engineer. He also loves math and any science he considers these his best subjects. Before teaching at Kweller Prep, Famin taught teaching common core state test material for 4th and 5th graders at another prep center. Famin has taught students in Regents Algebra 1, Geometry, and Chemistry. Famin is good friends with Roza, a longtime student and now tutor at Kweller Prep. When not at Kweller Prep, Famin enjoys exploring new restaurants in the city and eating food from around the world.

Kweller Prep Owner Frances Kweller

FRANCES is the founder of Kweller Preparation Tutoring and Educational Services, Inc. Her company was featured in the New York Times, the New York Post, Noticias, Russian Ladies World, and CityBizList, to name a few. Kweller Prep was designed with Frances’ desire to help students reach their academic goals. Her dream was to build a learning academy, which became a reality nearly 15 years ago. Her initial vision became what is now famously known as Kweller Prep, a New York City based supplemental learning program designed to proactively help kids get ahead. The flagship location, now 6,200 square feet, is located in the heart of Forest Hills, in the very same community where Frances grew up. Raised in a 1-bedroom apartment, Frances struggled to find “study-space” and aspired to create a learning center that would double as a second home for students like herself in order to prepare for rigorous exams. Frances graduated from Hofstra University School of Law and passed the NYS bar exam on her first try. While in law school, Frances interned at the New York City Supreme Court under the Honorable Judge Martin Ritholtz and in Family Court. She also worked at an immigration law firm, Zhang and Associates, where she assisted foreign students with applying for National Interest Waivers, helping these bright minds enter the United States to attend prestigious graduate schools and PHD programs. Frances took a variety of classes in education law and education reform while in law school. She also tutored students privately and in small groups all throughout her years in college and law school. Frances graduated, cum laude, from New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education. She served as social chair of Hillel at NYU. In this role, she was responsible for planning over two dozen student events per year and led NYU college campus tours for newly admitted and prospective students. Frances graduated from the Mentor Law Program at Cardozo High School. There, she served as the captain of her high school’s Mock Trial Team, played varsity volleyball, and wrote for the school paper, The Verdict. Frances graduated with a 97.2/100 average, placing her at the top 5% of her graduating class. She completed two years of Advanced Placement English and Advanced Placement Spanish, scoring a 5/5 on each exam. Her AP and College Level courses gave her 16 transferable credits, allowing her to graduate from NYU one full semester early. Frances is the proud only child of immigrants, and she is fluent in Russian and Spanish. Today, her company Kweller Prep has serviced thousands of students, employs nearly hand-picked 100 tutors, and has over twenty exam-specific textbooks sold on Amazon. Kweller Prep is a 100% government-certified women-owned business (WBE) and an NYC Department of Education Vendor. Kweller Prep is a success story; a program fueled by thousands of families looking to help their children succeed. Frances Kweller is proud to be a part of the American Dream and very grateful for her education, her young family (two beautiful girls), and her role in helping others reach their academic goals.

Kweller Prep Tutor Farib

FARIB graduated from Macaulay Honors College, on a full academic scholarship. At Macaulay, Farib is double majoring in both Computer Science and Mathematics and minoring in Economics. He is currently taking computer architecture, differential equations, linear algebra, and algorithms. Farib’s Macaulay scholarship includes a free Macbook Pro, a free 2 -year Manhattan dorm, $7,500 for study abroad opportunities, priority class registration times and many other rewarding perks for his merit-based achievement. Farib has consistently placed on the Dean’s list at Macaulay since his freshman year, with a current 3.94/4.0 GPA Farib aspires to work in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. On the college campus, Farib is a student leader as well. He serves as the President of Macaulay’s Chess Club, Treasurer of the National Association for Computing Machinery, and a two-year lineman of Intramural Football. Farib has a 1600+ chess score, placing him among the top quarter of chess players in the nation. Farib graduated from Stuyvesant High School, with a 92.6/100 GPA. In terms of school leadership, Farib was the head of five student clubs at Stuyvesant: Model UN, Varsity Football, Math Team, Arista, and Chess Club. He also played Ultimate Frisbee at Stuy for two years. Farib has worked as a Stuyvesant student peer tutor through Arista’s Honor Society and a paid tutor for eight years, the last three of which have been spent with our wonderful team here at Kweller Prep. During his time at Stuyvesant, Farib has taken the following Advanced classes and exams: AP Computer Science, AP Calculus BC, AP World History, AP U.S. History, A.P. Macroeconomics, A.P. Microeconomics, and A.P. Physics C – receiving a 5/5 on all of them except for AP World History, for which he received a 4/4. On his SATs, Farib scored a 2210/2400, a 35/36 on his ACTs, placing him in the 99% percentile. Farib also scored an 800/800 on both his US History and an 800/800 on the Math 2 SAT II Exams. Farib scored a 740/800 on his Physics SAT II Exam. Farib is an expert tutor on the SHSAT, ISEE, ACT, and SHSAT, with years of experience with each test. Farib speaks Bengali and is proficient in Italian. Farib is the younger brother of Mo Khan, who is one of Kweller’s expert SHSAT and Hunter exam tutors as well. When not at Kweller, Farib goes to Equinox gym in midtown, where he also works part-time as a certified personal trainer and fitness coach.

Kweller Prep Tutor Fazeel

FAZEEL is a third year (M3) medical student at the CUNY School of Medicine in NYC. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences from the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at the City College of New York. He was awarded the David Levine and Ruth Garfinkel Award of Excellence during his undergraduate years for academic excellence. In 2016, he received the Rudin Fellowship to research key enzymes in the DNA repair pathway, which would potentially have cancer therapy targets. Fazeel has also spent several summers in the lab at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, where he worked with researchers to better understand the mechanism of various neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS. Fazeel was the president of the Health Professional Recruitment and Exposure Program (HPREP) at the CUNY School of Medicine, which exposes high school students to what life is like in medical school. His volunteer work includes work with the American Cancer Society for over 5 years, where he organized a multitude of events, including Relay for Life and Making Strides. Fazeel graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School, where he was a Biological Science Major. He scored a 2230/2400 on his SAT’s, 34/36 on his ACT’s, 800/800 on his Math II SAT II’s, 780/800 on his Biology E/M SAT II’s. He received a 5/5 on all of his AP’s including World History, Biology, US History, Writing Composition, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics. Fazeel was also one of 42 students nationally to receive a perfect score on the AP Macroeconomics. Fazeel is a certified EMT in the state of NY and works with a volunteer EMS group several times a month. Fazeel serves as a recruiter of top and talented high school students at Sophie Davis. He and served as an admissions counselor at H-PREP, where he personally mentored students on how exactly to take patient blood pressure and taught them how to take a patient history. Fazeel is trilingual; he speaks English, Spanish, and Urdu. Fazeel is a senior level tutor at Kweller Prep, and has taught the Hunter Program, SHSAT, SAT, and helped with college essays for the past four years. His younger brother, Zaid, who is at Stonybrook BSMD +4, is also gainfully employed at Kweller Prep on weekends. Fazeel has taught a the Hunter and SHSAT classes at Kweller Prep for four years. When not at Kweller Prep, Fazeel plays way too many video games; Fortnite is his favorite.

Kweller Prep Tutor Gabby

Gabby is a junior at St. John’s University, where she is majoring in Speech Pathology/ Audiology. She is pursuing a career in Audiology and dreams of going to audiology graduate school to earn her AuD. She grew up in Rego Park, Queens and graduated from Forest Hills High School where she took AP Psychology and was part of the theater program all four years. Currently Gabby is maintaining a 3.97/4.0 GPA at St. John’s and is involved in the Speech and Hearing Association for her major, is an inductee in the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) and is part of the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society. She has previous work experience at the NYC School Construction Authority where she was a summer intern in the Architecture and Engineering departments, as well as volunteered summer of 2018 at the Speech and Hearing clinic affiliated with St John’s University. She is a very passionate activist for animal rights/abuse and loves music, film, science and the arts. When she has free time, she enjoys attending concerts, hanging out with friends, writing movie reviews and traveling.


Kweller Prep Tutor Jackie

JACKIE is currently a third-year medical student (M3) at the CUNY School of Medicine, aspiring to be a surgeon. CUNY School of Medicine is in association with the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education, in which only 7% of applicants are accepted into this accelerated BS/MD program. As a part of Sophie Davis, Jackie received her bachelor’s degree in three years, rather than four, with a major in Biomedical sciences and a minor in Psychology. Following graduation, she immediately matriculated into the CUNY School of Medicine. Presently, Jackie is a member of the American Medical Student Association, Association of American Medical Colleges, and American Medical Women’s Association, as well as participate in organizing events throughout my school’s community as acting secretary of Biomedicus 2021. Furthermore, she volunteers helping children who participate in Achilles Kids and has volunteered consistently as a medical volunteer with the New York Marathon. In addition to partaking in on-campus and off-campus events, Jackie is also conducting research under the supervision of Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh, a distinguished professor at both Cornell University and CUNY School of Medicine, the acting Chair of Surgery at St. Barnabas Hospital, and a world renown urologist. Collectively, they hope to publish multiple literature reviews in the fall in preparation for the composition of the first men’s health report for America. Prior to Sophie Davis, Jackie attended St. Francis Prep high school. At St. Francis Prep, Jackie participated in the Science Research program, in which she designed and administered her own study alongside faculty at the Teachers College of Columbia University. In Jackie’s senior year, she was selected as a semifinalist in the Junior Mathematics, Science and Humanities Symposium, in addition to participating in the NYC Science and Engineering Fair Preliminary Round. Throughout high school, Jackie was enrolled in AP Calculus, AP Literature and Composition, AP European History, AP English in Language and Composition, AP US History, and AP World History. She scored a 4 or 5 on each of her AP exams. She graduated in the top 11th percentile of her class in 2014. Jackie has been an SAT tutor at Kweller Prep for the past five years. She has worked at Kweller prep consistently, each and every semester, including winter and summer breaks. Jackie is extremely comfortable preparing students for the high-stakes entrance exams and looks forward to starting a new year with the bright and dedicated students of Kweller Prep. When not at Kweller Prep, Jackie enjoys swimming with her brother, running, and spending quality time with her twin sister, Katie.

Kweller Prep Tutor James

JAMES attends the University of Chicago and plans to major in Biological Sciences. He graduated from Hunter College High School in 2019 with an SAT score of 1580/1600 and an ACT score of 36/36. His SAT and ACT scores nationally place him in the 99th percentile. While at Hunter High School, he took several AP classes, including Biology, Spanish, Computer Science, and BC Calculus, receiving a 5/5 on each of them. He also took and excelled in Medical Physiology, described as on par with a first-year medical school class, and Modernism & Post-Modernism in American Literature. He was captain of the boys’ varsity fencing team, leading them to second place in New York City. He was president of the GO, Hunter’s student government and conducted research on Candida Auris, an emerging fungal pathogen, for two summers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He investigated the effects of sublethal fluconazole exposure on differential gene expression of CDR-1 and ERG11, concluding the increased drug resistance of the fungus cannot be correlated with increased expression of either of the genes. He received perfect scores on the three subject tests he took: Biology E, Chemistry, and Math Level II. James also received several awards at Hunter High School, including the Gloria Fleischer Cohen Award for moral maturity and leadership with the welfare of others in mind. James attended Kweller Prep in preparation for the Hunter High School entrance exam and helped tutor his younger brother, who currently goes to Regis High School. He volunteers regularly with the New York City Parks Department and while not tutoring at Kweller, James likes to read and eat his way around New York.

Kweller Prep Tutor Jannatul

JANNATUL attends the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College on the pre-medical track double majoring in Economics and Psychology and minoring in Interdisciplinary Studies of NYC with a 4.0 GPA. At Macaulay Hunter, Jannatul has taken courses such as Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology. She is a Horace W. Goldsmith Scholar and a John P. McNulty Scholar, receiving $7500 from Macaulay and $12,000 from Hunter for study abroad and research opportunities. Jannatul is an intern at the Jarvis Lab at Rockefeller University and does research on the neurophysiology of mouse vocalizations. She conducts EMG experiments and does behavioral analysis on volitional control of mouse singing patterns. Jannatul is also a volunteer in the Maternity Postpartum Unit at New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell and the Teen and Young Adult Program at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Jannatul is a scholar at the Geraldine E. Thompson program at Columbia University Medical Center, gaining free resources medical school applications after being recognized for her merit. Jannatul continues to work with the American Museum of Natural History, serving as a Research Ambassador for current high school students. Jannatul graduated from Stuyvesant High School while also maintaining a 4.0 GPA. At Stuyvesant, she participated in the National Honors Society and the Science Olympiad. She scored a 34/36 on the ACT and a 1540/1600 on the SAT. At Stuyvesant, she took AP Biology, Chemistry, World History, US History, US Government, Comparative Government, English Language and Composition, and Spanish Language. She received 4/5 and 5/5 on all of her AP exams. Jannatul participated in the After School Program, Saltz Internship, and Science Research Mentoring Program at the American Museum of Natural History and conducted research with Columbia University Ph.D. candidates where she became a Pinkerton Scholar. Jannatul has 6 years of previous experience with private tutoring, specializing in SHSAT, Regents, and Common Core prep. She has done tutoring sessions both one on one and in classroom settings. In her free time, Jannatul likes to practice film photography, read books, and discover new places in New York City!

Kweller Prep Tutor Jeff

We are thrilled to have Jeff, an LSAT group instructor, private LSAT tutor, and Law School Admissions and Application Consultant with over 10 years of experience teaching the Kweller Queens LSAT course again this summer. Born and raised in Forest Hills, Jeff attended Hunter College High School before majoring in English at Binghamton University. After acing his LSAT, he attended NYU School of Law and then worked as a litigator for 8 years. Because he always enjoyed teaching, Jeff began tutoring for the SAT in 2006 and then the LSAT in 2008. Jeff found he was a natural, and went on to teach over 30 full-length LSAT courses for various companies and tutored hundreds of students privately at every level. He even tutored Neha Mehta personally, raising her LSAT score over 10 points in one summer. What makes Jeff such a great LSAT teacher is his ability to breakdown questions and answers in ways that every student can understand, thereby reinforcing key ideas and patterns and allowing students to apply those concepts on every LSAT test. Not content with simply helping students master the LSAT, Jeff decided to put his writing and editing skills to work by also becoming a Law School Admissions and Application Consultant in 2009. In this role, he helps students craft applications and personal statements that best highlight each student’s individual strengths. Jeff’s students have gone on to schools such as: Stanford Law, NYU Law, Harvard Law, U Penn Law, Northwestern Law, Vanderbilt Law, and Georgetown Law. On a personal note, Jeff is a musician and in his spare time records original rock music (see: He also served as a volunteer lawyer for the arts and artists as well. Multi-talented, articulate, and knowledgeable on every type of LSAT question ever created, Jeff will serve as an excellent LSAT tutor at Kweller Prep Queens this summer.

Kweller Prep Tutor Jenna Marie

JENNA MARIE recently graduated from Hunter College with a major in English/Linguistics and a double minor in Psychology and Music and is currently preparing for graduate study in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. She completed her studies at Hunter College with a 3.9 GPA, highest honors in her major, and Magna Cum Laude. She also graduated as part of the prestigious and exclusive Thomas Hunter Scholar Cohort. She received the Muse Scholar Art Scholarship for her various work in opera and theatre arts, including her leadership in her chapter of the Tri-M National Music Honors Society and a featured interview in the “Dear Carnegie Hall” series on the Carnegie Hall website. Prior to attending Hunter, she attended Staten Island Technical High School- one of the specialized high schools that were ranked 4th best High School in New York offers an array of AP classes and rigorous coursework. Jenna Marie was an employee at the New York Public Library which further enhanced her love for literature, as well as a manager/event planner at the Hunter College Writing Center and a private swim instructor in Brooklyn. During her free time, she enjoys stage managing productions at her local theatre company and attending various artistic and cultural events offered in NYC. Jenna Marie has tutored for the past seven years, four of which have been at Kweller Prep. Shes taught SHSAT, Hunter, and SAT classes every semester since starting college. When not at Kweller Prep, Jenna Marie enjoys trying different burger joints around NYC.

JOANNA is a medical student at the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at the City College of New York. She is on a full academic scholarship, called the David Levine and Ruth Garfinkel Sophie Davis Scholarship. In 2017, she will be graduating with her Bachelors of Science degree a full year early. She will then move on to earn a medical degree from the newly accredited CUNY School of Medicine. Currently, she is a member of the City College of New York Chapter of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, as well as the National Society of Leadership and Success. Joanna graduated as Valedictorian of St. Demetrios High School, the only Greek American private high school in the United States, located in Astoria, Queens. Throughout high school, Joanna was a member of the Athenian Chapter of the National Honor Society. In her senior year she was accepted into all her top choice colleges, including: Macaulay Honors College at Hunter, NYU, and Cornell University. Joanna impressively graduated from her high school with 30 transferable college credits. Since the 11th grade, Joanna physically attended college classes and lectures at St. John’s University, Mercy College, and Long Island University. There, she took Calculus, U.S. History, Biology, Anthropology, and Psychology, in which she earned all A’s. Joanna also excelled at all of her NYS Regents Examinations. She scored above a 90 on each test, receiving the SMART NYS Regents Scholarship. Joanna scored a 98/100 in English and American History, and a perfect 100/100 in World History and Trigonometry; she also earned a 31/36 on her ACT. Joanna is fluent in Greek, and has performed at Hellenic Society fundraisers since childhood. When not at Kweller Prep, Joanna enjoys playing volleyball and Greek dancing.

Kweller Prep Tutor Joey

JOEY Lin is currently attending Baruch College, where she plans to pursue a career in Finance. Joey graduated from Townsend Harris High School with an Advanced Regents Diploma and AP Distinction Award for taking numerous AP and honors courses, maintaining a 4.0 GPA throughout her high school career. Joey took six AP classes: Calculus AB, Statistics, World History, Psychology, US History, and Macroeconomics, scoring 4s or 5s on all the exams. She also took college courses at Queens College her senior year at Townsend Harris and earned 12 college credits with As in these classes. Joey received one semester of transferable credits to Baruch College due to her high AP scores and college courses at Queens College. She scored a 1510/1600 on the new SAT exam and scored a perfect score of 800 on the Math 2 SAT Subject test. Additionally, Joey was part of the National Honor Society of ARISTA for three years of high school, wrote for the school’s newspaper The Classic, and participated in Festival of Nations. Outside of her academic achievements, Joey was on the flag football team for 3 years and received awards for her accomplishments on the team. Joey has taught the Common Core ELA/Math, Hunter HS, and SHSAT programs at Kweller Prep. She was hand-picked by several families to remain as a yearly ELA and and Math class teacher, helping her students go from a 2 to a 4 on their state tests. When not at Kweller Prep, Joey enjoys golfing, traveling, and spending time with her Pomeranian, Flash.

JOE is a 4th year dual MD/MBA student at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School. He graduated from Gretchen Whitney High School, a selective magnet school consistently ranked as the #1 high school in California and top 20 nationally by the US News & World Report. There, he took all honors and advanced placement classes, graduating as the valedictorian with a perfect 4.0 GPA. He also played sousaphone in the marching band, was an editor for the school newspaper, and won a gold medal representing the United States at the 43rd International Chemistry Olympiad. After high school, Joe attended Yale University. At Yale, he helped identify a pivotal process in the regulation of blood vessel growth and explored deficiencies in mental health care under the mentorship of investigative journalist Bob Woodward. He graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Biophysics & Biochemistry and was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa honor society. At Harvard Medical School, Joe served as president of the Asian Pacific-American Medical Students Association and excelled in all of his clinical rotations at the Massachusetts General Hospital. He has had extensive experience tutoring various subjects, serving on admissions committees and pre-medical advisory teams, and developing online educational curriculum. Joe scored above a 99th percentile on his MCAT and GRE, a perfect 2400/2400 on his SAT I, a perfect 36/36 on his ACT, a perfect 800/800 on all his SAT II subject tests (Math 2, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Chinese), and a perfect 5/5 on all 11 AP exams he took (Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics C, Calculus BC, Psychology, European History, US History, English Language and Composition, Spanish Language, and Human Geography). In his spare time, Joe enjoys hiking, cooking, playing basketball, and spending time with friends and family.

Kweller Prep Tutor John

JOHN is a medical student at the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at the City College of New York. He will receive his M.D. Degree as a part of the second graduating class of the CUNY School of Medicine. John has been a student leader since high school. He is the class president of the second year bio-med students at Sophie Davis, and directly organizes events for Sophie Davis Alumni. John is also one of seven key Narrative Medicine Facilitators, where he leads symposiums at both Columbia University and at Sophie Davis on the importance of the holistic approach in medicine. John graduated from Archbishop Molloy High School of Queens in the top 5% of his senior class. John was a member of Molloy’s chapter of the National Honor Society, as well as a recipient of the Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Award for student leadership. John served as a Campus Ministry Leader and a Peer Group Leader, giving him in-depth experience in mental health counseling. He scored perfect 5/5’s on both the AP Literature Exam and the AP Composition Exam. John excels in English and descriptive essay writing and has taught Kweller’s Hunter class for three years. John scored an overall 2120/ 2400 on his SAT’s, with a 760/800 in writing, a 730/800 in Reading, and a 630/800 in Mathematics. John volunteered at the Geriatrics Ward at Elmhurst Hospital for an impressive three straight years during the entirety of each high school year. at Elmhurst, John single-handedly revived the volunteer-patient feeding program at the ward. For his efforts, John received a letter of recommendation from the head of the Elmhurst Hospital Volunteer Department, which was sent to all the colleges he applied to. John has years of experience as chemistry and English tutor. He is a self-proclaimed English buff who enjoys writing, reading, and correcting people’s grammar. When not at Kweller Prep, JOHN is a second-year medical student at the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at the City College of New York. He will receive his M.D. Degree as a part of the second graduating class of the CUNY School of Medicine. John has been a student leader since high school. He is the class president of the second year bio-med students at Sophie Davis, and directly organizes events for Sophie Davis Alumni. John is also one of seven key Narrative Medicine Facilitators, where he leads symposiums at both Columbia University and at Sophie Davis on the importance of the holistic approach in medicine. John graduated from Archbishop Molloy High School of Queens in the top 5% of his senior class. John was a member of Molloy’s chapter of the National Honor Society, as well as a recipient of the Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Award for student leadership. John served as a Campus Ministry Leader and a Peer Group Leader, giving him in-depth experience in mental health counseling. He scored perfect 5/5’s on both the AP Literature Exam and the AP Composition Exam. John excels in English and descriptive essay writing and has taught Kweller’s Hunter class for three years. John scored an overall 2120/ 2400 on his SAT’s, with a 760/800 in writing, a 730/800 in Reading, and a 630/800 in Mathematics. John volunteered at the Geriatrics Ward at Elmhurst Hospital for an impressive three straight years during the entirety of each high school year. at Elmhurst, John single-hanhn enjoys playing Pokemon on his game boy. He hopes that, one day, he will “Catch ‘Em All.”

Kweller Prep Tutor Jonathan

JONATHAN is currently an Honors Program Senior at Boston University studying Accounting and Management Information Systems. He is on track to graduate with latin honors with a 3.6 cumulative GPA and a 3.8 major GPA. He graduated from Hunter College High School in 2016 and already has an offer from Ernst & Young (EY), a “Big 4” Professional Services firm, upon graduation from College. During his time at Boston University he served as the Vice President of the Korean Business Students Association as well as interning at a number of firms ranging from fast-paced hyper growth startups to established multi-national corporations. Jonathan has also served as a TA for Boston University’s introductory Accounting Course. In high school, Jonathan scored a 2250/2400 on the SATs as well as 750 on both Math 2C and Chemistry. Some of his extracurricular activities at Hunter included being a Math Teaching intern, an active member of the varsity lacrosse team, and secretary of the Christian Youth Fellowship. Jonathan began working at Kweller Prep his freshman year of college and is approaching his 6th cumulative year as a tutor for the Hunter exam.

Kweller Prep Tutor Josh

JOSH is a Junior at New York University pursuing a B.A in Computer Science. He graduated from Hunter College High School in 2016 with an SAT score of 2200/2400. While at Hunter, he took a number of AP classes, including AB Calculus, Psychology, and Computer Science. He was on Hunter’s varsity Badminton, Track, and Lacrosse team. Previously, Josh has volunteered at the FHVAC, his local volunteer ambulance corps. He was the Captain of the Youth Corps, teaching teenagers in the community dispatching and various EMT skills. He is proficient in Chinese. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music and playing instruments(piano, drums, guitar, and trombone). Josh participates in New York Presbyterian’s dragon boat team and has helped the team receive eight gold medals since 2016.


Kweller Prep Tutor Josh

JOSH attends Cardozo Law School on a merit scholarship. Josh is a recent graduate from New York University’s College of Arts and Sciences. At NYU, Josh double majored in History and Russian. Josh maintained a 4.0 GPA all four years of college. When Josh was a senior at FHHS, he applied for and won a scholarship from JP Morgan’s Smart Start program—which covered the full cost of his college tuition at NYU, saving him hundreds of thousands of dollars. The JP Morgan Scholarship also provided Josh with a paid internship at JP Morgan Chase for all four years throughout college. After college graduation, Josh received scholarship offers to several law schools, including UCLA, Cardozo, George Washington University, and Fordham. We are so excited to have Josh teach the A.P. US History review course and 4th grade ELA and Math Prep program at Kweller Prep. Hardworking and driven to succeed, he serves as an excellent role model for the students here. Joshua first started Kweller Prep as a student years ago and has since become a tutor. Josh, along with his outstanding circle of friends, prepared for the SATs at Kweller Prep all summer after tenth grade. After months of preparation at Kweller Prep, Joshua scored a 2280/2400 on his SAT. He gained acceptance to several top colleges across the country. Josh graduated from Forest Hills High School with a 100+ weighted GPA, among the top 1% of his high school class. In high school, Josh took AP English, AP US History, AP Biology, AP US Government, and AP Economics. He was a member of the “We The People US Government” team at Forest Hills High School and, under his leadership, the school won the first place prize in the New York City competition among all NYC high schools. Joshua maintains his strong work ethic to this day. The son of Bukharian immigrants, Joshua aspires to become a lawyer. Joshua’s long-term goals are to become a pioneer of law and follow the footsteps of legal revolutionaries including Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in transforming the United States into a more fair and just society. Josh has played piano for the past ten years and composes original music. He is fluent in Russian and English and is also proficient in Spanish. When not at Kweller Prep, Josh spends quality time catching up with his best friend Tamir, who is also a longtime tutor, medical student, and Josh’s SAT classmate Kweller Prep.

Kweller Prep Tutor Joya

JOYA is a freshman at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. She is currently studying chemical engineering and plans to minor in design. She graduated from Hunter College High School in 2019 and excelled in BC Calculus, AP Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, AP Spanish, and AP Studio Art. She got a 1550/1600 on her SAT, with a perfect 800 on the math section and a 750 on English. She has experience teaching prep classes for aspiring Hunter College High School students. Her research on glioblastomas and ischemic strokes at the Applied Micro-Bioengineering Lab at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering has been published in academic journals and has been recognized by science symposiums such as NYCSEF and JSHS. She has always been a mentor to younger students, as she has guided many of her younger peers to find lab internships and pursue their research interests. However, Joya’s strengths do not just lie in STEM. She was selected to be one of eight NYC Project Bridge Youth Ambassadors on a study tour to South Korea, where she immersed herself in Korean culture and politics. She has also excelled in the arts and has won a Scholastic Gold Key for Art and Drawing and has had her work exhibited in various galleries, including the MET and MOCA. Joya is enthusiastic to mentor students in any academic subject while still pursuing her own interests in engineering and art.

Kweller Prep Tutor Kareem

KAREEM graduated from the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University. In college, Kareem served as the president of Columbia’s chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, helped Columbia administration to organize career fairs, and engaged students in Harlem by teaching a curriculum he created on the topic of Computer Science. Kareem receiving a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering along with a minor in Applied Mathematics and finishing with a 3.7 GPA is just the beginning; he was decorated with a slew of academic and leadership awards, scholarships from Columbia and Fortune 500 companies, and offers for engineering roles at a variety of companies. Kareem chose to start his engineering career at ExxonMobil in Houston where he held a position as an Integrity Engineer, was decorated with company-internal awards, and ranked in the top percentage of his peers. Kareem recently transitioned to a project management position at a small firm to broaden his skill set and take on more responsibility. Kareem’s love for teaching has not wavered, and he still makes time to tutor for the SAT, ACT, Hunter Exam, SHSAT, and all STEM classes (Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, etc.) up to and including college level courses via Skype or in person when he is home for the holidays.

Kweller Prep Tutor Karolina

Karolina attends Hunter College and she is a part of the Macaulay Honors program, on a full academic scholarship with the perk of dorming in the city free of cost for her first two years. There, she is pursuing a Biochemistry major alongside an Economics minor. Prior to Hunter, Karolina attended Townsend Harris High School, during which she prepped for the SAT at Kweller Prep. She earned a 33 on her ACT and a 1480 on her SAT, with nearly a perfect score in her math section. She participated in the Social Science Research Program and was part of the math team, swim team, leader of Polish FON (an annual Festival of Nations Performance at the school) along with many more clubs and activities. During her 4 years at Townsend, she took a variety of AP courses, including AP World History, AP Calculus BC, AP Physics, AP English Literature, and AP Capstone Seminar, amongst all her other honors and college classes. Asides from school, Karolina has participated in a number of healthcare programs, such as LIU Summer Honors Institute and CUNY Medical School’s HPREP. She volunteers at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Hospital in the pediatric department and will soon start in their pharmacy department. Ever since she was young, Karolina knew she wanted to work in the healthcare field, thus she is pursuing a career to be a pharmacist or physician assistant. During her free time, Karolina enjoys running and traveling, while taking pictures and editing videos into vlogs.

Kweller Prep Tutor Karina

KARINA is a New York state certified Earth Science teacher with a license in secondary education, for students in grades 5 – 12. Her specialty is in working with top-notch, high performing students to prepare them early on for the Earth Science Regents. By helping them get “ahead of schedule,” Karina’s students can complete the science requirements needed to obtain an advanced Regents Diploma by 10th grade. These pupils can then move on to AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics before graduation. Karina currently teaches full-time at a public school on Long Island. We are proud to add that Karina is the only teacher in Nassau County who teaches Regents Earth Science to 7th graders, who also all take the New York state Earth Science Regents exam in June. In 2018, Karina had a 100% passing rate for her students and over 75% of her students achieve Regents mastery, with a grade of 85 or better, on the Earth Science Regents. Karina received her bachelor’s degree from New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education and holds a master’s degree in Adolescent Education from Dowling College. Karina is currently working on her second master’s degree in Leadership and Administration. In the summer of 2017, Karina successfully completed the Greentree Foundation Teacher’s Ecology Workshop for middle school teachers; a year-long program that provided her with knowledge and techniques to better teach Long Island students about the natural world. Every summer, Karina attends New York State Museum’s Annual Earth Science Teacher workshop; where she is immersed in geology and paleontology and expands her knowledge of New York specific topics and collects rocks, fossils and minerals for her classroom. In addition to teaching, Karina is one of the select few writers of Earth Science curriculum. In the spring of 2017, Karina was asked by the Board of Cooperative Educational Services of Nassau County (Nassau BOCES), the largest BOCES in New York State which serves 56 school districts in Nassau County, to write the Earth Science curriculum for, a dynamic online platform management and standards-based system whose mission is to enhance public education and the opportunities available to students of all ages and abilities by providing access to innovative and cost-effective services. In the summer of 2018, Karina worked full-time as a Curriculum Specialist Liaison for Nassau BOCES and coached summer school future Earth Science teachers in Nassau County. Both a teacher and a trainer, Karina as a perfect fit to prepare Kweller Prep students for the upcoming Regents exam. Karina is fluent in Spanish and has also tutored students for ten years in Spanish, Algebra, and Geometry. Karina is a longtime close friend of Frances Kweller. Karina and Frances share a 20-year friendship since they were both classmates at New York University’s Steinhardt’s School of Education. In her free time, Karina enjoys practicing yoga weekly, hiking seasonally, and spending quality-time daily with her 10-year old daughter, Lily.

Kweller Prep Tutor Kathryn

KATHRYN is a freshman at NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences where she is enrolled in the Psychology program. She graduated from Stuyvesant High School in 2019 with a 4.0 GPA while taking part in the Big Sib program and maintaining an active role in Stuyvesant’s Theater Community. Kathryn also spent much of her time on the Mock Trial and Moot Court teams at Stuyvesant, earning high awards from each. Kathryn received a 1560/1600 on her SAT, with an 800/800 on the math section and a 760 on the english section. She also received a 790/800 on her Math SAT II. She excelled in AP European History, AP U.S. History, AP Spanish, AP Calculus AB, AP Literature and Composition, and AP Government. She has experience tutoring elementary courses, Spanish, SHSAT, and SAT. During her first term at NYU, Kathryn took a course on the History of Western Architecture and on essay writing, as well as an Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition course and a seminar on the Trials of the Century. While these courses had rigorous writing requirements, Kathryn was able to receive 3 A’s and an A- during her first term. Kathryn is now taking Intro to Psychology, Human Origins, Historic Preservation, and Militarism in the Media. The heavy writing component from these classes as well as the need for memorization has enhanced Kathryn’s learning skills and allowed her to learn new strategies to succeed, which she has since shared with her prep classes. At NYU, Kathryn is part of the selective Presidential Honors Scholars program, which helps students complete undergraduate research and later a Senior Thesis. Kathryn intends on conducting research in NYU’S Psychology department beginning her sophomore year of college. In addition to being fluent in English, Kathryn is also fluent in Spanish and proficient in Romanian. Kathryn is also an active member of the Karate club at NYU and enjoys taking their recreational kickboxing and weightlifting classes. Besides for academics, Kathryn enjoys teaching karate, playing jazz on the piano, and cooking. Both Kathryn and her sister, Antalya, tutor at Kweller Prep. Prior to that, they were students in our SHSAT and SAT programs. Kathryn also attended Kweller Prep for a variety of Regents prep courses. In the dual role as student and tutor, Kathryn is excited to guide motivated students at Kweller Prep while pursuing her degree at NYU.

Kweller Prep Tutor Keiji

KEIJI (pronounced “KG”) attended Stuyvesant High School and graduated from the NYU Stern School of Business, Magna Cum Laude, with a major in Economics. While at Stern, KG also completed a pre-medicine course-track and a Chemistry minor through the NYU College of Arts and Science, finishing with a cumulative science GPA of 3.9. In addition to making the Dean’s Honor Roll for every semester in which he was enrolled, KG was elected to participate in the highly selective Stern Honor’s Thesis Program, which allowed him to take graduate-level business courses for his senior year and publish a thesis in health economics through the NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. Since graduating, KG has continued to pursue his passion for business and medicine by working for a preeminent Med-tech startup, helping develop the first virtual reality platform for neurosurgery. Over the course of his startup career, KG has worked directly with neurosurgeons at Mount Sinai, NYU Langone, and other top programs across the country, introducing them to new technology, and helping them plan and rehearse complex procedures in virtual reality. He has also authored several academic research papers on virtual reality and advanced medical imaging technology that have been published in leading neurosurgical journals (CNS, JNS, ONS), as well as two chapters in neurosurgery and neuroradiology textbooks. KG has always been driven by his love for teaching and still makes time to tutor, always with the goal of helping the next generation of Kweller students achieve their fullest potential, along with their academic pursuits and professional aspirations. KG has 7+ years of experience and a strong track record of tutoring for the SAT, ACT, SHSAT, TACHS, Hunter Exam, NYS Regents, and all STEM subjects (Math, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, etc.) for SAT 2, AP, high school and college level courses.

Kweller Prep Tutor Kirtan

KIRTAN (“Keertan”) is a fourth-year medical student at the New York University School of Medicine. He will graduate and become a Physician by May 2020 and will start residency in July 2020. Throughout his years at NYU Medical, Kirtan has taught science, math and English classes for students in middle school aspiring to become doctors as part of a Youth Volunteer Program. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at the City College of New York, an accelarated BS/MD program, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biomedical Science and a minor in Business Management and Administration. He served as the President and Editor-in-Chief of the Biograph, the Sophie Davis’ medical newspaper, and also served as one of the student Board members for the Medical Ethics Committee. Kirtan is currently pursuing his Medical (MD) degree and is in the process of applying for an internship to complete his medical residency. Kirtan gained admission to Stuyvesant High School after taking the SHSAT back in 20008. He scored a 2260/2400 on his SAT, and perfect 800s on both the Math II and Chemistry SAT Subject Tests. Additionally, he received 4’s and 5s on his AP Psychology, AP World History, AP U.S. History, AP Calculus I, and AP Chemistry exams. Over the years, Kirtan has developed a specialized skillset of educating and adapting to different learning environments, and has served as a tutor for the undergraduate Sophie Davis students as well. He has been brought back as an alumnus to teach courses for the HPREP program at Sophie Davis, focusing on fundamental medical concepts. He is also a mentor and bedside teacher for preclinical medical students at NYU. Currently, Kirtan is conducting gastroenterology research to look at the hormonal changes in patients who undergo bariatric and weight loss procedures, and how that can effect chronic liver changes to better understand the pathology of liver diseases and diabetes in relation to obesity. When he’s not busy on the wards in the hospital, Kirtan enjoys running on the East River, any kind of sport, and recently, experimenting with new recipes using his Instant Pot.

Kweller Prep Tutor Konrad

Konrad graduated from Harvard University, cum laude, and received a Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics. As part of his major, he took coursework in differential equations, linear algebra, computational biology, and organic chemistry. Throughout his time at Harvard, Konrad was a member of the varsity cross country and track teams, committing upwards of 30 hours a week to athletics and holding a personal best 4:12 mile. He was also President of the Harvard Investment Association and a board member of the Harvard Polish Society. After his freshman year, Konrad completed a fully-funded 8-week internship at the Curie Institute in Paris, where he worked in a regenerative biology laboratory. Through this summer opportunity, he also traveled extensively through Southern and Western Europe. Born and raised in Queens, Konrad attended NEST+M Middle School and graduated from Stuyvesant High School in 2012. He scored a 2330/2400 (old version) of the SAT, which ranked in the top 10% of his high school. While at Stuyvesant, Konrad took many advanced placement classes, including AP Calculus BC, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP World History. He scored a perfect 5/5 on all his AP exams. He also took the Biology, Chemistry, and U.S. History SAT II subject tests. Konrad was a 2-year captain of Stuyvesant’s track & field team and among the best distance runners in New York State his senior year. He was featured in both the NY Times and the NY Daily News. Konrad has worked as a tutor at Kweller Prep since his senior year of high school. Throughout his years at Harvard, Konrad returned to Kweller Prep to teach over winter and summer breaks from school and served as a Skype tutor. Currently, Konrad lives in New York City and is available as an in-person tutor for the SAT, SAT II, ACT and a variety of Advanced Placement exams.

Kweller Prep Tutor Kissena

KSENYA is currently a freshman in Adelphi University’s Nursing Program and on the Presidency Academic Scholarship. This scholarship covers all of Kissenya’s college tuition. As a college freshman, Kissenya was placed on the Dean’s list due to her academic excellence. She maintains a current GPA of 4.0/4.0. Ksenya graduated from Forest Hills High School and was a member of their selective Carl Sagan Math and Science Research Program. Kissenya graduated top 1% from her high school and maintained a class rank of 11/1056 and a 101 cumulative weighted average. Throughout her years of chemistry-based research in high school, she won two out of three state science fairs, ranking first place. In her senior year of high school, Ksenya was one out of sixty students in her grade to be granted a research internship in Northwell Health Hospitals. Throughout her high school career, she took 4 AP classes including AP Biology, Precalculus, AP Statistics, and AP Government and received a 4/5 or higher on all her exams. Along with AP courses, Ksenya attended College Now and graduated from high School with over 20 college credits. We are so proud to add that Kissenya was an SAT student at Kweller Prep. After attending Kweller Prep’s summer SAT camp for 7 weeks, Ksenya received a 1460/1600 on her SATs scoring 720/800 on writing and reading, and 740/800 in math, and 23/24 on the essay section. She was proficient in all high school regents exams by her sophomore year of high school and graduated with an Advanced Regents Diploma. In her spare time, Ksenya is fluent in Russian, Persian, and English. She enjoys writing, photography, traveling with friends, and spending time with her family.

Kweller Prep Tutor Lamia

LAMIA is currently a junior at Stuyvesant High School, the highest ranked specialized high school. Lamia dedicated the spring of her sophomore year to Kweller’s SAT prep, and received a 1530/1600 on the SAT. She received a 750/800 on her Biology SAT 2. In sophomore year, she took AP European History, on which she received a 5/5, and is planning to take the following five AP courses in her junior year of high school: AP English, AP Physics 1, AP Psychology, AP United States History, and AP Spanish. Other courses she will be taking throughout the course of her highschool career include Honors PreCalculus, Geopolitics, and a class on the Spanish Civil War. At school, Lamia is an avid junior varsity member of Stuyvesant’s esteemed Speech and Debate team, where she practices Lincoln Douglas debate. She has gone to several debate tournaments, where she placed in the top five speakers, and attended the National Symposium for Debate. Lamia also writes for the Opinions Department and Features Department of her school newspaper, The Spectator. She is also president of her school’s Cultural Preservation Club, president of a writing publication called Moonlight, and vice president of the Stuyvesant Legal Society. She has previous experience tutoring in both group classes and private sessions for the ISEE, Baccalaureate exam, Hunter exam, and the SHSAT. Her younger sister currently attends Kweller Prep Queens for the SHSAT and plans on continuing for the SAT. In her free time, Lamia enjoys watching Netflix, riding her bike, playing the ukulele, and spending time with her family and friends.

Kweller Prep Tutor Laurence

LAURENCE is currently a junior at the Macaulay Honors Program at Hunter College, on full academic scholarship. She is currently double majoring in Clinical Psychology and Sociology with a concentration in Crime, Law, and Deviance. While also enjoying a multitude of other courses, she is considering minoring in Religion and Music. With a current GPA of 3.85/4, she aspires to continue on to a career in clinical and counseling psychology. Laurence graduated from Hunter College Highschool in 2017 with an SAT score of 1560/1600. Whilst still in high school she took a variety of AP classes ranging from Music Theory to Psychology. She was also involved in many clubs and held leadership positions as well. Outside of school, she was very involved in the fine arts. Being trained in classical ballet, and playing four instruments, she was involved in various notable music programs which allowed her to perform all around New York City. Some of these venues included the Juilliard Penthouse, Lincoln Center’s David Geffen Hall, Steinway Hall, and many more. When not at Kweller, Laurence works with an early head start SEIT program to service preschool aged children with special needs.

Kweller Prep Tutor Loren

LOREN is a rising freshman at the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education, where she is taking a seven-year accelerated medical program, as opposed to the traditional 8+ year path. She graduated from Ramaz High School in Manhattan with a 4.0 GPA. Loren was a student at Kweller Prep since 7th grade, where she completed the SHSAT and SAT summer courses. Since attending the classes, she improved her SAT score by 250 points. In high school, she took AP Chemistry and AP BC Calculus. Loren also volunteered at the New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Hopital’s emergency department, where she provided medical care for those who were underserved in her community and learned about various emergency procedures. This bred an interest in becoming an EMT, leading her to take night classes at the Northwell Health Emergency Medical Institute. Loren also volunteered at the ophthalmology department at the Manhattan Ear, Eye, and Throat Hospital, where she observed and learned from various surgeries. Additionally, she worked at a doctor’s office that specializes in gastroenterology and internal medicine. There she received hands-on experience with patient care and managed medical documentation. In addition, she held a prominent position in the premedical club for the duration of her high school career. However, Loren did not only consume herself with various medical work; she was also on her school’s track team for her while high school career. In addition, she did boxing recreationally for 4 years. Loren attended Kweller Prep throughout her years at Ramaz, and credits this program with serving as a guiding light when she took the most challenging courses possible at her high school. Loren is also very involved with the Jewish community; she was a participant in Witness Theatre, where she bonded with Holocaust survivors and portrayed their experiences through a public performance. In her free time, she likes to read, listen to house music, and explore new restaurants with her friends.

Kweller Prep Tutor Lori

LORI is a schoolteacher. She is a graduate of Stuyvesant High School and Hunter College. At Stuyvesant, she began building the foundation of her career as a schoolteacher by teaching reading fundamentals to first-graders at the local elementary school. She then attended Boston University, where she continued to enrich her skills as an educator, teaching English and early literacy to students in Boston’s public schools. Lori is a licensed NYC schoolteacher with diverse experience as both the lead teacher at a Head Start program and Summer Director of My Little Language Montessori School. She was Vice President of the Stuyvesant Chapter of Aspira of New York, a multicultural youth leadership development organization. In addition to being inducted into National Honor Societies from ARISTA to Psi Chi, Lori has participated in Annual Biomedical Research Conferences in Dallas and Atlanta as well as Hunter College Honors Week, where she presented academic research investigating motivational interviewing as a therapeutic intervention. After excelling in Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences and Quantitative Research Methods, Lori became a Teaching Assistant and National Institutes of Health-sponsored Research Fellow at Hunter College. While earning her BA in psychology, she conducted and analyzed behavioral research which she then went on to present at the New England Science Symposium at Harvard Medical School. She has published written work as an intern, writing feature articles for the NY Post Entertainment Department as an undergraduate researching “Attitudes Toward Rockefeller Drug Laws, Demographics as Predictor Variables” and, later, as a Columbia University Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) Scholar investigating desensitization to violent media using functional MRI at the College of Physicians & Surgeons. This is Lori’s sixth year at Kweller Prep, and she has taught Kweller’s ELA/Math and Hunter Prep Program each year. Lori is able explain tough questions easily, breaking them down step by step. She’s one of the most beloved Hunter and ELA/Math tutors at Kweller Prep. When she’s not tutoring at Kweller, Lori enjoys teaching creative movement to preschoolers in her musical early fitness class and she is a certified volunteer at her son’s Catholic school.

Kweller Prep Tutor Lynn

LYNN recently graduated from Cornell University’s College of Arts and Sciences in 3.5 years where she majored in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Neurobiology and Behavior and minored in East Asian Studies. At Cornell, she was on the Dean’s List and played intramural soccer. In previous summers, she has worked for the Junior Blind of America as a camp counselor for the visually impaired and multi-disabled during which she guided individuals ages 7-80 in improving their communication and motor skills. She was introduced to this opportunity through her older brother who has physical and neurodevelopmental disabilities due to neonatal sepsis, inspiring her to pursue neurobiology and a career in health. In the fall, she will be a part of Cornell’s Master of Public Health Fall 2019 cohort, concentrating in Food Systems for Health, with a $20K scholarship. She hopes to continue on to medical school and become a medical practitioner skilled in both medicine and public health. Lynn attended Palos Verdes Peninsula High School in California where she graduated as Valedictorian, part of the High Honor Roll, and amongst the top 10% of her class with a 4.0 unweighted and 4.9 weighted GPA. Lynn scored a 2280/2400 on her SAT, was a National Merit Semi-Finalist, and received a scholarship from the California Scholarship Federation. She has also taken SAT II exams in Chemistry (780/800), Math II (800/800), Physics (720/800), and U.S. History. She received the AP Scholar with Distinction Award after scoring exceptionally well on AP exams in the following subjects: European History, Chemistry, Chinese Language and Culture, U.S. History, Physics B, Calculus AB, Biology, United States Government and Politics, Economics, and English Language and Composition. She has experience in revising essays and tutoring Math, Chinese, Chemistry, Biology, SAT, and SAT II. In high school, Lynn was a figure skater, a violinist in the Symphonic Orchestra, and played for the Varsity Girls Soccer Team. Holding several leadership positions, she was president and captain of the school’s engineering competition team (TSA TEAMS), president of the National Chinese Honor Society, and co-founder and vice-president of the Student Association of Neuroscience and Neurology. She was also a member of various honor societies and participated in organizations centered around volunteer work and community service. In her free time, Lynn enjoys dancing, watching Netflix, and planning out her dream house.

Kweller Prep Tutor Mandy

MANDY is pursuing a communications degree and a business studies minor at New York University. There, she maintains a 3.9 GPA is currently the Operations Head of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity at NYU, and the president of the LS Law Co-operation. She was accepted to more than 20 of the best schools in the country including Northeastern University, Macaulay Honors College on a full scholarship. She has an SAT score of 1520; 800 in Math and 720 in English. She graduated from Townsend Harris High school, ranked the #1 high school in New York City. At Townsend, she took AP US history, AP Statistics, AP English Literature, AP World history, AP human geography and AP computer science. Furthermore, she was the president of the politics club Junior State of America and the service club, Key Club. Mandy tutored for 1 year at the NYU tutoring program, taught in public schools in the LES Manhattan, is an experienced SHSAT instructor, and has worked with small groups of students for the past four years. She tutored her younger brother, who received admission to Stuyvesant High School, and is currently also attending Townsend Harris. She has also prepared students for the Hunter College High School entrance exam, TACHS Catholic high school entrance exam, ISEE, ERB, WrAP tests and Common Core state exams. When not teaching at Kweller Prep, Mandy enjoys trying new foods, shopping and watching comedies.

Kweller Prep Tutor Marie

MARIE is a sophomore at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, on an full academic scholarship. She is a graduate of Townsend Harris High School, born and raised in Rego Park, Queens. NYU Gallatin allows Marie to create a major studying what she loves in-depth: art and history of science with a minor in French. In her time at Townsend Harris High School, Marie maintained an overall GPA of 96.32/100.00 with all classes being either Honors or AP courses. At Townsend, Marie took AP World History, AP US History, AP English Language, AP Statistics, AP Macroeconomics, and AP Psychology. She was admitted to NYU with a superscored SAT score of 2220 on the old SAT, a 700 on SAT US History, and a 720 score on SAT English Literature. In her time at Townsend, Marie was the art director of her school’s student-produced, student-choreographed competitive production called SING!, Art Contributor (editorial staff) for The Phoenix, the award-winning literary and arts magazine, and a staff artist and writer for The Classic, the award-winning newspaper. Marie also attended the Bridgeview School of Fine Arts during the weekend. She volunteered for four years at the Greater Astoria Historical Society as a Student Historian Intern, canvassed for the Jon Kaiman Congressional District Campaign in the summer of 2016, and volunteered at the Village Temple Soup Kitchen. In high school, Marie was in the Archon and Arista Honor Societies for three years, the Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society for mathematics, and received Summa Cum Laude on the National Latin Exam both years taking it. In NYU Gallatin, Marie maintains a 3.897 GPA. She is on the Dean’s List and has received an award from the French Department for her achievements in the language. Marie is also heavily involved with the NYU Bronfman Center for Jewish Life, where she curated an arts showcase for Jewish student and currently holds an internship. She was also the set designer for the main Gallatin play both years at NYU. Marie has been working at Kweller Prep for three years, and has tutored in subjects including Hunter, SHSAT, PSAT and SAT. Marie is skilled in tutoring English, French and algebra and in her free time outside of Kweller Prep, enjoys painting and drawing, and working on theater and film sets as a stage manager and/or set designer.

Kweller Prep Tutor Marianna

Marianna is currently enrolled in Brooklyn College’s Coordinated BA/MD program with the SUNY Downstate School of Medicine, completing a double major in Chemistry and Psychology and a minor in Biochemistry. She graduated as salutatorian from the Carl Sagan research program at Forest Hills High School in 2016. She scored a 2200 on her SAT and is currently on a full merit-based scholarship. In high school, Marianna has taken numerous advanced placement courses including: AP world history, AP US history, AP biology, AP chemistry, and AP Physics C-Mechanics. Advanced placement and college now courses combined allowed her to enter college with over 30 credits. She additionally took the SAT II subject tests in US history, Math II, and Biology, scoring in the 99th percentile in each. Outside of academic activities, Marianna was very involved in high school extracurricular activities, such as medical club and participating in the Volleyball and track teams. At Brooklyn college, Marianna has served as a peer mentor for the past 2 years and is an active member of the American Medical Student Association. She has spent the past summer, earning an observership at the Weill Cornell College of Medicine, where she was able to serve as a student intern in the department of cardiothoracic surgery. In addition, she completed an observership at Mount Sinai in the department of kidney transplant surgery. She truly enjoys and has a passion for medicine and patient care. Marianna has been tutoring for approximately 5 years now and truly enjoys it. She finds tutoring to be a very rewarding experience not just for herself but for her students- especially when she sees the “light bulb” go off in someone’s head and a concept that has been giving difficulties is finally understood! Her teaching approach is very flexible and catered to the individual that she is working with because she believes that everyone has their own preferences and different learning styles. She tries to present information in an engaging and simple way and often in more than one way for a better understanding.

Kweller Prep Tutor Maurice

MAURICE’S Bio is Coming Soon…

Kweller Prep Tutor Mazel

MAZAL is a sophomore at St. John’s University in the 6 year intensive pharmacy program. Currently she has a 4.0 GPA. She graduated from Townsend Harris High School where she maintained a cumulative GPA of 97. There she has taken numerous challenging courses including AP Spanish Literature, AP Calculus, AP World History, AP US History, and Honors Organic Chemistry scoring a 5/5 on all the AP exams. She has received a 95+ on all her regents examinations. At the end of her high school career she received the highest awards in chemistry and Spanish literature, granted for her 5th year of excellence in Spanish literature. Aside from focusing on academics, she was also an active member of her community by participating in the Archon and Arista honors societies that each require 50 hours of community service per year. Her service ranged from volunteering in hospitals such as The Mount Sinai Hospital and the New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Center, taking on leadership roles in soup kitchens such as Masbia, and even completing political service through working on senate campaign teams. Her interest in education stemmed from her very first volunteer experience in the Queens Library Summer programs for kids where she helped design engaging learning curriculums and reading clubs. When not at Kweller Prep, Mazal enjoys to draw, travel, play piano and spend time with family and friends.

Kweller Prep Tutor Michelle

Michelle is a rising sophomore at Cornell University. There, she majors in Industrial and Labor Relations, a blend of business and the social sciences, on a pre-law track. Her current GPA is a 3.8/4.0. Because of her high school credits, Michelle is expected to graduate a semester early from college. Michelle will be applying to law school upon graduation and plans on studying for her LSAT exam this summer. Michelle graduated from Townsend Harris High School in 2018, where she was the captain of the Varsity Volleyball Team, wrote for the school’s newspaper The Classic, and participated in Key Club International, Festival of Nations, Student Union, Junior State of America, and the Seekers Christian Fellowship Club. In the meantime she was a staff editor and writer for Neo Politico, a student-run online political journal, for three years. At Townsend Harris Michelle took two years of Latin, AP World History, AP English Literature & Composition, AP Human Geography, AP Calculus, AP Psychology, AP United States Government and Politics, AP Spanish Language and Culture, along with 9 credits worth of classes at Queens College. She excelled in her earth science, algebra, biology, English, world history, geometry, chemistry, physics, and trigonometry regents exams. She graduated with an Advanced Regents Diploma and was recognized for being in both the Arista and Archon Honor Societies for four consecutive years. Throughout high school Michelle participated in the Intensive Law & Trial Program at Stanford University in her junior year and the High School Law Institute Program at NYU Law School throughout her senior year. Michelle was also an intern for Paul Vallone’s Reelection Campaign, in which she familiarized herself with politics and community outreach efforts. Michelle volunteered as a tutor at her local church, where she was the President of her youth group. Michelle is proficient in both Korean and Spanish. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys writing, photography, and traveling.

Kweller Prep Tutor Minwoo

MINWOO is a senior at Cornell University. He graduated from Hunter College High School in June of 2015, where he was captain of the Varsity Swim Team and president of several other organizations including Hakyo (Korean Cultural Club) and LiNK (Liberty in North Korea). Minwoo achieved scores of 2320 for the SAT and 35 for the ACT, and received the National Merit Finalist scholarship after scoring exceptionally well on the PSAT. After completing the Saltz Internship at the Museum of Natural History, he developed an interest in environmental sciences, and thus was accepted to the Environmental Sciences and Sustainability major for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in Cornell. Minwoo is attending Cornell University on a full ride, and is preparing to become a lawyer focusing on environmental policy and governance; during the spring of 2018, he worked as a paralegal at the Sanders Law Firm, a medical malpractice firm based in Long Island. In preparation for law school, he also was accepted into the Roosevelt Institute, a policy organization in which he drafted an on-campus sustainability proposal. This summer, he is working as a legal assistant at Held & Hines LLP, where he works in unison with the attorneys on major contract lawsuits. In his free time, Minwoo likes to dance, as he does with his team BreakFree at Cornell, and tries to avoid thinking about the Knicks as much as he can.

Kweller Prep Tutor Mo

MO A. graduated from New York University (NYU) with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science with a focus on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). He graduated from NYU with 2 Bachelor’s Degrees in 4 years; one as a double major in Math and Electrical Engineering, the other as a double major in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. He maintained a 3.9/4.0 GPA throughout his undergraduate career and held a 4.0/4.0 as an NYU graduate student. Mo started his career at NYU at an early age; he took Calculus in 7th grade. All throughout high school, he took undergraduate and graduate level Math and Computer Science courses at NYU. Entering his Freshman year of undergrad, he had already completed over half the coursework required for his majors. Mo graduated from the Baccalaureate School for Global Education in Queens, receiving the IB diploma. On the IB Math exam, he was ranked 11th out of 34,000 students internationally. He scored a 2200/2400 on the SAT (breakdown of 800/800 Math, 700/800 Reading, 700/800 Writing), and a 800/800 on SAT 2 Math 2, and 800/800 on SAT 2 Physics. He has 11 years of tutoring experience; in high school, he had already been a part of NYU Courant’s tutoring program in Math and Computer Science. This is Mo’s 7th year at Kweller Prep. After graduating from NYU, Mo worked as a software at Google. Mo currently works at Instagram as a Machine Learning research engineer. Mo often shares that he enjoys tutoring students at Kweller Prep. He has taught SHSAT, SAT, and all upper level math and science courses at Kweller Prep, Including AP Calculus AB and BC and AP Physics.

Kweller Prep Tutor Mo

MO graduated from New York University’s College of Arts and Sciences. He currently attends NYU Stern for his MBA and is also applying tor his MD. At NYU, Mo was a pre-med student, as well as a Dean’s Honor’s Scholar, and recently sat for the MCAT exam. He graduated from Hunter College High School (HCHS) and scored a 2300/ 2400 on his SAT, with a perfect 800/800 in writing and perfect 800/800 in Math. He also scored an 800/800 on his SAT Math II Exam and a 790/800 on his SAT II in Chemistry. Mo received a composite 33/36 on his ACT. He scored a 692 on the Specialized High School Entrance Exam, the top 1% score on New York City, qualifying for Stuyvesant, but decided to stay at Hunter. Mo took six AP courses throughout high school. He received a 4/5 and 5/5 on all of his AP exams and took college-level Organic Chemistry while a junior at Hunter. He is fluent in Bengali and proficient in Spanish. At Kweller Prep, Mo thas taught groups of students in preparation for the Hunter College Entrance Exam, the SHSAT, and the SAT for nearly six years. Mo is a gifted teacher and outstanding role model. Additionally, Mo served as the head of the Hunter Bias and Mediation Panel, an organization dedicated in helping peers settle disputes in an unbiased manner. Furthermore, Mo was one of the founders of the Varsity Lacrosse team, a member of the Varsity Basketball team, as well as a staff writer for Hunter’s official school newspaper, “What’s What” and served as a performer in the school’s many cultural shows. Mo personally tutored his younger brother for the SHSAT, who now attends Stuyvesant. While in high school, Mo interned at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, conducting clinical research that is now part of 3 published articles. When not at Kweller Prep, Mo enjoys acting, writing, and exploring New York City.

Kweller Prep Tutor Mohammad

MOHAMMED is a sophomore at New York University on a nearly full academic scholarship. At NYU, Mohammed is majoring in Computer Science and will potentially minor in Mathematics. He is currently taking Databases, Computer Architecture, Disabilities Studies, and Data Analysis. He has taken Object Oriented programming, linear algebra and differential equations, ethics and technology, and physics II. Mohammed currently has a 3.5 GPA. He hopes to work in the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence fields of CS following his graduation. He graduated from Stuyvesant High School with a 3.8 GPA and was a part of several clubs, including Math Team and several sports clubs. While in Stuy he took AP World History, AP Calculus, AP English, and AP Macroeconomics. He’s worked as a tutor for three years now, the last year having been spent with our great team here at Kweller Prep. While at Stuyvesant, Mohammed has taken several AP courses: A.P. World, A.P. U.S. History, A.P. Macroeconomics, A.P. English, and A.P. Spanish. He has received 4/5 or 5/5 on all his A.P. exams. He scored a 1470/1600 on his SAT, a 33/36 on his ACT, and a 780/800 on his Math SAT 2. Mohammed speaks Bengali and is proficient in Spanish. In his spare time, Mohammed likes playing sports, mostly basketball, and going to either Blink Fitness Gym or the NYU gym.

Kweller Prep Tutor Nadia

Nadia is a rising senior at Bard College, and attended Hunter College High School, graduating in 2016. At Bard, she currently holds a 4.0 GPA and is majoring in biology, concentrating in global public health. Her SAT superscore on the 2400 scale was a 2340, and she also earned an 800 on the Biology SAT subject test. She earned 5’s on both the AP Biology and AP French Language and Culture exams and a 4 on the AP Computer Science exam. Nadia has over 6 years of tutoring experience, including ESL tutoring, and holds a TESOL Certification which she earned at Bard College. At Bard, she maintains her perfect GPA while holding three jobs on campus, captaining the varsity women’s squash team, volunteer tutoring at local elementary schools, and training with the Bard College Surrealist Circus. During her summers, Nadia has interned at North Carolina State University, completing an independent microbiology research project, at Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center, where she served as a mentor to high school students for a public health project, and is currently interning at the National Organization for Women, a nationally recognized women’s rights non-profit. After Bard, she hopes to work in an urban healthcare system for a few years, before pursuing a dual JD & MPH (Masters of Public Health) program, ultimately working in healthcare law. Nadia has lived in Forest Hills since she was 3, and is a proud New Yorker. Her younger sister is currently completing 9th grade at Hunter. In her free time, Nadia loves reading mystery books, taking walks, and planning her next travel adventure!

Kweller Prep Tutor Nancy

Nancy is currently a senior at the Bronx High School of Science. She was admitted to Yale University and Columbia University (Rabi Scholar) this year with almost a full ride and will be attending Yale the fall of 2019 with a major in biology. She has taken a total of 12 Advanced Placement courses, including AP Chemistry, AP Physics 1, AP Statistics, AP United States History, AP World History, AP Microeconomics, AP Language, and AP English Literature. Nancy achieved a subscore of 36/36 and 35/36 on the English and Grammar section of the ACT respectively, an 800/800 on SAT II Math 2, and a 780/800 on SAT II Chemistry. As a student in Bronx Science’s Biology Research program, Nancy conducted neuroscience research at Columbia University for two years. She investigated biological markers and genetic factors involved in oligodendroglioma, a rare type of brain tumor. She won the Second Grand Award in the category of Cellular and Molecular Biological Sciences at the New York Science and Engineering Fair. At Bronx Science, Nancy is actively engaged with her community. She is the captain of the Girl’s Varsity Lacrosse team and a player on the Varsity Volleyball team. She was also a sprinter on the Indoors Track Team for two years. Nancy is also a member of the National Honors Society and has done community service through campaigning for Councilmember Paul Vallone and volunteering at her local doctor’s office. Nancy is the founder and president of her school’s Women in Medicine Club and on her free time, she enjoys trying out different recipes in the kitchen.

Kweller Prep Tutor Naureen

NAURIN is a semester away from receiving a double Bachelors in Secondary Education and English, from Queens College. She is on her path to become a NYC certified teacher. Naurin has been on the Dean’s List throughout her entire career at Queens College. She maintains a 3.9/4.0 GPA as a senior. She is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, an academic honor society. Currently Naurin is student teaching for the second semester and finishing up her honors thesis before graduating. She aspires to to be a High School English teacher upon graduation. Teaching has been one of Naurin’s long time passions and she has had many students over the years. Naurin is personally responsible for helping many of her close family members pass the SHSAT cut off and gain entrance into NYC specialized high schools. Naurin herself, attended Bronx Science. Throughout her high school career she took 4 AP classes and received a 4/5 or higher on all her exams. Naurin enjoys teaching kids at Kweller Prep for the SHSAT. She’s taught this class each semester since she started here. Also, she received a 2150/2400 on her SATs. In her free time, Naurin enjoys reading, writing for her school’s paper and spending time with her best friend since high school, Kweller tutor Navila.

Kweller Prep Tutor Navila

Navila is a 5th year pharmacy student currently attending St. John’s University’s Doctor of Pharmacy program. She is in her 3rd professional graduate year expecting to graduate in 2021. She has maintained the Dean’s List for every semester and is a registered pharmacy intern of NYS who is currently on rotations with Walgreens Pharmacy and New York Presbyterians’ Hospital for Special Surgery. She is an active member of the Pharmacist’s Society of the State of New York (PSSNY). She is currently taking her Drugs and Diseases courses in Oncology/Endocrine, Pharmacokinetics, Extemporaneous Compounding, Pharmacy Management, Pharmacokinetics, and various lab works in biomedical sciences. She graduated from Bronx High School of Science with a 95.00 GPA, where she took multiple AP courses including AP Chemistry, AP Macroeconomics, AP Statistics, AP Psychology, and AP Calculus scoring 4/5 and 5/5 on all exams. She scored a 2100/2400 on the SAT and 32/36 on the ACT. She has also been involved in the community by working with the American Cancer Society and working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Elmhurst Hospital. Navila has also volunteered in tutoring students at the Variety Boys & Girls Club of Queens, as well as private tutoring in ELA/Math, Hunter exam, Regents exams, and SHSAT. After graduating, Navila plans to work as a clinical consultant pharmacist and one day open up her own pharmacy. When not at Kweller Prep, she loves traveling to different countries, trying new cuisines, watching movies, and hanging out with her best friend since high school, Kweller tutor Naurin.

Kweller Prep Tutor

NEHA is a rising star, a 2L at NYU Law School (ranked #5 in the nation). She has actively immersed herself within the NYU Law community. She is a Staff Editor on the Journal of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Soviet, and was a Student Fellow in the Tech Law and Policy Clinic at NYU, representing a non-profit AIDS activist group. Neha is also involved in several extracurricular activities; she is the Co-chair of the Law Women HS Mentoring Program, Director of Special Projects for Rights over Tech, and is Student Life Chair for the NYU Law Student Body Association. During her 1L summer, Neha worked as a Legal Intern at Google LLC, in their Chelsea office. In her 1L year, Neha took a number of rigorous doctrinal classes including Torts, Contracts, Civil Procedure, Property, Legislation and the Regulatory State, and Criminal Law. During her 2L year, Neha has expanded her academic interests and is enrolled in Corporations, Evidence, Criminal Justice Reform, Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology, Professional Responsibility, and Income Tax. Neha graduated from the Macaulay Honors College at Baruch, double majoring in Biology and Political Science, on a full academic scholarship. Neha graduated from the Baccalaureate School for Global Education in 2012, and received an International IB Diploma. She aspires to become a patent lawyer within the biotech and life sciences industry. While at Macaulay Baruch, Neha maintained 3.87/4.0 GPA, as a double major, earning herself a consistent place on the Dean’s List. Over the past four summers, Neha earned competitive legal internships at prestigious law firms and organizations, including: Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton and Garrison LLP, Duane Morris LLP, and the Office of the NYS Attorney General. She also volunteered at NYU Langone-Brooklyn as a Patient Services Volunteer for over three years. Neha graduated from the Baccalaureate High School for Global Education (BSGE), and scored a 2200/2400 on her SAT’s, with a 760/800 in Math and a 720/800 in Critical Reading and a 720/800 in Writing. Neha graduated with an IB diploma, the highest recognized international diploma in the world, with a 6 in English HL, Biology SL, Math SL, and Mandarin SL. Neha maintains her fluency in Mandarin and went on two language-intensive study abroad trips in the summers before her sophomore and junior years of high school. We are happy to add that Neha’s family attended Kweller Prep for several years, including Neha’s younger brother Raj, who was accepted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT. Never ceasing to impress, Neha became one of the most beloved SAT tutors at Kweller Prep, a position she held for the next five years. This past summer, Neha worked at Kweller Manhattan as our only LSAT instructor, teaching a group of aspiring law students the ins and outs of this rigorous test 4 evenings a week over 7 weeks. Neha possesses a bubbly personality, pleasant demeanor, positive attitude, and fierce work ethic. It’s no surprise she gained a seat at Baccalaureate HS, Macaulay Honors, and now NYU Law School. She is a perfect role model for the students she teaches here. When she’s not at Kweller Prep, Neha enjoys playing tennis, running, traveling, cooking, and visiting her parents at Parker Towers, located in Queens.

Kweller Prep Tutor Nicole

NICOLE is a first year law student at CUNY. She graduated cum laude from Queens College in May 2018, receiving a 4-year degree in only 2-years. Nicole is only 20-years-old and in law school, and she’s the youngest J.D. candidate in her class. She majored in Political Science and an honors minor in Business and Liberal Arts (BALA). She is a member of Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Association, and graduated with Political Science departmental honors. Nicole has consistently earned herself a place on the Dean’s List. Nicole’s coursework includes: Criminal Law, Torts, Civil Procedure, Family Law and Relations, Contracts in the Market Economy, Liberty, Equality, and Due Process (LEDP), Lawyering Seminars, and Legal Research. In her free time at school, she participates in the International Law Society and Ping Pong Club, where she promotes CUNITY. She graduated from The Queens School of Inquiry, which is an Early College Initiative High School, where she maintained a 4.0 GPA and earned an Advanced Regents Diploma with honors and Mastery in Math and Science. She earned a 96 on the Algebra Regents, 95 on the Global History Regents, 96 on the U.S. History Regents, and 95 on the Chemistry Regents. Nicole was a part of the Yearbook Committee, Eco Club, Salsa Club and Photography Club. She graduated high school with 58 college credits, allowing her to earn her Bachelor’s Degree with honors at the age of 20, two years after graduating from high school. She was also awarded the President’s Education Awards Program honor. She was admitted to NYU Tisch School of the Arts and St. John’s School of Pharmacy. Nicole interned at Immigration Equality in 2017 as a JFEW Scholar and has worked at the Queens College Office of Student Leadership and Development from 2016 to 2018. She has participated in NYU Future Film Scholars, Higher Education Action Day, the Queens District Attorney’s Office Explorer’s Program, Harlem DNA Lab program two years in a row, and the Circles for Learning, Understanding and Exploration Fellowship. She has volunteered as a note-taker for a student with special needs and she volunteered at a donation center and shelter. Nicole aspires to be an attorney because she wants to work toward achieving justice for the underserved. She is also fluent in Russian and Spanish. Nicole has danced ballet, lyrical and jazz at Usdan Center for the Performing Arts for 8 summers, where she was also a bus counselor and Counselor-In-Training. Nicole was selected to work at Kweller Prep by an organization called Ladders for Leaders. She was the only candidate offered employment here after Frances Kweller interviewed one dozen other prospects and found her the most qualified. Nicole has danced on the stage of the Apollo Theater, performed at Carnegie Hall three times on violin and danced at New York City Center.

Kweller Prep Tutor Nicole

Nicole is currently a junior who attends St. John’s University as a Psychology major and a Business minor. She has been on her school’s Dean’s List for the last 2 years and a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success and Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society due to having a GPA higher than a 3.7. Along with those 2 societies, she is also part of St. John’s chapter of Psi Chi and Beta Alpha Psi. In the past 2 years at St. John’s, Nicole has completed coursework in Accounting, Management Principles, Statistics in Social Science, and Research Methods to name a few. She currently holds a 3.82/4.0 GPA. She graduated from the Carl Sagan Program at Forest Hills High School in 2017 where she graduated with an Advanced Regents Diploma. While in high school Nicole took 4 AP Courses: Environmental Science, United States History, Art History, and Psychology and played on her high school’s tennis and bowling team. While at Forest Hills High School, Nicole was a volunteer for Melinda Katz’s City Councilwoman Campaign and at P.S. 101. Nicole recently completed an internship, at Float/There, a startup clothing rental company. She was a previous student at Kweller Prep where she took classes for the SAT and has been working at Kweller Prep for the last 2 years. Nicole is fluent in English and Farsi, but also familiar with Spanish. Outside of Kweller Prep she enjoys reading, trying new foods, and hanging out with her friends and family.

Kweller Prep Tutor Nilroy

NILOY is currently in his seventh year of the MD/PhD dual-degree program at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He completed his PhD in molecular physiology in 2019 and will graduate from Einstein with his MD in 2021. He previously graduated from New York University in 2013 with a 3.65 GPA and departmental honors as a Biology major. Niloy received a 35R on the MCAT placing him in the 96th percentile nationally. Prior to attending NYU, Niloy attended Stuyvesant High School. He received a 656/800 on the SHSAT entrance exam and a 2250 on the SAT, matriculating to NUY on a full scholarship. Niloy has a proven track record of excellence in scholarship, as he holds over five publications in major academic journals and has been the recipient of government funded research grants for his dissertation work. Niloy additionally holds extensive experience in the academic test prep sector, having served as a tutor and administrator at another NYC Learning Center for nearly a decade. Niloy is extremely passionate about expanding research and medical training opportunities to underrepresented and minority students in NYC and serves as an academic coach and advisor for several pipeline high school and middle school programs in the Bronx. Nilroy is good friends with Yuchen, a longtime tutor at Kweller Prep and fellow classmate in Medical School. When not in the research lab or the hospital, Niloy enjoys spending time at the archery range.

Kweller Prep Tutor Nina

Nina graduated from George Washington University (GW) in Washington D.C. this past spring. While at GW, she earned a Bachelors of Science in Biology with a concentration in Molecular Biology. Nina was on the pre-med track, so she completed the pre-requisite curriculum for application to medical school, in addition to earning a minor in Business Administration. Nina currently works daytime in clinical research and she pursuing an MD/MBA. While at GW, Nina was a member of the University Honors Program (UHP) which comprises the top 1% of the academic community. The Honors Program requires undergraduates to complete a series of intensive, seminar-style humanities courses. Nina found that her secondary education at Hunter nurtured an interest in the humanities, with similar small, intensive seminars and I wanted to continue those studies at the collegiate level alongside the traditional premed STEM curriculum. Some of Nina’s notable achievements at GW include appointment to a teaching assistantship (paid position) for an interdisciplinary STEM seminar geared towards promoting interdepartmental research and STEM student retention. She also worked at GW Hospital, a level one trauma center, which currently serves as first-responder to the White House and State Department. Nina has been very fortunate to pursue the aforementioned opportunities, but perhaps the most relevant experience Nina brings to the table is that she has been teaching at Kweller Prep for the last five years, and teaching the Hunter entrance exam for the past seven years overall. Nina originally started tutoring for the exam via a student organization at Hunter called Lighthouse, which sought to connect underprivileged fourth and fifth graders with mentors from Hunter high school. Nina tutored students for their NY state tests so that they could qualify for the Hunter entrance exam, and then we tutored them for the Hunter test. Nina worked closely with the Hunter admissions office to determine the best strategies to teach the exam. Nina also worked with the teachers in the English department to get a better sense of what the staff is looking for in the essays, as they are the individuals evaluating that portion of the exam and students tend to struggle most with the essay. At Kweller, Nina served as an instructor for the Hunter test and taught the Summer Camp weekday course for two years, in addition to privately tutoring for it, with an emphasis on the essay. Nina has worked with students from a broad range of backgrounds and academic levels and has particularly enjoyed helping students determine their own individual path to success.

Kweller Prep Tutor Nisha

Nisha is an alumnus of Brooklyn Technical Highschool, majoring in biomedical engineering and graduating with a 103 avg. She scored a 698 on the SHSAT and a 2150 on the SAT. During her time at Brooklyn Tech, she was a member of National Honors Society and Key Club where she was head of the fundraising committee. She graduated from Macaulay Honors at Hunter college and holds a bachelor of science in accounting. She will be attending Brooklyn College for her Masters in Accounting, and is currently on track to getting her CPA license. She currently tutors and specializes in accounting, economics, business law, taxation and auditing concepts courses at Brooklyn college at the tutoring services center. Previously Nisha has tutored elementary school students with the statewide and citywide exams, middle school students in math, English and SHSAT prep, and high school students with SAT prep. She is fluent in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. Nisha has interned with American Express as a product development and strategies analyst, and has worked as a junior accountant at Sector3 appraisals. Additionally she has worked as a banker at TD bank N.A. for 2 years and 2 years at JP Morgan Chase & Co. She has done one on one tutoring, along with small and larger group settings as well. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, cooking and writing prose and poetry. Her teaching approach varies according to her students, as she is determined to work with each and every student trying various methods to help her students understand concepts and gain better knowledge of subjects.

Kweller Prep Tutor Olga

OLGA is a senior in the Brooklyn College BAMD program, on track to enter SUNY Downstate Medical School next year. She is completing a double major in Sociology and Chemistry with a minor in Biochemistry. She graduated from Staten Island Technical High School with a 4.0 GPA (received a 650 on SHSAT). She scored a 2300/2400 on her SAT and in the 99th percentile for the following subject tests: Biology, Math II, and US History. During her time in high school, she took the following AP courses, scoring a 5 on every single AP test: AP World History, AP US History, AP Language & Composition, AP BC Calculus, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Russian Language. Her academic successes in high school were complimented by her deep involvement in student life and cultural organizations. She danced in the multicultural festival four years in a row, founded three clubs, volunteered in a soup kitchen, and invested her time into learning about medicine and shadowing several physicians. In her senior year, she received acceptances to many prestigious universities, but decided to enter the BAMD program at Brooklyn College because she was admitted into the Macaulay Honors Program, which provided a full four year scholarship, along with a $7,500 fund for study abroad opportunities, a new MacBook, and other incentives. During her college career, Olga fostered her passion for both the physical and social sciences, while simultaneously interweaving writing intensive courses to develop her skills as an academic writer. She serves as a head writer on a participatory action research team advocating for immigrant health in NYC. Furthermore, she is doing clinical research in the Department of Cell Biology at SUNY Downstate. All of the courses she took allowed her to apply her knowledge and score a 521 on the MCAT (out of 528). She has been tutoring for five years now and she has a deep passion for teaching. Given her detailed academic journey, she understands first hand the anxieties involved in preparing for standardized exams and the importance of tailoring the curriculum to every student’s personal learning style. She is there for her students as more than just a tutor, but as a mentor and is willing to make herself available outside of class and be flexible. Olga is good friends with fellow longtime tutor Marianna, and they are in the same BA/MD program together. In Olga’s free time, she enjoys reading, playing the piano, and spending time with friends and family.

Kweller Prep Tutor Paulina

PAULINA is a senior at Baruch College’s Scholars Program. She is an Actuarial Science major with a minor in Spanish, and is on a full academic scholarship, which includes a free Macbook Air, $2,500 for study abroad and internship opportunities, and placement in honors classes. At Baruch, Paulina is Director of Marketing for the Actuarial Science Society and an Honors Ambassador for the Honors Program. As an ambassador, she conducts tours for prospective students and parents, and helps students decide whether Baruch is the right school for them. Furthermore, she interned at Prudential Financial last summer in the actuarial department working on the Variable Annuity Modeling team. Paulina graduated from The Baccalaureate School for Global Education (BSGE) and received the International Baccalaureate Diploma. At her high school, Paulina took many IB classes such as: IB History of the Americas, IB Spanish, IB Chemistry, IB Art, and IB Math. At BSGE, she was a part of the Helping Hands community service group, which focused on helping both local and international communities. With the school, she volunteered at Socrates Sculpture Park for Earth Day and the Sunnyside Community Services Center for Thanksgiving. In addition to BSGE, Paulina attended Polish School nearly every Saturday since 7th grade where she learned about Polish language, grammar, history and culture. She is fluent in Polish and has received the Polish Language Certification. Furthermore, she has contributed greatly to the Polish community and has been rewarded for her contribution and studies by the Polish Ambassador. She performed in various Polish institutions such as the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Manhattan and the Kosciuszko Foundation. Paulina has experience in teaching English; she did so in Spain at a language immersion camp. We are so happy to share that Paulina worked Kweller Prep in Queens and Manhattan, as both a tutor and an essay grader, since her senior year of high school. She’s loyal, dedicated, kind, graceful, and attentive. Paulina has experience tutoring students from grades 5-12. We have no doubt that Paulina will serve as a perfect tutor, role model, and mentor while she teaches Kweller’s BSGE course in Manhattan. When not at Kweller Prep, Paulina can be found on a tennis court, on stage singing, or traveling the world.

Kweller Prep Tutor Pierson

PIERSON is a senior at the prestigious Horace Mann School. He maintains a 3.8/4.0 GPA, and received got a perfect 36/36 on his ACT, an 800/800 on his Math II SAT II, an 800/800 on his chemistry SAT II, and a 5/5 on his Statistics AP, and a 4/5 on his Japanese AP. He is interested in Business and Japanese Language and Culture, having taken AP Japanese and AP Statistics classes while pursuing those interests. He has shadowed multiple investment bankers, and done many projects involving Excel and Powerpoint for them. In addition, he recently returned from a 3-week long summer leadership program, called the Japan Society Junior Fellows Leadership Program, where 10 American High School students are selected to spend twenty days abroad in Japan, including a week long homestay and attendance at a local high school, as well as multiple meetings with various business leaders in Japan. Outside of his two main interests, Pierson also fences sabre on his school’s team, participates in Model Congress, plays video games, and travels, both domestically and internationally, having visited 7 countries other than the US, and having lived for nearly five years in California as a child, regularly visiting his cousins there. When Pierson was in middle school at Wagner, he took both the ISEE and the SHSAT, scoring in the 99th percentile on the ISEE, and being accepted to Stuyvesant on the merit of his SHSAT score. For all of his test prep, he was tutored at Kweller Prep, and has been a student at Kweller Prep for six years. He has been tutored by many of Kweller’s tutors, including Gerry and Mo Khan (among many, many others), two of Kweller’s old guard, and as a result, he is very familiar with testing and test preparation, both for high school and college acceptance. After years of being a student at Kweller Prep, he is now serving as a paid intern here. Pierson hopes to pass on his expertise and help other students achieve mastery with their high school entrance exams.

Kweller Prep Tutor Raj

RAJ was recently accepted to the Massachusettes Institute of Technology. He is currently a senior at the High School of American Studies at Lehman College (HSAS), one of the two specialized high schools in the Bronx. Raj scores in the 99th percentile on his SAT with a 1530/1600, with an 800/800 on the Math section. Since the 6th grade Raj attended Kweller Prep for both Kweller’s Hunter and Baccalaureate Prep classes. Raj was ultimately accepted to Baccalaureate (BSGE), but decided to transfer to HSAS at Lehman for High School two years later, scoring a 616 on the SHSAT. Raj was also accepted to Townsend Harris and Archbishop Molloy on 95% scholarship. Raj decided to attend HSAS at Lehman, where he now maintains a 98.45/100 average and is in the top 5% of his class. He chose to attend this school because of its small classroom environment and friendly atmosphere, based on his impressions from the open house. As a senior, Raj is currently taking one of the hardest course loads in his schools with classes such as AP Calculus AB, AP Biology, and AP Spanish Language, adding on to his past 3 AP courses that he took such as World History, US History, and English Language, all of which he scored 5/5 on. Additionally, Raj excelled on his SAT 2 tests with a 790/800 on his Math 2 test and a 780/800 on both his Physics and World History tests. Over the past couple summers, Raj participated in many prestigious summer programs such as the Johns Hopkins Center got Talented Youth, the Summer Humanities and Engineering Academy at Columbia University, and was one of 24 seniors chosen out of thousands to attend the intensive “Brain Camp” neuroscience program at Muhlenberg College, where he learned about neuroscience and led hands-on research studies of the Neural Reuse Theory with his fellow campers. At HSAS, Raj occupies various leadership positions in his school community. He serves as a Co-Captain for his school’s Varsity Tennis team and for HSAS’s Model United Nations Team. Raj is the Treasurer of his Spanish Honors Society, and the Co-Founder of his school’s Math Club. In his spare time, Raj also makes it a point to help out those in his community, whether it be volunteering weekly as a Youth Mentor at his local Hindu Temple or helping out his working-class parents in their small greeting cards store. Additionally, Raj is proficient at speaking Marathi, his family’s native language, and Spanish, After applying, Raj was accepted into the QuestBridge college program for low-income, high-achieving students and was recently admitted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for Early Action through Quest Bridge. Although undecided on his specific major, he is looking to focus on Engineering with a possible minor in Business. On weekends, Raj finds time to tutor at Kweller Prep. He has worked as a homework and essay grader, test proctor, and private tutor. He is most comfortable tutoring students in math and physics. When not at Kweller Prep, Raj enjoys hanging out in Forest Hills and playing tennis.

Kweller Prep Tutor Redwan

REDWAN graduated from New York University Tandon School of Engineering with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and minors in Mathematics and Cyber Security. At NYU, Redwan maintained a 3.5/4.0 GPA and partook in various NYU projects as a research assistant. Redwan has maintained the Deans list since the start of College. He also graduated from The Bronx High School of Science with a NYC regents average of 98, a 2250/2400 SAT score with a perfect 800 in the math section, and a 35 ACT score. Red earned a score of 800 on several SAT subjects tests including Chemistry, Math I, Math II, and Physics. Redwan has also earned a 4/5 and 5/5 on multiple AP examinations including AP Calculus BC (5), AP Physics C: Mechanics (5), AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism (5), AP Chemistry (5), AP US History (4), AP World History (4), and AP Human Geography (4). Outside of the classroom, Red was a leading member of the Bronx Science Math Team for four years. As a starter for the team, he participated in many different prestigious mathematics tournaments including AMC and AIME. He was a part of the Intel Talent Search program with a focus in mathematics and wrote multiple mathematics research papers. Redwan is currently a Machine Learning Software Engineer for Spheryx Solutions and plans on joining NSA as a Machine Learning Cyber Security Analyst in the near future. At Kweller, Redwan hopes to help students reach their maximum potential by teaching them to appreciate the aesthetics of Math and Science, rather than fearing the subjects. Redwan was famously noted as the teacher of Sebastian Acevedo’s SHSAT class; Sebestain is a student whose acceptance offer to Stuyvesant beat the odds and was featured in the New York Post. Redwan is also the talented developer, designer, and formatter of numerous Kweller SHSAT and Hunter exams which were later published by Kweller Prep and used in Kweller’s diagnostic exams given to students in class. When not at Kweller Prep, Redwan enjoys playing basketball, playing video-games, and going on adventures with friends and family. Redwan speaks English and Bengali fluently. He is currently working on improving his Arabic, Spanish, and Korean.

Kweller Prep Tutor Sam

Sam is a graduating medical student at SUNY Downstate Medical Center and has been accepted into an anesthesiology residency at the highly competitive Zucker School of Medicineat Hofstra/Northwell. He graduated summa cum laude from New York University, where he majored in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Psychology. Upon graduation, he was awardedthe Chair’s Biology Award for excellence in academics and research and was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, the oldest and most prestigious academic honor societyin the United States. Prior to college, Sam attended Townsend Harris High School, where he graduated in the top 5% of his class and was awarded the Wilbur Pritchard Scholarship for Humanities and Physics. He has taken and excelled in numerous AP and SAT subject courses, including Calculus BC, Chemistry, Biology, World History, Psychology, and Macroeconomics. He scored a 2210 on his SAT as well as a 522 on his MCAT, placing him in the 99th percentile. Sam has worked as a tutor in both the private and classroom setting for over 8 years. He’s worked with over 100 students from grades K-12 as well as at the college level, tutoring a variety of subjects and exam preparation, including Regents, SHSAT, SAT, and AP exams. Sam has enjoyed learning from a young age and is always grateful for the opportunity to share his knowledge and study tactics with others.It gives him great pride to see his students succeed, and as such, he makes sure to tailor his tutoring style to each student’s individual needs. He believes that given the proper motivation and guidance, every student has the ability to excel.

Kweller Prep Tutor Samuel

SAM is currently a freshman at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering and is majoring in Civil Engineering, and minoring in Urban Informatics with plans to partake in the BS/MS program there. He graduated from Stuyvesant High School with a 3.5/4.0 GPA and received a 1520/1600 on the SAT, with a 780 on the math section and a 740 on the reading/writing. On the SAT Subject Tests, Sam received an 800 on the Math and a 760 in Chem. He was also a member of the Stuyvesant Peglegs football team through most of his tenure there and was also a manager for the Stuyvesant Girls Flag Football team for a year. In addition, Sam was a member of Stuyvesant’s Tech Crew which worked to prepare the set for each show that was held and Stuy Smile, a club whose mission statement was to essentially spread positivity. He also participated in the ACE Mentor Program, which is geared towards helping high school students gain a better understanding of the processes of engineering and design. At ACE, Sam was personally mentored by ten professional engineers from various fields in the industry. Sam also took a number of APs such as AP US Government and AP Calculus AB. At NYU Sam is participating in Concrete Canoe, a club that designs and builds a canoe from scratch. Sam is specifically a member of the construction and paddling branches. He is also a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers student chapter at NYU. Aside from this, he has also delved into woodworking, most notably building a stool out of maple. Although he is a fairly stem-based person, Sam loves to take pictures, write poetry and cook, and is always open to discussing other’s passions with them.

Kweller Prep Tutor Sarbjit

Sarbjit, a Hunter College High School (HCHS) alumna, is currently a senior attending Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College on a full 100% merit-based scholarship. She is majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Asian American Studies. At Hunter College High School, she co-founded/acted as co-Editor-in-Chief of her school’s first multicultural literary magazine, participated in the highly selective Washington Seminar program that allowed students to discuss U.S. policy issues with officials in D.C., and interned at Lenox Hill Hospital to shadow the Director of the Palliative Medicine Program and gain early exposure to various hospital departments. Sarbjit graduated from Hunter with the David R. Freisner Scholarship in Spanish and an ACT superscore of a 33/36. At Macaulay Honors College, she volunteers as a MHC@Hunter Peer Mentor where she aids incoming freshmen in successfully transitioning to college life, serves as President of the Macaulay-wide community service club known as Macaulay Youth Events for Seniors, and conducts research as an intern at Weill Cornell Medical College’s Schwartz Lab. After graduation, Sarbjit will be headed straight to University of Rochester’s School of Medicine in August 2020, having secured her seat after sophomore year through the school’s Early Assurance Program.

Kweller Prep Tutor Satiya

SATIYA is a junior at St. John’s University. She is majoring in Legal Studies and is on St. Johns 3+3 Law Program’s track which allows her to receive her Bachelor’s Degree and Juris Doctor within 6 years, not 7. She graduated from Francis Lewis High School, the largest HS in Queens, in the top 10% of her senior class with a 4.0/4.0 GPA. She was elected Senior Vice President for Francis Lewis and served on her student government. She has taken five AP Courses: World History, AP History, English and Composition, Literature and Composition, Statistics, and Government & Politics scoring between a 4/5 and 5/5 on each. She super-scored a 2000/2400 on her SAT examination. She has also taken Sat II’s in World History, English Composition, and United States History. She scored a 650/800, 710/800 and 700/800 respectively. Additionally, she served as a member of the Francis Lewis Newspaper Organization and won a “Newsies” Award presented by the Daily News. As a result, her article was published on the Daily News website after placing first in the citywide competition. Her article focused on meeting Holocaust survivor, Hanne Liebmann, who shared her story of survival. Satiya participated in the YMCA NYS Youth and Government Program (Judicial Section) for 3 years. She served as an attorney for her 1st year, a Justice for her 2nd year and a Principle Justice for her 3rd year in the program. Her experience within the YMCA Youth and Government Program immersed her into the legal field, elucidating her academic and pre-professional ambitions. By drafting briefs, litigating mock cases, receiving guidance from trial attorneys, and even traveling to Arbor Hill, Albany. Satiya is passionate and inquisitive about the political backbone of our government. Inspired by her interest in the legal field, Satiya has interned at the Queens Volunteer Lawyers Project and the Supreme Court in the Queens County. She is proficient in Spanish and Russian. We are proud to add that Satiya prepared for the SAT at Kweller Prep throughout her junior year of high school. From countless hours of studying at Kweller Prep, Satiya was able to raise her SAT score by 620 points. She also encouraged her mother to enroll her brother into Kweller’s SHSAT program, and he gained a seat into York specialized high school, where he now attends. Satiya now serves as the manager of Kweller Prep Manhattan. She assists with coordinating staff schedules, meeting with parents, organizing parent workshops, responding to inquiries about the programs offered, overseeing classes that are held at the Kweller Manhattan Branch and assisting the Director of Sales (Akshay) and the General Manager (Ben) of Kweller Prep Queens. This past summer, Satiya managed hundreds of students and dozens of tutors at Kweller Prep by day and herself participated in Kweller’s LSAT course at night for seven weeks. Prior to managing the Manhattan branch of Kweller Prep, Satiya taught courses at Kweller Prep Queens for one year preparing students for the Hunter High School Entrance Exam, the Baccalaureate School for Global Education and the ELA/Mathematics Standardized State Exams. Satiya also worked as a Hunter essay grader and conducted mock interviews for prospective Bard and Baccalaureate HS applicants, trained directly under Frances Kweller. When not at Kweller Prep, Satiya enjoys exploring New York City, reading Vogue magazine, and spending time with her siblings.

Kweller Prep Tutor Sharon

Sharon graduated from New York University, where she majored in Psychology and minored in Chemistry and took premed courses. She has continued volunteering in the Emergency Department at New York Presbyterian Hospital in Queens for the past seven years. In addition, she did research with the Chief of Ophthalmology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Dr. Douglas Lazzaro, and his team. They wanted to determine if there was any significant seasonal variation of infectious keratitis. This research was recently published and can be found in the Eye and Contact Lens Journal. Sharon recently presented her master’s thesis and completed her Masters in Public Health at SUNY Downstate Medical Center School of Public Health with a focus in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. During her masters she gained experience in biostatistics, applied regression analysis, epidemiological research methods, writing literature reviews, statistical modeling, data analysis, SAS and R coding, and writing manuscripts. She plans to do a public health internship with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to gain more public health field experience and dreams to works for the CDC in the future. In the addition, she plans to pursue medical school.Sharon graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School , where she majored in Mathematics and took numerous challenging courses, which included AP Statistics, AP BC Calculus, AP Physics B, and AP Physics C. Throughout the school year, she competed on the Math Team, played on the Varsity Tennis Team, served as the junior chairperson on the National Honor Society, and was the editor of the Math Magazine. Additionally, she volunteered in the Key Club and at New York Presbyterian Hospital Queens where she contributed 400 volunteer hours. During the summers she went to programs such as the Macaulay Honors Summer Scholars Academy in Mathematics and the Columbia University Summer High School program for Physics. In addition, she worked with the Director of the Cardiology department at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Dr. Jason Lazaar, and his team. They did cardiovascular disease research and wanted to find a direct way to detect micro vascular disease before it leads to organ damage. Her team’s job was to analyze the effects of certain modifiers, such as passive leg raising, hyperemia, and Capzasin, on micro vascular dilation and pulse wave velocity. She scored a 2100 on the SATs, with a perfect 800 in Math. During her free time, she enjoys Latin ballroom dance, Broadway shows, and travel.

Kweller Prep Tutor Simran

SIMRAN is a rising senior at Columbia University studying economics and has been a tutor at Kweller Prep for over three years. She attended Townsend Harris High School, where she earned over a 100% GPA her junior year and took seven AP classes including AP World History, AP Human Geography, AP English Literature, AP Biology, AP Calculus BC, AP Government, and AP Spanish Language, receiving 4s and 5s on all her exams. As part of the bridge year program Townsend has with Queens College, Simran also took four college classes, including Macroeconomics, which motivated her to study economics in college. On her standardized tests, she received a 35 on her ACTs, a 710 on SAT II English, and a 790 on SAT II Biology. She also spent time in high school doing research in the field of ecology in a program in conjunction with The Wildlife Conservation Society and Fordham University, participating in an art fellowship program at New York University, and canvassing for local elections. In school, she was a dancer in the Festival of Nations and a SING! commissioner. Once fluent in five languages, she received a gold medal on the National Latin Exam her junior year and a reward for excellence in Spanish language her senior year. In college, she maintains a 3.9 GPA and has completed several finance internships, which cultivated her interest in corporate law. She has also conducted research in the economics department of Columbia, studying the economic ramifications of remittances from Indian migrants who move to the UAE on their home villages. In her free time, Simran enjoys exercising, doing yoga, taking walks in nature, and spending time with friends and family.

Kweller Prep Tutor Sudipta

Sudipta is currently a third year medical student at NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine. She is in the Academic Medicine Scholars program at her medical school and has received a scholarship that covers her tuition for the next 3 years. As a Scholar she prepares and gives medical school lectures to first and second year students, as well as teaches anatomy lab and clinical skills. She also participates in research at the Rogosin Institute associated with Weill Cornell Medical Center as well as at her school and has published numerous abstracts and attended several medical conferences. She completed her undergraduate education at Macaulay Honors Program-Brooklyn College where she received a full scholarship, a free MacBook, and stipend of $7500. She was on the pre-med track and graduated honors with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a minor in Biochemistry. During undergrad, she was founder and president of her own dance team, president of her school chapter of Red Cross, and went on medical mission trips to Panama and Nicaragua with Global Medical Brigades where she helped provide free health care to the underserved community. She attended New Hyde Park Memorial High School where she graduated top of her class with a 4.0 GPA. Sudipta has taken 8 AP courses during high school and received a 5/5 on AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, and AP English. Sudipta is highly involved in the community and volunteers at a community soup kitchen and at the Free Health Clinic associated with her school. When not at Kweller, Sudipta enjoys reading, listening and discovering new music, and attending Zumba classes at her local gym.

Kweller Prep Tutor Suha

Suha is currently a medical student at the CUNY School of Medicine. She graduated from Townsend Harris High School in 2014 with honors and a 95.09 average. On her SATs, she scored a 730/800 in Critical Reading, 740/800 in Math, and 710 in Writing. On her subject SATs, she scored a perfect score the Korean Subject Test with Listening and 770 on the Mathematics Level 2. At Townsend Harris, Suha scored summa cum laude in 2013 and magna cum laude in 2014 in the National Latin Examination. In 2012, she participated as a member of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools based on scholarship, leadership, service and character. In 2013, she also received the AP Scholar Award, in recognition of exemplary college-level achievement on Advanced Placement Program Examinations, and participated as a member of the New York State Science Honor Society. In 2014, she also participated in “We the People: The Bill of Rights and the Constitution” in an effort to engage in local public policymaking. She also played volleyball for 4 years and participated as an indoor track athlete for 2 years. In 2017, she graduated from the City College of New York with a major in Biomedical Education as summa cum laude. She currently teaches undergraduate students at the City College of New York in pre-med courses, such as chemistry, epidemiology and biostatistics, and the fundamentals of organ systems. In her free time, Suha enjoys running, singing, and spending time with family and friends.

Kweller Prep Tutor Sunny

SUNNY graduated from Columbia University, where he received a 100% full scholarship and majored in Economics and Computer Science. At Columbia, Sunny took courses such as Financial Economics, Introduction to Econometrics, Advanced Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Intermediate Spanish Level II, as well as Calculus I and Calculus III. Sunny served as President of Columbia University Sewa, an organization based on the beliefs of community service and social activism. During his summers, Sunny interned at a range of financial institutions and boutique investment banks, such as Bluewolf Consulting LLC, Northwestern Mutual, and Evercore Inc. Sunny was a part of the TEAK Fellowship program, a non profit that helps students who are first generation apply to and gain full scholarships at prestigious high-school and colleges. As a Teak scholar, Sunny attended the Berkeley Carroll private high-school on full scholarship. In high school, Sunny served as the captain of the Varsity Cross-Country and Track and Field teams, founded the Asian American Association, created a diversity newsletter called The Other Voice, played flute in the school’s Wind and Jazz Ensemble, and conducted science research on antibiotic resistance at Columbia University. While in Berkeley Carroll, Sunny also travelled to Mumbai for a community service project and studied abroad in Spain for one month. Sunny took the upper level ISEE in the 8th grade and scored in the 99th percentile. He also passed the Hunter College Entrance Exam in the 6th grade, but chose not to attend (his younger sister also passed the Hunter exam and attended HCHS). In his free time, Sunny enjoys reading, listening to basketball podcasts, and hiking.

Kweller Prep Tutor Sylvia

SYLVIA is currently a senior at NYU’s Stern School of Business on a 100% full scholarship. She graduated from Hunter College High School. At Stern, Sylvia is majoring in Finance and Accounting, and is taking class towards a Masters in the latter, all while graduating in four years. Sylvia has completed courses in Advanced Corporate Finance, Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Statement Modeling. Sylvia is also minoring in Arabic and has taken a range of Arabic classes. A natural leader, Sylvia serves as Vice President of NYU Stern’s student body and as President of the BS / MS Accounting Board. Sylvia has leadership skills that complement her academic record and she has maintained the Dean’s List for all three years of her college career. She will be working at Goldman Sachs in their Investment Banking division full-time starting July 2019. Prior to her college career, Sylvia attended Hunter College High School. Sylvia scored a perfect ACT score of 36/36 and SAT score of 2300/2400 (Math-800, Grammar-770, Reading-730). At Hunter, Sylvia was the president of the student club 146, and the director of the public forum debate. This is Sylvia’s fifth year as a tutor at Kweller Prep. She has helped dozens of students gain entrance into her Alma mater, Hunter, as well as privately tutor students in math Olympiad and essay writing. As an instructor, Sylvia is gifted at making her students laugh, enjoy classes with her and stay engaged. Frances Kweller gave Sylvia summer classes of 8 SHSAT boys and she not only kept her sanity, but 4/8 of Sylvia’s students received an acceptance offer- including Stuyvesant.

Kweller Prep Tutor Tasnim

TASNIM is a freshman at Hunter College in the honors computer science program with a double major in Computer Science and Physics, and a minor in Business Administration. He attends Hunter on a full scholarship. He is taking the following courses towards his major: Computer Science B, Physics C, Introduction to Economics.Tasnim has worked on several websites and other projects for his computer science portfolio. Some examples are: Relative Pitch Trainer (, Beatbox Launchpad ( He has interned at different tech startups, such as TREAUU Inc., and has participated in different tech workshops and events, including: CodeNow, CUNY Hackathon, and the Round. Tasnim has also participated in STEM based classes at the American Museum of Natural History. Tasnim graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School. At Brooklyn Tech, Tasnim was in the Software Major and on the A Capella team. He scored a 1450/1600 on the SAT. At Brooklyn Tech, he took AP Computer Science Principles, Computer Science A, Physics 1, Physics 2, Seminar, and Research. He scored a 4/5 and 5/5 on all of his AP exams. He took the following advanced courses while in high school: Computer Science Principles, Computer Science A, Physics 1, Physics 2, Seminar, Research. He is fluent in: English and Bengali. His sister, Jannutal, also a tutor at Kweller Prep, is a Stuyvesant graduate and attends Macaulay Honors College. He is proficient in Spanish. In his free time, Tasnim likes to code: he enjoys the art of creation.

Kweller Prep Tutor Tamir

TAMIR is a first year medical student at Hofstra Medical School, on scholarship. He graduated from the Macaulay Honors Program at Hunter College in 2019 with a 3.98 GPA as a salutatorian, with summa cum laude honor distinction. Being in the Macaulay Honors Program, Tamir received a FULL scholarship to college. As for his major, Tamir was a mathematics major on the pre–medicine track. To apply to medical schools, Tamir took the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) exam and scored a 519 (98th percentile.) He graduated from Forest Hills High School with a 4.1 weighted GPA (3.9 unweighted GPA), achieving one of the highest averages ever at his high school: 105.92! Tamir scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT, and also took the SAT II for Math I and Physics, scoring an 800 and a 730, respectively. Tamir was in the bio-medical program at Forest Hills High School throughout his four years there, studying many topics in depth such as nutrition, anatomy, physiology, and human diseases. This program also allowed Tamir to intern in LIJ Forest Hills Hospital for over 100 hours, assisting doctors and nurses in the hospital’s emergency department. Tamir graduated in 2015 in the top 20 of his 1000-student graduating class with honors and mastery in mathematics, science, and English. Outside of academics, Tamir was the Vice President of the newly founded Chemistry Club in his school and was also a part of his high school’s “We The People” debate team which allowed him to compete in state and national competition. Tamir also volunteers at Mount Sinai Hospital, as well as for the Red Cross. Tamir grew up in Israel and moved to the US when he was 15; as such, he is fluent in English, Hebrew, and Russian. From ages 16-17, Tamir prepared for the SAT at Kweller Prep, and went from having an average score to acing the test. He teaches several classes here now, ranging from math regents to the SAT. When not at KwellerPrep, Tamir enjoys building computers from parts.

Kweller Prep Tutor Teddy

TEDDY (Theodore) graduated from Baruch College where he majored in Corporate Communications and minored in Psychology. Teddy is also a graduate of Bard High School Early College Queens, where he received an accelerated curriculum from a young age, completing four years’ worth of high school credits in two: 9th and 10th grade. Teddy then took two years of college classes throughout the 11th and 12th grades. The classes he took within the college program were college-level classes taught by college professors which gave him a full 60 credits. The courses he was a part of included but were not limited to: Pathophysiology, Psychology of Belief, Poetry, and Revolution, Philosophical Seminar, Logic, African Literature, and Food in American Society. Upon graduating at the age of 17, he received not only a high school diploma but also sixty college credits and an Associate’s Degree, placing him two years ahead of his peers once he started college. Within the college, his major and minor provide him a steady mix of classes that are strong in Business, Communications, and Psychology. Teddy’s relevant course curriculum includes Communication for Executives, Business Law, Intercultural Communications, Laws of Free Speech in American Society, Persuasion, Macroeconomics, Sensation & Perception, and Cultural Anthropology. In May 2019, Theodore graduated Baruch College early, completing only three years and majoring in Corporate Communications and Minoring in Psychology. Within that same semester, he also wrote a twenty-five-page long research paper regarding tribal lawmaking within the culture of the Yanomami indigenous peoples of the Amazon Basin, which was awarded by the Anthropology Department and featured in Baruch’s school newspaper, “The Ticker.” Teddy also enjoys teaching History, English, and Economics, as well as debating in his spare time. In high school, he was the founder and leader of the Travel and Discovery Club and a senior member of the Finance and Economics Association. During 10th and 11th grade, Teddy was a student at Kweller Prep working tirelessly to reach high SAT and ACT scores, improving upwards of 500 points back when the SAT was scored out of 2400. Like his fellow Bard classmates at the time, Teddy dedicates two summers to SAT study at Kweller Prep. In 2015, Theodore was awarded a United States Congressional Award by New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand for outstanding civic and volunteer work in his community, where he volunteered eighty hours of his time at local nursing homes and soup kitchens to help others. Theodore is also on the Junior Olympic Tennis Team at the U.S.T.A. National Tennis Center and an avid cyclist. Similarly, he takes great joy in traveling, hiking, photography and being outdoors whenever he is not busy with academics. He is fluent in both Romanian and Spanish and enjoys studying the histories and applications of various languages within the global marketplace. Teddy is currently studying for his Law School Entrance Exam for the 2020 fall entry year. We are proud to add that Teddy dedicated two summers to preparing for his law school entrance exams at Kweller Prep, one summer as our LSAT course participant and another for the GRE. Teddy has experience preparing students for Bard interviews at Kweller Prep. Teddy’s calm demeanor and attention to detail help put many prospective student’s minds at ease as he develops their interview skills. Teddy is also one on the most important “behind-the-scenes” inventory and support staff members at Kweller Prep. When not at Kweller Prep, Teddy enjoys roaming around Austin Street in Forest Hills; he’s a big fan of Midway and is thrilled that Kweller Prep Queens relocated closer to his home and his favorite movie theater.

Kweller Prep Tutor Temmy

TEMMY’S Bio is Coming Soon…

Kweller Prep Tutor Vanessa

Kweller Prep Tutor Vanessa’s Bio Coming Soon…

Kweller Prep Tutor Victoria

VICTORIA is a New York State certified teacher with a license in Elementary and Secondary Education as well as in Special Education. She is currently full-time middle school Social Studies teacher, and has previously taught math and ELA middle school classes for 6 years. Victoria is part of a NYC Teaching Fellowship program and received training as part of a rigorous scholarship with a focus on providing practice-based learning, in addition to tailoring instruction to each individual student. Victoria’s passion is working within high-needs populations where she can provide equal education opportunities to students with a variety of learning needs. Through her work with special needs students, Victoria is quickly able to identify academic strengths and weaknesses, which she then uses to drive her instruction. Victoria received her Bachelor’s Degree from Binghamton University in Psychology and she holds a Master’s Degree in Childhood Education. In addition to teaching within NYC DOE, Victoria has over 12 years of experience providing individualized tutoring in Math and English Language Arts. Victoria can’t wait to prepare students for the ELA and Math state exams at Kweller Prep. This is her second year as a teacher here. A fun-fact is that Victoria is related to Frances Kweller. She is fluent in Russian and lives to cook meals from around the world.

Kweller Prep Tutor Vinny

VINNY is entering his final year at NYU’s School of Engineering pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Management. He graduated high school with an International Baccalaureate diploma while securing a 4.6 GPA, 2250/2400 SAT score including a perfect 800 in math, and a 35 ACT score. During his SAT subject tests, Vinny earned a perfect 800 score on the Math 2 test while garnering above a 740 in US History and Molecular Biology. Regarding his AP/IB testing, Vinny has secured perfect scores on the AP Calc AB/BC, US History, and Government examinations while also scoring a 4 on AP Biology and Psychology tests. As part of the IB Program, Vinny also secured scores of 6 and above on the IB higher-level (HL) Mathematics, Biology, and History tests and the standard-level (SL) Pyschology and Physics tests. Outside of the classroom, Vinny was captain of his HS Speech and Debate team and ranked 3 rd in the California State Championship in Lincoln-Douglas debate. He also was captain of a robotics team that qualified for the national tournament 2 years in a row. Since arriving at NYU, Vinny has maintained above a 3.8 GPA, completed internships at numerous tech firms, and is an avid member of the Model United Nations travel team. He hopes to successfully graduate, secure a job at a large tech company, complete his LSATS, and discover a way to integrate patent law and coding. When not at Kweller, Vinny loves playing basketball, skiing, and playing the piano.

Kweller Prep Tutor Vivian

VIVIAN graduated from Cornell University College of Engineering, as an Operations Research and Information Engineering major. Vivian is also a graduate from Hunter College High School who earned a 2300 on the SAT, 780 on each of three SAT II Subject exams (Math 2, Math 1, and Chinese), scored a 5 on the AP Statistics exam, and qualified as a National Merit Finalist. She was also Editor in Chief of the school publication The Eclectic, Web Manager of the math magazine Radicals, member of the Math Team, Hunter Mathematics Department tutor for the Seventh and Ninth Grades, and member of Varsity Swimming and Varsity Tennis. Vivian has years of experience preparing students for the SAT, SHSAT, and HCHS entrance exams, in addition to consulting students on college applications and college application essays. At Cornell, she was a student leader in two national organizations: President of the Cornell section of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences and Corporate Relations Director for the Society of Women Engineers. Vivian is passionate about big data technology, automation, and optimization. She currently works during the day as an analyst at a financial services firm. In her free time she volunteers as a mentor for underprivileged high school students at Student Sponsor Partners, travels around the world, swims, and plays the piano.

Kweller Prep Tutor William

William is the author of AP Physics 1, an in-depth review coursebook he wrote completely by hand, color-coded, and illustrated. William graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), with a major in kinesiology and a minor in neuroscience. William also took advanced physics and engineering courses while at UIC. He has a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences from Rosalind Franklin University and attended medical school at Chicago Medical School. William has had a passion for science and technology since childhood. He performed experiments, built robots, and won science fairs since his elementary years. By the age of 13, he became the youngest certified Tesla Coil builder ever, successfully constructing a 200,000-volt lightning bolt generator.

During his freshman year at UIC, William founded a robotics organization known as the Engineering Design Team (EDT). Within its first few years, the organization won numerous national robotics competitions and even participated in the NASA Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition. He also interned with the US Department of Energy and the US Department of Defense. William also conducted cellular biology research and co-authored medical publications that explored how weightlifting affected the cells of mice. While in medical school, he founded an educational initiative called Small Changes Counseling (SCC). Small Changes Counseling is a curriculum that teaches medical students the proper way to advise patients through the process of weight-loss. It has been distributed to medical schools on a national scale and was approved by the Assistant Surgeon General, Dr. James Galloway. Throughout his collegiate studies, William always enjoyed teaching. He was a private tutor, a lecturer, and a graduate instructor at his former college. He has also explored different realms of education which ranged from running after-school science programs for elementary school students, teaching high school classes, administrating assorted home-school classes, and writing solution manuals for textbooks. Now William is focused on developing curriculum and materials for us in the home-school sector. He enjoys the creative freedom of designing his educational content as well as building an educational community. He teaches all levels of math from second grade math up to college calculus. He also teaches project-based science and robotics classes. His goal is to influence education on a much greater scale and hopes his legacy will be one where he helped make access to higher education material more universal.

Kweller Prep Tutor Yaffa

YAFFA is a New York University graduate. She graduated in 3 years, not 4 (largely thanks to accumulating a year’s worth of transferable college credits while she was a student at Bard HS). Yaffa completed her Bachelors Degree as magna cum laude, which placed her in the top 10% of her class at NYU. She was on a Pre-Law path, majored in Communications, and concentrated in Politics. Yaffa also took a number of courses in creative writing, one of her passions. Her college coursework included: Integrated Marketing, Advertising, and Psychoanalysis. Yaffa graduated from Bard High School Early College Queens in 2016 in the top 5% of her class. In Bard, she was able to complete all her high school credits and earn 60 college credits prior to entering NYU. At 18, she graduated with not only her high school diploma, but she also received an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. In Bard, she was able to take college-level course work at an early age, including Calculus I and Calculus II, Chemistry I and Chemistry II, Physiology, Logic, and Philosophy. From the 60 credits she earned in Bard, 32 were accepted as fully transferable credits at NYU, allowing her to enter college as a sophomore, not a freshman. Yaffa used this opportunity to graduate a year early from NYU and dedicate time to preparing for her LSAT. On her SAT she received a score of 2140/2400, with a 770/800 in math, 730/800 in writing, and 640/800 in critical reading. We are proud to add that Yaffa and many of her Bard classmates invested two summers at Kweller for SAT Prep while in high school. Yaffa is currently studying for her LSAT exam and participated in Kweller’s LSAT course 4 nights a week this past summer. She has completed internships in Law and Public Relations and hopes to practice Intellectual Property Law in her career. Yaffa tutored at Kweller Prep for the last three years. She has taught classes ranging from SHSAT to Hunter prep. With a strong creative writing background, Yaffa also works at Kweller as an essay editor and grader. Yaffa is also one of Kweller Prep’s Bard interviewers. She has assisted many students in mock interviews with her alma mater over the years. In addition to tutoring at Kweller, Yaffa also works as a legal assistant. Through her college career, she has been passionate about philanthropy. She participated in fundraising for childhood cancer research by running canned food drives, advocating on social media, and participating in a dance marathon for The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation. She coordinated and attended campus-wide awareness meetings for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. Yaffa is multilingual with fluency in English, Russian, and Farsi. In her free time, she enjoys fashion, writing, and photography.

Kweller Prep Tutor Yakov

Yakubmier is currently a first year dental student at NYU College of Dentistry. For undergraduate studies, he attended the Macaulay Honors College at Queens College, which is a merit-based full tuition scholarship program that promotes its participants to pursue intellectually rigorous courses. He completed a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience-Biology with a 3.95 GPA, a minor in Chemistry, and an honors research track which culminated in a research thesis. His undergraduate course work includes mathematics (calculus I, II, III and statistics), chemistry (general and organic), biology (general biology, microbiology, neurobiology, cell biology, and genetics), biochemistry, general physics, and psychology (general, cognitive, and behavioral). Yakubmier is a graduate of Forest Hills High School, where he was a member of the Carl Sagan research program and the varsity wrestling team for four years; he graduated top 2% of his class. As a Macaulay student, Yakubmier was the recipient of research stipends, and earned a scholarship for a study abroad program in Japan where he took classes in culture and sports business to diversify his coursework. During his junior year, Yakubmier was nominated for the Phi Beta Kappa Society, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious academic honor society. Yakubmier was a member of the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Honor Societies at Queens College, so he prepared recitations for students to supplement lecture materials and also volunteered for peer tutoring. Math and science courses were always his favorite and he enjoyed helping his peers to understand challenging concepts. As a neuroscience major, he was a member of a QC neuroscience research lab for three years where he co-authored a study on the distribution of perineuronal nets in the rat brain and presented results at several research conferences. At QC, he was also vice president of the Future Healers of America club which provides members with relevant information and events to make them better applicants for medical or dental schools. Yakubmier had always known that he was passionate about a career in healthcare so he volunteered in Mount Sinai Hospital, Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, and several dental clinics. He fell in love with dentistry because of the strong, hands-on role that dentists play in maintaining the health of communities. He scored in the 98th percentile on the Dental Admission Test (DAT) and entered dental school immediately after graduating Queens College. Yakubmier loves teaching students across a wide range of disciplines, and one of his favorite hobbies is being a Karate instructor at the dojo where he earned his black belt. Yakubmier also really enjoys to read and spend time with family and friends during his free time.

Kweller Prep Tutor Yash

YASH is a junior at New York University’s Stern School of Business. Yash attends this prestigious business school on full scholarship. He was a recipient of the NYU Breakthrough Leadership Scholars Program and the NYC Stern Scholarship. He also was awarded the Quest for Excellence NYC Award and was a National Merit Commended Scholar. Yash graduated from the Bronx High School of Science with a 95/100 GPA. He scored a 1550/1600 on his SAT, playing him in the 99th percentile nationwide. He also received a perfect score of 800/800 on the SAT Mathematics Level 2 subject test and scored a 5/5 on his AP Calculus BC exam. He took five AP classes (Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Physics C: Mechanics, Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism, Statistics) and two Post-AP classes (Linear Algebra and Ordinary Differential Equations and Multi Variable and Partial Differential Equations) his senior year. He attended an Introduction to Business Management program at Cornell University and a Computational Design and Innovation program at the Cooper Union. Yash was accepted to all his top choices, including The Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, University of California, Berkeley, University of California, Los Angeles, and Carnegie Mellon University. For all four years of his academic career in high school, Yash represented the math team at Bronx Science and attended meetings for the NYC math team held at New York University. He was the President of the Chess Club and a member of both the badminton and bowling teams at his high school. At NYU, Yash is majoring in finance and actuarial science and is looking towards a career in banking. Yash has taken and received an A in the following courses: Finance, Economics, Statistics, Financial Statement Analysis, Managerial Accounting, Corporate Finance, and Mathematics of Finance. Yash’s parents live in Forest Hills, which gives him a great reason to visit his folks and work at Kweller Queens on weekends. When not at Kweller Prep, Yash likes to play badminton, travel, and watch Bollywood films.

Kweller Prep Tutor Yehuda

YEHUDA is a senior at Townsend Harris High School. He maintains a 102.48 GPA and received a score of 1510/1600 on the SAT, with a perfect score of 800/800 on math. He currently takes AP Psychology, AP Calculus BC, AP Government and Politics, and AP Spanish Literature, in addition to two college classes at Queens College. Over the course of his high school career, Yehuda has taken a total of 8 AP courses, scoring between a 4/5 and 5/5 on the exams he has taken so far. Yehuda is fluent in Russian, English, Spanish, and Latin, and has received national recognition for his performance on the National Latin Examination. He is also the President of the Jewish Club at his Townsend Harris, and is the bass leader in both the acapella and chamber music clubs in his school. He has performed in several venues, one of his most memorable being at the Queens College annual Kristallnacht commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day. Yehuda has also spent countless hours during his summers throughout high school volunteering at Queens Hospital Center. He participated in an internship at Atlantic Endocrinology. As part of his dedication to the Buharian Jewish community, Yehuda spends much of his time organizing food banks, raising money for charities, and tutoring underprivileged children. We are proud to add that Yehuda spent two summers at Kweller Prep preparing for the SAT, nearly perfecting his score. Both a former student and now a tutor in our program, Yehuda is a great fit for Kweller Prep. In his free time, Yehuda enjoys singing, playing basketball, and going to the gym.

Kweller Prep Tutor Yuchen

YUCHEN graduated from New York University, magna cum laude, as a Biology major and Chemistry minor. He will attend the Albert Einstein School of Medicine He earned a 4.0 in each of the upper level biology courses. Yuchen scored a 516 on the MCAT, placing him in the 95.5% nationally on the MCAT exam. He has a passion for medicine and is currently applying to medical schools, hoping to one day be able to provide service to those in need. Yuchen grew up in China, and so is fluent in Chinese as well as English. Yuchen took the SHSAT and scored a 716/800 only two years after coming to New York. He attended Stuyvesant High School, where he scored 136.5 out of 150 on the American Mathematics Competition 10B of 2010, placing number 1 in NY. He scored a 2270 on the SAT and matriculated at NYU on a full scholarship. Through experience, Yuchen has developed the skillset to excel in any class by generating a mental concept map for all of the topics learned. He is elated to mentor the next generation of students to adopt the skills that he has learned over the years to guarantee success for their future endeavors. Yuchen currently participates in cancer stem cell research, specializing in hybrid spheroids at a SUNY downstate. Every week, Yuchen volunteers his time to Rescuing Leftover Cuisines, where he streamline deliveries to designated homeless shelter by managing a small team of volunteers. When not at Kweller Prep, Yuchen enjoys playing handball at parks, going to museums, as well as exercising at the gym.

Kweller Prep Tutor Zaid

Zaid Sarmad is currently a sophomore at Emory University. There he currently takes Physics II, Biology II, Chemistry II, Comparative Politics, and Statistics. Attending on nearly a full scholarship, he is the Outreach Director for East Atlanta Camp Kesem, an organization that holds a free camp for kids whose parents have cancer. He also is a research assistant for the Social Emotional Ethical Learning Center. Last summer, Zaid volunteered for his local Assemblywoman and continued research at NYU Langone, while working at Kweller Prep. In 2018, Zaid graduated from Bronx Science where he maintained a 4.0 GPA. He took 10 APs, in all the Core Sciences, Calculus BC, and more. He received a 1560 on the SATs and a 35 on the ACTs. At Bronx Science, he was the Director of the Big Sibs Program, President of the League of Presidents, Vice President of Bronx Science’s Amnesty International, a member of the S.O. Cabinet, and the Judicial Board. He has taken the Math Level II, the Biology and Chemistry SAT 2 exams and revived 700+ on all of them. Zaid began working at Kweller Prep in 2018, and since then has tutored in a variety of subjects including all high school level maths & sciences, PSAT, SAT, ACT, SAT 2 Subject tests, and assisted with college applications. During his free time, Zaid likes to listen to audiobooks and to bike.

Kweller Prep Future Tutor Michelle Ivy

MICHELLE IVY was born just 15 months after Jessica, and already aspires to be just like her big sister. Career-wise, however, baby Michelle has different plans, for she will explore a pre-med track, ultimately becoming the first doctor in her immediate family. Mommy discovered this career desire after baby Michelle began playing with the pediatrician’s stethoscope during wellness checkups. This was, of course, a clear indication (to mommy) that baby Michelle aspires to become a doctor and only pursue colleges offering BS/MD programs. To encourage her medical-school inclined desires, mommy will encourage baby Michelle to take accelerated math and science courses from an early age. Michelle is to graduate with a math and science regents by the end of 8th grade. The summer before high school starts, Michelle will attend programs at hospitals such as Mini-Med at Mt-Sinai Hospital, and “So You Want to Be a Doctor?” conventions at Columbia University. Michelle will volunteer at Elmhurst Hospital at age 14, Lenox Hill Hospital at age 15, and NY Presbyterian at ages 16 and 17. Michelle will proudly spend her “tween-age” summers at Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, or CTY, programs and at the Duke TIP summer camp, so that she can be a cool “tipster” like her friends. Michelle’s first choice for high school will be Bronx Science, and her first choice for college will be Brown University’s 8-year Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME). Mommy can already tell by the way baby Michelle caresses mommy’s fingers with her hands that baby Michelle is compassionate and caring, which will make her a perfect fit in the medical world. Further proof of her soothing abilities are exhibited when baby Michelle plays and interacts with her big sister, Jessica. Mommy notices that baby Michelle is very patient and always responds to her big sister with smiles and giggles. Such qualities already demonstrate that baby Michelle will be a perfect addition to the medical field and her innate ability will truly help make the world into a better place.

Kweller Prep Tutor Jessica Ivy

JESSICA IVY is the official first baby of Kweller Prep, and hopes to become a lawyer and business owner just like her mommy! Throughout her youth, Jessica Ivy will attend the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Programs, or CTY, across America, as well as participate in Duke University’s TIP program (to become a “tipster”). She will engage in leadership activities starting as early as the age of 10. Jessica will hold key positions at her school’s mock trial, debate and model UN teams at school. Jessica will sit for the SCAT exams as early as age 10, and will begin a rigorous routine of prep for the American Math Competitions, or AMC, by age 12. Jessica will sit for the SAT and ACT by the start of 9th grade, and then take it three more times after that over the next two years. Jessica aspires to attend a specialized high school such as Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, York, Brooklyn Tech, or Hunter (HCHS), Anderson, Nest for middle school. Jessica will take the history, English and math regents courses at the Windsor School the summer after 8th grade, so that she enters high school with three regents credits, allowing her to accelerate her studies and take Advanced Placement (AP classes) by 10th and 11th grade. Thus far, Jessica can only babble, but her mommy knows this is an indication that she desires to be a linguistics major on a pre-law track in an Ivy League college and aspires to receive merit-based and athletic-based scholarships. Jessica will apply early action to colleges, and will pursue a JD/MBA to become a lawyer and business owner just like her mommy, and dedicate much of her adult life to helping others pursue their educational dreams and career goals. Daddy has kindly requested that Jessica interns at the New York State District Attorney’s office each summer after college to build her lawyer skills prior to entering the world of entrepreneurship. Baby Jessica can already hold miniature tennis balls, which is a clear indication (to mommy) that she will pursue colleges offering Division 1 Tennis Opportunities. In her free time, Jessica enjoys listening to Mozart for the Mind and watching Baby Einstein videos.

Kweller Prep Dog Mascot

GOLDIE is the official mascot of Kweller Prep. Now 7-years-old, Goldie was born and raised around the children at Kweller Prep. Goldie provides emotional support and stress-relief for students throughout the challenging times of standardized testing. Beyond therapeutic benefit though companionship and affection, Goldie has proudly visited NYU, Columbia, Harvard Medical School, Yale, and Princeton; she is privy to nearly all high school and college admissions workshops at Kweller Prep. Goldie is a hypoallergenic miniature labradoodle and intuitively hugs and kisses any stressed-out kids or parents who come her way. Goldie is available 7-days a week for cuddling and alternates visits from Kweller Queens to Manhattan. She is frequently be found resting her head on a nearby student’s shoes (she loves shoes!). When not at Kweller Prep, Goldie enjoys playing with other small puppies at the nearby dog park at the Parker towers. Her friendly, playful personality and calm demeanor puts both students and parents at ease during tough testing times, creating a happy and positive environment. Goldie can be found strolling from one classroom to another, cheering any students who come her way.

Kweller Prep Tutors

Kweller Prep offers high quality- not high quantity- test prep and academic coaching, including tutoring, mentoring, and support. Nearly all tutors at Kweller Prep impressively scored in the 99th percentile on a variety of state and national exams. Kweller Prep tutors serve as not only educators, but also as role models and mentors for our students, involved in numerous clubs, activities, community service, and outreach programs. They are held to high standards, both inside and outside of the tutoring center. Nearly all tutors are first-generation Americans, have passed thorough background checks, and the first ones in their families to attend top colleges, universities, graduate school and professional school programs. Tutors are available for small group instruction, with locations in Queens and Manhattan. You can reach Kweller Prep by calling 1(800) 631-1757 or emailing

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